In this section we share some of the many resources we've gathered over the years.

  • Campaigning links - listing of groups using nonviolent power to achieve social change
  • Training links - a variety organisations offering nonviolent training resources and support
  • All links by alphabetical order - all campaigning and training links on one page
  • Sample training agendas - to give you an idea of what a few hours, a half day, a whole day or a whole course of training might look like
  • Training manual - to learn more about the sorts of exercises in our workshops, or to generate ideas for your own workshop
  • Curriculum - a core collection on nonviolence to support our Resource People's on-going learning and development
  • Archive 2009 - Nonviolence for a change, training 2009 resources and materials
  • Nonviolence for a change course 2011/12 - Workshop resources and information