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Thread: Gold: Road to Roota - Golden Secrets

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    Gold: Road to Roota - Golden Secrets

    There comes a time in every war where the final battle is at hand. If the battle is won the victor gets to choose their future. We are on the brink of that moment. If "We The People" win this battle then the controllers of our lives will no longer rule us. We will be free to decide for ourselves how our future will unfold. If we lose you can say goodbye to all our Fore Fathers fought, liberty and that "ever elusive" pursuit of happiness.

    In the weeks and months to come YOU will be tested. On the Road to Roota I have tried to forewarn you of the coming chaos as well as give you ideas on how to prepare yourselves. Today I will offer up this preparation plan one more time for everyone...


    Although I do not expect the WORLD TO END next week, I do expect the final battle to begin in the eyes of the public so ANYTHING CAN HAPPEN!

    I have prepared a few new articles and suggested reading for the Private Road subscribers to further prepare you for what is coming. I want to thank all of you for your financial support of as you have kept the lights on for the word to spread. Here are the articles:

    SPECIAL REPORT: Position Limit Scenarios

    SPECIAL REPORT: The Time Line

    New Gold Backed Currency Update
    SPECIAL REPORT: Confirmation From The Insider

    I will be speaking at the Silver Summit next week and I believe it will be a very interesting time to be addressing the Silver Bug community. No matter where the Banksters place the price of silver over the coming months those of you who have bought physical silver (and gold) and taken possession of it HAVE MADE THE CORRECT CHOICE. Stand strong against those who will surely attack us.

    We are on the correct side of the battle.

    I wish all of you a very safe and happy weekend and look forward to fighting side by side for our freedom in the coming weeks.

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

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    Silver, MF Global and the Time Line for Fiat Monetary Implosion, Bix Weir

    Bix Weir: Silver, MF Global and the Time Line for Fiat Monetary Implosion
    Bix Weir
    I recently sat down with the good folks over at to discuss some very interesting issues related to the Road to Roota Theory. These questions and answers are very important if you want to understand our past and prepare for our future. The following interview was recorded on December 10, 2011.

    PART 1

    PART 2

    PART 3

    PART 4

    PART 5

    PART 6

    PART 7

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.
    Bix Weir

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    Gold: Road to Roota - Golden Secrets

    If this speculation is correct, the US has at least 200,000 tonnes of gold stashed in the country.

    Golden Secrets

    Bix Weir

    Fair Warning! What follows may scare the Dickens out of you gold bugs but will make silver bugs fall over themselves to swap even more of their gold for silver. Refresh yourself on the benefits of swapping gold for silver here:

    The mainstream gold world wants you to believe that in the entire history of gold mining there has been just over 160,000 tons of gold mined from the ground. On top of that, with all our latest seismic and exploration technology, we have only found about 100,000 tons of underground gold reserves that could be economically mined in the future. That is what "they" want you to believe but...


    Don't get me wrong...I'm a gigantic gold buff but we need to understand the truth to ever reach a point where gold can take it's rightful place in our corrupt monetary system. For the last 100 years a global effort has been orchestrated to obfuscate, distort, manipulate and confuse the majority of the world's population as to the supply, demand and value proposition presented by gold. The Powers-That-Be within the USA and other Western Super Powers have been the main deceivers although they have been directed by the European Money Changers.

    It is time to remove the veil behind the golden mysteries of the world so "We The People" can decide for ourselves how we wish to value gold in a market without veils.


    There are two widely accepted gold statisticians that are followed religiously by the gold mining companies, central banks, governments and investment community:

    Above Ground Gold: GFMS, Ltd. is the above ground gold market prognosticator and claims that the total amount of gold ever mined in the world is 160,000 tons (5.1B oz). Historically, this measure rises only as gold is pulled from the ground as reported by global gold mining companies around the world. Any "mystery gold" that suddenly appears on the market in ETF's, on the LBMA, in the COMEX warehouses or in Government coffers is assumed to come from the unreported gold held by private individuals so that their historical figures never have to change. Adrian Douglas wrote an excellent analysis of what a sham organization GFMS is:

    Below Ground Gold: The USGS tallies all the identified and unidentified underground gold reserves reported by governments and mining companies around the world. This figure totals 100,000 tons (3.2B oz) and at the current extraction rate all the remaining gold reserves will be depleted within 40 years.

    There is very little 3rd party confirmation and clearly little investigation as to whether or not the historical numbers are correct. These USGS figures measure "publicly announced" gold deposits and never delve into hidden gold deposits that are scattered throughout the world…especially within the United States!


    There are many secret above ground hoards of gold that the US and the banking establishments do not want the world to know about...and for good reason. Nobody should underestimate the importance of gold in the economic, political and global balance of power.

    This September 11 Commission Report gives an excellent insiders view of what goes on in the gold conspiracy world. Pay special attention to Chapters 7 & 8 starting on page 151 for the Gold transactions related to September 11th.

    Once you understand the role that gold plays in international espionage it won't take much of a leap to believe that powerful people around the world want to keep the truth about gold a secret.


    Probably the most famous secret gold stash is the "Nazi Gold" that was confiscated from Hitler after WW2. Hitler plundered many European nations of their gold as well as countless individuals. Nobody knows the actual figures but estimates are in the 2,000-50,000 ton range much of which has been used secretly by the military industrial complex and banking cabal to fund their dirty operations. Information and theories on what happened to the Nazi Gold can be found all over the internet...some sites present clearly fanciful theories but others are loaded with facts, figures and motives that are very believable.

    Another golden stash of even greater volume is Yamashita's Gold that was plundered by the Japanese for decades from conquered Asian countries. In order to hide the gold from the US it was hidden in caves in the Philippines but the US found the gold and it has been using it to fund covert operations ever since. This secret gold stash is claimed to be in the 100,000-300,000+ ton range but again nobody really knows. The Sterling and Peggy Seagrave book Gold Warriors gives a detailed account of this gigantic treasure. They also have mountains of documentation backing up their claims of the existence of this secret gold stash and the ramifications are stunning.

    Imagine the implications if this secret gold stash was ever to be made "officially" public. The price of gold would likely crash (although only briefly) and then, once the world understood the reasoning behind hiding this treasure, every country and investor in the world would try to get their hands on some gold. In the aftermath of the market chaos the world would want answers as to where the gold was sold, who got the money, who covered it up, who has it now, who does the gold legally belong to and why is gold so important. All are very, very good questions but the answers would implicate some of the most powerful people in the world. The covert use of Yamashita's gold has changed the world in the last 70 years and when disclosed to the public it will change it again.

    A third is the rumored Chinese Imperial Gold that Benjamin Fulford has claimed to have knowledge of. This treasure is so vast that Fulford's contacts has put the total of above ground physical gold in the world closer to 1,000,000 tons instead of the official number of 160,000 tons. The basic fact is that Eastern countries have coveted gold for centuries and it makes sense that most of the gold ever mined in the world is located somewhere in Asia. Even today, India imports around 33% of all the gold mined in the world and have been the largest gold importer for years.

    Maybe the largest unknown store of physical gold in the world is the Vatican Gold. For nearly two thousand years the church has been hoarding gold gained from wars and conquests in the name of God. Throughout the ages people have been shoveling vast amounts of gold into the collection trays every Sunday. The Vatican gold hoard is a closely guarded secret but I believe that it may be the largest collection in history if you take into account all the gold used in the artwork, crosses, trinkets, coins and cups owned by the church. The Vatican is all about privacy, secrecy and power and I guarantee you they know the true value of gold.

    These are just some of the above ground Secret Gold Stashes that may be out there. When I add it all up and do some "conspiratorial guess work" I come up with a vast store of gold in the neighborhood of 1.5M tons of above ground gold or 10x the gold supply "accepted" in the mainstream gold markets.

    Of course this may be very far off...both to the upside or the downside. The point is that the "Accepted" above ground gold numbers are completely dismissing the vast hoards of secret gold that are both rumored to be circulating and/or are very well documented as fact.

    Dispute it all you want…the truth is that YOU DON'T KNOW EITHER!

    Moving on to what is under our feet...


    Here's where it gets a little tricky. The largest gold mine in the world is reported to be the Grasberg Mine in Indonesia with estimated reserves of 1,250 tons of gold (40M oz). According to USGS the total economically mineable gold reserves in the world is only 100,000 tons. And of that the USA only holds about 5,500 tons...or do we?

    USA Natural Reserves Policy

    Since the early 1900's the United States of America has had a hidden agenda when it comes to scarce natural resources and that has been to "use the rest of the world's natural resources first"! The United States has found vast reserves of almost all highly desirable natural resources including oil, gold, silver, copper, etc. What the USA doesn't do is exploit their own resources. We cleverly disguise these national treasures in Wildlife Preserves, Ecologically Sensitive Areas, National Parks, Offshore No-Drill Zones and Military Bases.
    Nowhere is it more obvious than in the US consumption of foreign oil. Our oil policy (divide, conquer and steal oil) has been the focus of the world's hatred of the United States for decades. We go to war under false pretenses in order to gain access to oil reserves but the US actually holds some of the largest oil reserves ever found! I discuss this in this article:

    The Oil Con

    Basically, we knew that one day the fiat money system would end in massive fraud and failure causing the end of all trade with the lying, cheating deceitful country that debouched the currency. Why not use everybody else's natural resources first and hide your own for the future when the world no longer accepts paper money for hard commodities? Although it may have seemed like a very ingenious plan, history will likely show that the "blow-back" created from it's implementation has caused more harm than good.

    So these are my two favorite monster gold deposits hidden by the US Government for that rainy day when the world no longer accepted our paper money.

    #1 Chocolate Mountain Military Base/Desert Wildlife Reserve

    Back in 1994 California Senator Dianne Feinstein orchestrated a very controversial take over of one of the largest gold deposits in the world in the Chocolate Mountains of California.

    Karen-lee Bixman (no relation:-) exposes this takeover in her article "The Great Gold Heist".

    Donald Fife, spokesman for the National Association of Mining Districts, said of the heist "The 103rd Congress managed to accommodate more than a gang of train robbers could achieve in a lifetime when they approved the Desert Wilderness Protection Act." Fife was commenting on recent information that indicates tens of billions of dollars in gold deposits and huge real estate swindles may be the motivating factors behind the act."

    "Unbeknownst to the public, inside the range is the world's richest gold rift zone.
    Geologists estimate that the gold contained in this zone is worth between $40 to $100 billion. These are surface gold deposits which are more profitable to mine than the one-mile deep gold deposits in South Africa."

    "The Mesquite gold mine is one of the top ten mines in the United States and has some of the most profitable gold deposits of any mine in the world. To the north is the Chocolate Mountain gunnery range. The Mesquite open pit gold mine literally stops at the fence that borders the gunnery range."

    "Engineers allege that in 1981 and 1982, Consolidated Goldfields, which owned the mine at the time, illegally drilled into the gunnery range area to determine the composition of the ore body. The samples proved to be of high quality. According to these same engineers, beginning in the mid-1980s, military helicopters brought high ranking military officers, Congressmen and Senators to the area to examine these large gold deposits. Congressman Bruce Vento (D-Minn.) was one of several congressmen and senators who participated in these highly secretive trips."

    According to Wikipedia: The mountain range is home to the Chocolate Mountain Aerial Gunnery Range, an aerial and gunnery practice area used by the Navy and Marines. A large part of the Chocolate Mountains lie within the gunnery range, and are off-limits to the public. Indeed, areas near the mountains can be dangerous--in one instance, two jet pilots practicing dropping empty bombs overshot the gunnery range and bombed a public campground north of the mountains, injuring one man.

    Clearly, there is something very valuable to protect in those mountains!

    And this brings me to my last and probably the most amazing story of hidden gold (if true).

    # 2 The Grand Canyon National Park...King Solomon's Mines or El Dorado?

    In the late 1800's and early 1900's crazy rumors started floating around the Southwest United States about Egyptian cities being found at the northern end of the Grand Canyon. The story went that while traveling down the Colorado River an explorer discovered a secret cave that was filled with egyptian artifacts, texts and ruins. In 1909, an article was written about the find in the Arizona Gazette:

    Continuing down this path there is a very interesting book called "Lost Cities of North and Central America" by David Hatcher Childress that discusses this lost city. Listen to this YouTube interview with him as he discusses a very interesting theory that the Grand Canyon may be the site of the famed King Solomon Mines. The interview can be heard here:

    Following this train of thought I found this article in the New York Times written on June 19, 1912...just a year before the Federal Reserve Act was established:

    Ok. It's a lot of speculation and sounds unbelievably fanciful...but might it be true? Could the Grand Canyon hold the motherload of all gold deposits and the Powers-That-Be have been hiding this secret all these years. Is this the missing piece of the gigantic gold manipulation puzzle? Let's dig deeper.

    In my Original Road to Roota Article there was one part of the story that I was never able to fully decipher. It had to do with Roota finding the colored flowers in some mysterious caves.

    Roota's Grandma (who represents ex Fed Chairman Arthur Burns who was Alan Greenspan's mentor) says to Roota "Some people say you can get there through the caves near Cobblestone Canyon". Could "Cobblestone Canyon" be referring to this Colorado Canyon where they supposedly found "vast riches of gold" the year before the Federal Reserve was established?

    In the Fed Comic "Wishes and Rainbows" Roota went looking for "colored flowers" in a place called "Cobblestone Canyon" where she found vast riches. So much so that she was able to supply all the people of Pebbleton with "many colored flowers each" (ounces of gold).

    Originally, there was not enough for one flower each but over time Roota found many openings which supplied many colored flowers to the Pebble People. The population of the United States is around 300M people so a find with "many colored flowers" may well reach the Billions of ounces that the 1909 article talks about.

    Also, could these mines be behind the gold illustrations in the Fed Boston release "Banking Basics"?

    It looks here like the girl is cashing in about 20 oz of gold for a small stack of bills. Can you see the gold price chart on the back wall of the bank teller?! If my math is correct 20 ounce x 300M citizens = 6B ounces that may be available if my Road to Roota theories are correct.

    Still not convinced about the Grand Canyon Gold?

    Many of you who follow the Gold Conspiracy angle will know that the Bush family is heavily involved in gold manipulation. Bush Sr. was even involved with the largest gold hedging/black gold laundering operation in the world... Barrick Mining. Would it surprise you to find out that Bush Jr. tried to secretly get into the Grand Canyon to mine some of that vast resource that the USA has hidden away for years? Read these:

    Ok. I can go around and around on this topic but if you are a major conspiracy bug like myself there are just too many connections. For those of you who can't make the leap that there are Egyptian treasures and gold hidden in the Grand Canyon can I ask you to do one more thing for me?

    get FREE weekly updates from the Road to Roota on the status of our return to a Gold/Silver Standard:

    Sign Up For FREE UPDATES!



    Then reach your hand in your wallet and pull out a $1 bill, flip it over and LOOK AT THE PYRAMID ON THE LEFT SIDE!Any other questions?
    May the Road you choose be the Right Road
    Bix Weir

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    Road to Roota Theory in Audio.

    The Road to Roota Theory
    Bix Weir

    *Audio by Tamz Broderick

    It was January 2007 when I first discovered the information released by the
    Federal Reserve Bank, Boston that changed my understanding of the gold &
    silver markets, the financial markets, the energy markets, the monetary system
    as well as the true essence of my country, the United States of America.
    Interestingly enough it came in the form of a children's comic book.

    The Road to Roota Theory postulates that there is a group of people in the
    United States as well as around the world that are working to remove and destroy the financial banking powers that have secretly controlled all aspects of our lives for hundreds of years. The original idea of this group sprang from the
    mind of Alan Greenspan and involved rigging markets with computer programs that he had invented in the 1960's. The original articles can be found here:
    The Original Road to Roota

    My understanding of the way the world worked was blown to bits and replaced
    with a more unified theory on all things monetary... all things that lead us
    down The Road to Roota otherwise known as the Road to the Gold Standard.
    Greenspan's Golden Secret

    The following concepts are the key support pillars in The Road to Roota
    Theory and I have linked the support articles as back up. Once you understand
    these concepts you will understand what is happening all around you as the world you once knew comes crumbling down to be replaced by a new and better system.


    1) All markets have been 100% controlled by computer programs since the 1970's in order to steer and control prices thus prolonging the fiat monetary system.

    2) A powerful cabal of the world's elite have taken over that market
    manipulation process and twisted it to enhance their own profits while
    pretending to service their nation's best interests.

    3) In the early 1900's the United States embarked on a secret policy to
    hide all of its own natural resources and exploit the rest of the world's until resource scarcity was fully recognized.

    4) In order to support the oil backed US Dollar and the world's
    petro-based economic system the "powers that be" have hidden new energy technologies that would greatly benefit the world's population as well as the environment.

    5) Since 911 there is a group of people and governments that have decided "enough is enough" and are in the process of removing the banking cabal from their seat of power.

    6) The planned destruction of the fiat monetary system is the type of
    "Creative Destruction" event that will force the implementation of a new Gold Standard within the United States.

    You may argue all you want about my interpretation and conclusions but there
    will be no arguing the final results. When the final crash comes the facts will
    show that the Road to Roota Theory was the closest thing to a "correct analysis"
    of the gold market available at this time in history.

    This is your peek behind the curtain of the Great and Powerful OZ!

    As we read the papers today the events are unfolding before us. The real
    question now is what will happen in the future? Will we be cast into a deep and
    dark depression with no hope for future generations or will we survive and even
    thrive as we make this transition?

    Here is my interpretation of all the information found in the

    These conclusions may sound way too positive and outrageously naive but
    everything I watch points to a very bright future…even if it takes a few bumps
    to get there!
    1) The collapse of the fiat monetary system will be total and complete
    equalizing the playing field between the "haves" and the "have-nots".

    2) All paper/electronic debt and assets will evaporate with the collapse of the fiat money system.

    3) Those who have perpetrated the outrageous and monstrous crimes of the past 100 years will be hunted down and prosecuted (if they are lucky).

    4) The US will issue a new gold backed currency (domestically) allocating it according to future social security payments due.

    5) The US will allocate much of the new gold backed money to support the funding of schools, police, health care, infrastructure and other necessities for a fully functioning society.

    6) Globalization will end upon the collapse of the derivative structure and all countries will end global trade concentrating on their own internal commerce.

    7) All US overseas troops will return home to protect our borders and ensure the safety of our citizens.

    The US population will be fully employed working to replace all the
    overseas production lost in the reversal of Globalization.

    9) The United States will tap into its VAST natural resources that have been hidden away for years in National Parks, Military Bases and sites deemed "Ecologically Sensitive".

    10) A vast array of new energy technologies will be revealed since there will be no more need for the "oil standard" that has supported the US Dollar for the past 50 years.
    11) The implementation of the new monetary system will usher in a glorious new "Golden Age" that the world will embrace after years of being lead around like "Sheeple".

    We are on the cusp of something truly momentous in the history of the human
    race. With the full transition there is no need to lose the free markets system.
    Truthfully, a true "Free Market" system has never been given the chance it
    deserves with all the market rigging of the past 100 years.

    We will be free again. We will resurrect our Constitution and we will make
    the United States of America the Land of Liberty that our forefathers

    Let's pray that the change is peaceful.
    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

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    One of the most difficult tasks I have is to educate those people new to the Road to Roota. I have never had someone "get it" right away as the research and analysis is not as easy to grasp as the "normal story" about gold and silver. People have a hard enough time understanding the mainstream gold and silver markets much less that gold and silver are manipulated...then taking people to that NEXT LEVEL can be a herculean task!

    But none the less those people who HAVE taken the time to read and understand my research have almost all come to the understanding that the Road to Roota Theory and my analysis of it, no matter how crazy it may seem, is unfolding before our very eyes.

    So it's time to go back to the beginning for a refresher on "WHO IS ROOTA?" and how the Road to Roota Theory ever came about. The following was written in January 2007 and posted on Bill Murphy's website Keep in mind that in January 2007 nobody had any clue that the global financial markets were in for the colossal shake-up that hit in August 2007 and continues to this day.

    The Road to Roota or The Implementation of a NEW Gold Standard

    As you can see - all the information comes DIRECTLY from the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston and all I am doing is interpreting the information. Putting the pieces together.

    Once you understand the Road to Roota Theory EVERYTHING happening today in our insane world makes sense as it is all being done to bring us back to our "ROOTS"!

    1) Abuse and pervert all un-backed fiat monetary instruments in order to crash the system.

    2) Allow the massive proliferation of debt and derivatives to assist in the destruction.

    3) Remove and destroy the "banksters" that have ruled and controlled our lives for over 100 years.

    4) Destroy all electronic and paper assets and debt in a Global Monetary Meltdown in order to truly "start fresh".

    5) Preserve the sanctity of the Social Security System so there is a wayto "reallocate" a new currency in the United States after fiat money implodes.

    6) Abuse and destroy the US Constitution so the people can learn WHY this document is so important.

    7) Massively abuse the powers of the Federal Government in order to guarantee the rejection of "Big Government" and a return to State run governments as intended by our Constitution.

    Return to the type of Nation that our Founding Fathers intended us to preserve for future generations.

    Yes. It's a VERY big, all encompassing goal and one that very few can imagine would be possible looking around us today.

    But it will happen...

    It is our DESTINY!

    May the Road you choose be the Right Road.

    Bix Weir

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    Market Rigging
    Bix Weir

    SGT INTERVIEW: Banker Resignations & Gold/Silver

    I sat down with Sean at last week and discussed some of the hot topics lately. In the first interview we talk about the 450+ bankers that have resigned...

    Are There Signs the Good Guys Are Winning?

    *Just a follow-up: There were 2 more HUGE resignations since we did this interview. The first was the the person in charge of IMPLEMENTING THE MARKET RIGGING AT THE NEW YORK FED!

    New York Fed Markets Group Chief Brian Sack to Resign

    And let's not forget about the London office of JP Morgan which can't seem to get out of the way of the spotlight these days. Remember that Fortune Magazine article almost a year ago about JPM's goal to mine gold in Afghanistan? Here it is if you forgot:

    Look where the leader of this adventure is now!...OH HOW THE MIGHTY ARE FALLING!

    Mining Maverick Resigns from Rainmaking at JP Morgan

    There are many more and you can try to keep up with them all here:

    The second part of my interview with Sean is just as fun an can be found here:

    The Market is RIGGED 100%, Every Day

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