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Thread: ABU = Anything But UMNO

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    ABU = Anything But UMNO

    This is a good thread to start as I am surprised that not many is aware why UMNO is bad and the newspapers (ha!) had been singing praises. Sometimes it gets too much to remember all the reasons and at times, it so damn depressing to know so many bad things UMNO had done and get away with it. So it's better to start compiling the good writings on the subject matter.

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    HIGHLIGHTS: He [Najib/UMNO] is creating a false feel good factor by handing out goodies to his target constituencies, the rural Malays, the urban poor and the civil servants as seen by his various pronouncements in the budget, the various handout schemes and various other subsidy maintenance programs. He has been talking a hard brand of racist talk to his core constituency. ........ For the large segment of educated young and the middle class voters he is creating an illusion of liberalization and moderation when in fact the recent changes and additions to our laws – the amendments to the Employment Act, the new Freedom of Assembly bill are in reality detrimental to the people.

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