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    Think before you leapt to Malaysia -

    Think before you leap to Malaysia

    Saturday, 11 October 2008 00:06

    In the wake of recent serial killings and severe discrimination of the Africans by mainly the Malaysians, I wish to advice my fellow Africans who were made to believe that Malaysia is a “humble” destination for foreigners to consider Malaysia as “not a place to go”.

    Malaysia appeared to be a country of mixed races namely; the Malays, Indians, and the Chinese. One would expect that there should be high degree of racial tolerance. One would also expect that Africans or foreigners in general should be tolerated under normal circumstances.

    We once heard of our own Kofi Annan urging other countries to emulate Malaysia due to her racial harmony. I wish to tell him and all Africans that “she” cannot be our role model.

    We should not forget that a country that is racially harmonious must tolerate people from all walks of life. Malaysia is not such a place and this is due to the fact that


    Africans are regarded as social misfits

    we are not protected by the law and

    we don’t have job security
    This was posted in Malaysia Today regarding the treatment Africans received from Malaysians, I do not know about cases involving serial killing of the Africans but I do know many cases which involves Malaysians discriminating foreigners especially the Africans.

    In my college, there are a fair number of Africans who chose to study in Malaysia and I got to know some of them personally. When I first approach them, most were surprised to find out I'm a local because it is very seldom for a local to talk to them and from there I've learn a lot about the discrimination they faced over here. Not only do people treat them differently, they even stare at them when the Africans are passing by. Once a group of Malaysians were going around taunting the Africans and one was even injured by them. Initially they thought it was a separate case but after another one was hospitalized, they started worrying for their safety and yet they could not do anything because they do not believe that the police is able to protect and help them.

    There are a lot of stories about how our local boys taunting and jeering at them whenever they see an African going out with a local girl, even the religious department check on them regardless of the girls' nationality.

    This behaviour really reflects badly on our nation, one of my friend's parent is the cabinet minister for her country and what would she thinks when her son inform her of the way Malaysians treat foreigners. We go around whining about the dicriminatory treatment we received from our government but is it right for us to go around discriminating against foreigners?

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    Re: Think before you leapt to Malaysia -

    This is happening right here in Subang Jaya. I feel ashamed.

    We African students are treated like 'enemies'
    James Kawazi et al | Oct 16, 08 4:17pm

    Nowadays there are so many foreign students in Malaysia, especially in Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya. They are trying to study here and are not out to do bad things.

    I am a student from Africa. I want to improve myself, so please excuse my mistakes.

    Many Malaysians do not like Africans They do not want to talk or mix with us Africans. But they cheat us in rent and other prices.

    I study at a well-known college here in Subang Jaya. The Malaysian students there and also many lecturers and the office staff do not like us and treat us like enemies. We have no diseases but they still don’t come near us. They think we are ugly.

    We feel very sad and lonely. When we have problems or are sick, the college does not care. They just scold us when we are absent from class.

    Many of our wallets are stolen on buses and on the LRT where there are many pickpockets but our college doesn’t help us. And when we have no money to pay the fees, we are not allowed to attend the lectures.

    Surely we will fail the examinations. This college is only interested in our money. Not when we are sick or have no money to pay the fees because it had been stolen. Also, our agents and landlords cheat us.

    Our friends in other colleges also have the same problems. Only a few lecturers and some church pastors and members help us.

    We are very sad and have many problems with our college. We have even gone to see the college director because of our friend’s health problem but the director doesn’t want to help our friend.

    What can we do now?

    Signed by: James Kawazi, Ahmed Yunus, Kassem Ali and Ahmed Karime.

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