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Thread: Zaid sacked for attending Opposition party functions

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    Zaid sacked for attending Opposition party functions

    Let me see. Attending an Opposition party funcion is a more serious offence than:

    Creating racial tension - Ahmad Ismail - suspended for 3 years
    Corruption - ex-Negri MB - suspended for 3 years.
    Money laundering - Muhammad with 2 M's: Smuggling currency into Australia.

    Badawi could even say with a straight face: Umno has to be consistent. We cannot have double standards. This guy is good. I can see a Hollywood role for him after Mar 2009.

    And UMNO aspires to lead us into the 21st Century.

    Zaid sacked from Umno

    By Adib Zalkapli

    KUALA LUMPUR, Dec 3 – Former de facto Law Minister Datuk Zaid Ibrahim was sacked from Umno late last night for breaking the party's code of ethics.

    Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Badawi who chaired the party supreme council meeting that lasted more than three hours said Zaid's attendance at opposition events was inappropriate.

    "It is against the party's code of ethics," said Abdullah when asked to elaborate on Zaid's sacking.

    The former Kota Bahru MP had attended a DAP victory dinner in Penang and PKR’s annual national congress last weekend.

    When asked whether Zaid wanted to be sacked from the party by attending the events, Abdullah said it was just a perception.

    "Let it be interpreted that way, but most importantly Umno has to be consistent. We cannot have double standards," said Abdullah adding that the decision cannot be appealed.

    When met at the PKR congress, Zaid had told reporters that he did not expect to be sacked from the party.

    Zaid had resigned from Abdullah’s Cabinet in protest against the use of the Internal Security Act (ISA) recently.

    He had been appointed minister earlier this year and was tasked with bringing about reforms to the judiciary.

    Since his resignation Pakatan Rakyat partides have been actively courting him to join them.

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    Re: Zaid sacked for attending Opposition party functions

    Well, now he has confirmed theTRUE UMNO's code of ethics as what we suspect along.

    Yup racial tension, corruption and greed come natural to them.
    Unity and building muhibbah is a major crime.

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    Re: Zaid sacked for attending Opposition party functions

    Time and again they have shown that they are consistently narrow-minded, vindictive and bad decisions makers. The standards that they've set is getting lower and lower, which benefits not the rakyat at large but their own self serving agendas.

    In last week interview by The Sun, Abdullah was painted as a good man whose arms were twisted and is ineffective because of the meddling by UMNO council members. Here he is now making statements that removes, at least to me, all shreds of redemming factors for him. Guess I was too naive.

    You are right PY. Hoollywood might have called.

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