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    How History is distorted by politicians

    7. Road to Independence (3): Inherent tension in the Constitution by Lee Kam Hing

    What was agreed:

    It was at the tripartite negotiations that an Article making Islam the official religion of the Federation was introduced. The majority in the Reid Commission had favoured retaining religion as a state matter. They feared that providing an official religion, as proposed earlier in the Alliance memorandum, was a contradiction to the status of a secular state.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman, under pressure from Umno, argued that the inclusion of Article 3 was important psychologically to the Malays. However in recognising the objections of the rulers and the concerns of non-Malays, two provisos were included in the Article. The Article, accordingly, would not affect the position of the rulers in their respective states as head of Islam and the practice and propagation of other religions in the Federation would be assured.31

    Although there were strong objections from non-Muslim organisations to the Article, the MCA and the MIC were assured by Umno that Islam was intended to have only symbolic significance and for ceremonial purposes only, and that the rights of the non-Muslims would not be affected. Article 11 guaranteed the right of the citizens to “profess, practise and propagate their religion. The Federation would be a secular state.32

    After more than 55 years of sliding down a slipper slope, this is what the MCA is saying and claiming. Effectively, they are spitting in the wind.Those who don't know their history will be fooled. Ask him which party supported the inclusion of Islam as an official religion in 1957 and what was the purported objective then.

    Don’t make religion a political agenda, says Soi Lek

    By Ida Lim
    August 18, 2012
    Dr Chua’s MCA regularly trades barbs with DAP over the issues of an Islamic state and the implementation of hudud. — File pic

    KUALA LUMPUR, Aug 18 ― Religion should not be politicised as doing so would only further divide the country, MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek said today.

    Admin: An another bizarre claim:

    S'gor MCA: Choose us, we'll prevent Islamic state

    • Nigel Aw

    • 4:50PM Aug 18, 2012

    Selangor MCA today pledged that it will stem creeping Islamisation in Selangor should it recapture the state.

    State MCA chairperson Donald Lim said if Selangor and other states in the country come under or remain under BN rule, they would never become Islamic states.


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