Happy 2012.

There are 5 Things we should be aware of:

1. BN cannot lose. Their strategy is to make you believe they can lose and try to secure 2/3 Parliamentary majority to amend the Constitution to secure legal immunity,
2. They know they are in trouble. Their solution: Push Malaysia into bankruptcy,
3. Invite IMF comes in to clean up the mess,
4. New Rat Race System starts,
5. You don't have to believe a word that is said.

File attached: PACABA R37
revision 37, dated 10 Mar 2012

Use this as a resource to explain to your friends about what is coming and how they can protect themselves.

What you can do to protect yourself and your families?

1. You must vote to prevent a 2/3 majority. Not voting is going to make it worse.
2. Don't keep cash. It's going to crash. Buy physical gold and silver. Don't believe those nonsense about it not being safe. It's more dangerous to keep your cash in the bank.
3. Stock up on dried food. Develop a taste for Quaker oats.
4. Cut down on your expenses. Live a simple life.
5. Grow your own food in your garden. Get a piece of agriculture land to plant food.
6. Save your money for hard times.
7. Cut down on your EPF and taxes. Go into business and stop being a Rat.
8. Stop gambling. Don't buy lotteries or go to casinos. The money funds corruption.
9. Cut down on driving. Ride a bicycle.
10. Cut down on your insurance. It's not going to be worth much after a crash.
11. If you can manage it, get a job overseas, preferably in a tax-free country.

May you be happy.