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Thread: Politics: Corruption in BN & PR - A Historical Perspective - RPK

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    Episode 19: Reality and fallacy


    Sunday, 11 March 2012 Super Admin

    In a related incident, Deputy Home Minister Johari Baharum was hauled in for interrogation over allegations that he had received a bribe of RM5.5 million to release three underworld bosses. The allegation was made in a one-page website that was later traced to a senior Chinese police officer named Christopher Wan, the Director of the CID.
    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Lim Kit Siang is up in arms (see his press statement below) about an expose by Malaysiakini today (READ HERE:, which is a rehash of a series of more than a dozen exposes made by Malaysia Today back in 2007.

    Yes, that’s right. Malaysia Today had already exposed this matter five years ago. However, no one was prepared to whack the IGP, Musa Hassan, then. Now that he has retired and is a ‘nobody’ they want to whack him. One-time Deputy Prime Minister Musa Hitam calls this ‘tendang bolah yang sudah kempis’.

    Read the Affidavit signed by the IGP’s ADC, Noor Azizul Rahim Taharim, in 2009. This was further to the Affidavits signed earlier by six other police officers and the two signed by underworld figures. In all these nine Affidavits, they pointed to Musa Hassan as the Chinese underworld syndicate boss -- the loan sharking, prostitution, gambling and drugs syndicate.

    Do you remember another report about a police officer found shot dead in his car in Melaka? What happened to that case? Why the hush up? And what happened to the police report made by a police officer in Pahang that the MACC had kidnapped his wife and child and forced him to sign an Affidavit to fix up certain police officers who were clamping down on the Chinese underworld syndicate?
    At that time Musa Hassan was still the IGP and he wanted to release the underworld bosses who were literally his partners-in-crime. Hence they forced this police officer to say in an Affidavit that the allegations against the underworld bosses were false. When the police officer refused, the MACC kidnapped his wife and child and held them to ransom. Both the police officer and his wife made police reports but no action was taken. Instead, the underworld bosses were released.

    Malaysia Today had published copies of those police reports but there was absolute silence from both the government and the opposition (the police officer was not charged for making a false police report either, which means the incident is true). Instead, the police raided my house and confiscated my computer and various documents and I was brought in to the police station for interrogation, one of many such incidences over 2007 and 2008.

    In a related incident, Deputy Home Minister Johari Baharum was hauled in for interrogation over allegations that he had received a bribe of RM5.5 million to release three underworld bosses. The allegation was made in a one-page website that was later traced to a senior Chinese police officer named Christopher Wan, the Director of the CID.

    Yes, a very senior police officer set up that website -- or rather he paid a Blogger to do it for him. And they suspected that this Blogger was Nathaniel Tan. Do you remember Nat Tan who was working for PKR and Anwar Ibrahim and who was arrested back in 2007? (READ MORE HERE:

    Nat Tan was arrested on suspicion that he was the Blogger who set up that website in collaboration with Musa Hassan and Christopher Wan who wanted to fix up their own Minister. Of course, they never revealed the real reason for his arrest. And the man who arrested him was the same Commercial Crimes Investigation Department Chief, Ramli Yusuff, whom Lim Kit Siang mentioned in his press statement below.

    Investigations later proved that the RM5.5 million was not paid to Johari Baharum but to the then Prime Minister, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. It was supposed to be election funds for the 2008 general election and it was paid in cash. Johari Baharum was merely the fall guy so that the blame for the release of the three underworld bosses would point to him and hence deflect suspicion from the Prime Minister and the IGP.

    Yes, all this and much, much more were revealed by Malaysia Today five years ago. But, of course, many thought it was all just a figment of my imagination. Even when we published the nine Affidavits all these exposes were ignored. It is nice to see everyone now jumping on to the bandwagon to reveal ‘exclusive stories’. I suppose better late than never. Or is it a case of trying to lock the stable door after the horse has bolted?

    Anyway, just so that you know, Umno is depending on a huge donation from the Chinese underworld and the Chinese tycoons and businessmen. Yes, even in Sabah and Sarawak the Chinese there have been told to get their cheque books ready. Umno needs RM1.5 billion to finance the coming general election.

    Isn’t it ironical? The Chinese readers of Malaysia Today are foaming at the mouth while ranting and raving about Ketuanan Melayu, Pekida, Perkasa, and whatnot. The Chinese readers of Malaysia Today are foaming at the mouth and screaming ABU. Then the Chinese underworld syndicate, business tycoons and millionaires are raising RM1.5 billion to help Umno win the next general election.

    And you Chinese got the cheek to call Umno Malays ‘bodoh’! Hah! How can the Umno Malays be bodoh when they can perpetuate institutionalised racism and get the Chinese to fork out RM1.5 billion to help perpetuate it? Aren’t some of you very embarrassed that you were born Chinese?

    As I said: what racism are you talking about? The Chinese and Umno Malays need each other. They are like Siamese twins. One can’t survive without the other. The Chinese need the Umno Malays and the Umno Malays need the Chinese. That’s how it works.

    By the way, don’t get too disheartened. In all this bad news there is still some good news. And the good news is the Chinese underworld syndicate and business tycoons and millionaires are also financing the opposition. Maybe it won’t be RM1.5 billion like in Umno’s case. But they are going to give at least a few hundred million to the opposition.

    This is called ‘hedging your bets’, which the Chinese are very good at. You bet on both horses so that if the second-best horse wins you still get something back and you will not lose all your money. Who knows? Pakatan Rakyat might actually win so this would mean if the government changes you will still have friends in Putrajaya.

    As Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad said: the Chinese are more pragmatic and not emotional like the Malays. And I believe that.

    Anyway, who will the Chinese vote for? Well, it all depends on the underworld Chinese bookies, the illegal gambling syndicate. Yes, you better believe it. The bookies can influence the swing in Chinese votes. If there is money to be made in a Barisan Nasional win then rest assured many Chinese will vote Barisan Nasional so that they can collect their winnings the following day.

    That is how it is going to be. This is something the Malays have not learned yet. But trust me, the Malays are beginning to wise up to the fact that there is money to be made in betting on the outcome of the general elections.

    Hah! ABU konon! The war cry should be changed to SHOW ME THE MONEY!
    Media Statement by DAP Parliamentary Leader and MP for Ipoh Timor Lim Kit Siang in Kuala Lumpur on Sunday March 11, 2012:

    Are Najib and Cabinet Ministers going to keep quiet about the serious allegations of corruption and subversion of the rule of law in 2007 involving the three topmost officers of the land, the AG, IGP and DG of ACA?

    Today, Malaysiakini followed up on the revelations and serious allegations by former Commercial Crimes Investigation Department (CCID) Chief Datuk Ramli Yusuf during his 60th Leap Year birthday celebrations last month that he was a victim of Attorney-General Tan Sri Abdul Gani Patail's abuse of his constitutional powers with new information on the “bizarre five-year-old case allegedly involving the country's most powerful police officer, the attorney-general and an underworld figure”.

    The question now is whether the Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak, and Cabinet Ministers are going to keep quiet about the serious allegations of corruption and subversion of the rule of law with regard to the case in 2007 involving the three topmost officers of the land, the Attorney-General, the Inspector-General of Police and the Director-General of the Anti-Corruption Agency (before it later became Malaysian Anti-Corruption Agency).

    Malaysiakini reporter Hafiz Yatim said Malaysiakin has possession of documents revealing the history of how a number of whistleblowers - whose information led to the arrest of the underworld figure in 2007 - were forced to implicate six police officers investigating the case.

    The whistleblowers signed sworn statements claiming that they were turned over by a team of Anti-Corruption Agency (ACA) officers.

    The six police officers were subsequently charged with fabricating evidence against the underworld kingpin, but were all eventually acquitted, the last of them in mid-2011.

    Najib should not only initiate proceedings for the establishment of a judicial tribunal into the serious allegations by the former CCID director that the Attorney-General, Tan Sri Gani Patail had grossly abused his powers in victimising him and other police officers concerned, but also into several bizarre train of events in 2007, including separate corruption reports being lodged against then Deputy Home Minister, Datuk Johari Baharum (who had by-passed the then Inspector-General of Police, Tan Sri Musa Hassan and instructed Ramli to conduct investigations into the underworld kingpin), Musa himself as well as the then ACA director-general Datuk Seri Zulkipli Mat Noor – with police investigating the ACA director-general while ACA investigated the IGP, clearing each other!

    Ramli has told Malaysiakini that he has new evidence regarding Opposition Leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim's black-eye incident and Malaysian Airlines (MAS) chairperson Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli, who is the beneficiary of another recent RM840 million government bailout.

    Public interests demand that there should be a no-holds-barred judicial inquiry not only to get to the bottom of the several bizarre train of events in 2007 at the topmost levels of government, including the serious allegations of abuse of power by the Attorney-General in undermining the rule of law and victimising Ramli and other police officers, but also into the new evidence regarding Anwar's black-eye and Tajudin.


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    EPISODE 20: The USD10 million kickback


    Thursday, 15 March 2012 Super Admin

    AASB was told that the matter can be resolved if they agreed to donate USD10 million to PKR as ‘election funds’. AASB was also asked to submit a ‘statement of claim’ for RM70 million for the construction cost of the market in the first phase, which the state will approve. The RM70 million will also include 'compensation' to AASB for the loss it will incur for forgoing the second and third phases.

    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    This matter involves a privatisation project between the Selangor state government (Selangor) and a company called Azam dan Azan Sdn Bhd (AASB). The facts of the case are as follows:

    AASB entered into an agreement with Selangor to relocate the old Selayang market plus a workshop and a multipurpose office owned by Majlis Perbandaran Selayang (MPS). The Agreement between Selangor and AASB was signed on 29th April 1997 with Supplementary Agreements signed on 18th August 1998, 23rd August 1999 and 7th March 2001.

    This project is to be implemented in three phases. The first phase comprises of a block of shops, apartments and a modern market with a 30-year concession for the developer (AASB). The second phase has been earmarked for a 10-storey apartment block, while the third phase is a development of 23 units of shop-lots adjacent to the said land. The total land area is 9.8 acres.

    The first phase was completed in 2009 with a condition that the road and the widening of the drainage system will be done in the second phase. This area is flood-prone but the drainage system can only be widened in the second phase of development, as the work will involve the relocation of the hawkers to the new site. Hence the removal of the hawkers from that location to the completed first phase is crucial to be able to proceed with the next phase of the development.

    As per the Agreement, the Unit Perancang Ekonomi Negeri (UPEN), with the coordination of MPS, would relocate the hawkers currently occupying the land to the newly constructed market so that the second phase of development can proceed. Once that is done, AASB has three months to pay the premium for the second and third phases of the development. In fact, AASB attempted to pay the premium even before the eviction of the illegal hawkers but it was rejected by the state.

    The hawkers refused to move based on the argument that the rental is expensive. The rental AASB is charging is RM200 to RM360 per month depending on the floor area. In fact, this matter had already been agreed by the Hawkers’ Association during their negotiation with MPS and UPEN.

    Various alternative options were then proposed to solve the impasse. However, Selangor rejected all of them. The construction cost for the market was RM18 million. Based on a 30-year concession, AASB can recoup around RM9 million at the most. This loss was supposed to have been absorbed in the next phases of development.
    Since 2009, nothing much has happened and it remained a deadlock. AASB’s lawyers made numerous attempts to resolve this matter with the state but with little success. It appeared like the state was trying to avoid solving the issue.

    Finally, AASB had no choice but to try to seek a ‘political solution’ to their problems. Through one of the PKR Sarawak leaders, Baru Bian, AASB was introduced to the PKR Treasurer and Member of Parliament for Selayang, William Leong. After a few meetings, it was suggested that the matter be brought to the attention of the Menteri Besar, Khalid Ibrahim.

    Baru Bian then introduced AASB to Tian Chua, the Member of Parliament for Batu, who is said to have the ears of the Menteri Besar. Tian Chua then took over the handling of this matter from William Leong.

    AASB was told that the matter can be resolved if they agreed to donate USD10 million to PKR as ‘election funds’. AASB was also asked to submit a ‘statement of claim’ for RM70 million for the construction cost of the market in the first phase, which the state will approve. The RM70 million will also include 'compensation' to AASB for the loss it will incur for forgoing the second and third phases.

    AASB was asked to not pursue the matter of the second and third phases of development any longer but to be contented with the RM70 million ‘compensation’ they will receive -- less, of course, the USD10 million ‘donation’ -- because the land is going to be given to a PKR leader to take over.

    Hence, accept the RM70 million ‘compensation’, pay the USD10 million ‘donation’, forgo phases two and three so that the PKR leader can take over, or else receive nothing and make a loss.

    Once AASB receives the RM70 million from the state, they are to pay the USD10 million donation as stipulated. AASB's response was: go to hell! They are prepared to sit it out and wait until after the next general election when Pakatan Rakyat will be kicked out of Selangor and the state falls back to Umno.



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    Things you didn’t suspect


    Monday, 19 March 2012 admin-s

    There are many unsavory things happening inside PKR that are seldom heard outside the circle of intimates and the next few paragraphs shall attempt to address these issues.

    THE CORRIDORS OF POWER Parlimen Selangor

    One. PKR is divided into two factions; one that is only reserved for the Malays and the other the non-Malays. Each will hold their “unofficial” council meetings separately before voting en bloc during the official supreme council meetings. The majority of the time the Malay faction wins, as DSAI is the only one holding veto powers but not all the time as this is done to retain some semblance of democracy within the party.
    Two. Who did you guys think set Eli Wong up? BN? Think again. Those photos did not materialise from nowhere and that somewhere points to Gombak and Ampang. Don’t believe this? Well, if you have a close friend high up in the DAP, PAS or PKR hierarchy, ask them and they will confirm the truth about it. Why the Hell do you people think Eli wanted to quit politics? It is definitely not because of what everybody thought happened (that BN set her up) but because everybody (who is anybody) knew where the setup originated from. If BN wanted to set her up, Eli would have been be set up right.

    Three. No one denies what Azmin Ali wants and that includes DSAI and Wan Azizah. When Azmin was discovered to have set up Zaid Ibrahim with a photo-shopped picture during the last PKR Party Elections, he got off scot-free. No inquiry and no nothing. Likewise, when Azmin’s name was implicated in the illegal sand mining activities in Selangor, no investigations were initiated, merely a statement stating that the “Azmin” in the taped conversation is not the Azmin Ali but some other Azmin who incidentally wields the same political power as this Azmin Ali. Once again no inquiry and no nothing.

    Four. Azmin Ali and Zuraida Kamaruddin are a team and that means that no one can touch Zuraida as well as she is “protected” by Azmin Ali. When the RM18,000 collections went unaccounted for in the Pasar Larut Malam @Jelatek incident, the MPAJ did not dare ask for it even though this amount rightfully belongs to them. When illegal structures were permanently erected around Spectrum Shopping Mall in Ampang as part of “Ampang Walk”, once again MPAJ did not dare dismantle them even when these structures did not possess the necessary municipal permits during the construction stage (or even now). Hell, the YDP of MPAJ doesn’t even dare mention it during the council meetings.

    Five. Zuraida used former MPAJ councilor Tan Hua Meng (Ketua Zon Lapan) as her proxy to do her dirty work. It was only when the residents of Ampang forced their way to confront DSAI during one of his ceramahs in Kampung Pandan to express their displeasure and to handover a protest note that Tan Hua Meng was dismissed from being a MPAJ councilor. However, what Zuraida wants, Zuraida gets and Tan Hua Meng was reinstated as a MPAJ councilor less than a year later. Tan Hua Meng is now replaced by Fong Teck Keong (current Ketua Zon Lapan) the building contractor nominated by Tan Hua Meng and Zuraida to erect the illegal Ampang Walk. Coincidence? I think not. Well, at least Tan Hua Meng got his get-out-of-jail card and was able to walk away. Not so lucky for Zakaria Rahim, Zuraida’s former proxy before Tan Hua Meng. Got caught manipulating the books for a mere RM5,000.

    Six. The PKR party election scam. Two members register rolls. Zero appeal in the event of a tie (party makes the decision then). Photo-shopped picture of Zaid holding an alcoholic drink. No inquiry performed later when allegations of corruption arose. Anyone backing any candidates against Azmin’s and Zuraida’s chosen ones to be ostracized. Hell, who chose DSAI to lead PKR anyway? Self elected?

    Seven. When the proposal for a shadow cabinet was mulled over by Pakatan Rakyat, PKR immediately shot it down. Zaid was the sole individual from PKR supporting it and perhaps here lies the foundation for the breakup between Zaid and DSAI. Why go against the formation of a shadow cabinet? One must first consider who from PKR will be selected. Azmin? Zuraida? And what shadow ministries will they occupy? Azmin wanted to be one of the DPMs but that is not possible, as Tok Guru (PAS) and Karpal Singh or Lim Kit Siang (DAP) will occupy these positions. Zuraida wants Wanita and DAP wants it as well and since DSAI will become the shadow PM, both Azmin and Zuraida may end up shadowing minor ministries (quid pro quo), something they do not want happening. Zaid could possibly end up in a higher position than Azmin and the latter isn’t amused. Remember, what Azmin wants, Azmin gets.

    Eight. The criteria for selection as a candidate for both state and parliamentary seats are loyalty (not to the party but strictly to either DSAI and/or Azmin). Qualifications do not matter. Corruption-free is not mandatory. Popularity is not a prerequisite. Potential frogs formally from Umno are welcomed. Any existing Member of Parliament and Member of State Assemblies who do not answer “how high” when asked to jump by DSAI or Azmin are to be dropped in the next GE, no matter what the winning majority was in the previous election (except a few untouchables). To be assured as a parliamentary candidate, one must be nationally accepted (Tian Chua, Michael Jeyakumar, Khalid Ibrahim), a son of a very close family friend to DSAI (Loh Gwo Burne), a family member of the self elected so called Ketua Umum PKR (Nurul Izzah Anwar, Wan Azizah) or belonging to DSAI’s inner sanctum (Azmin Ali, Zuraida Kamaruddin, Saifuddin Nasution Ismail, Johari Abdul). Do not be surprised that Rafizi Ramli, Dato' Dr. Mansor Othman, Shamsul Iskandar, Nik Nazmi Nik Ahmad, Khalid Jaafar, Abd Rahman Yusof, Haniza Talha, Fariz Musa, Zakaria Hamid and Ismail Yusop all get to contest parliamentary seats (notice anything weird in that list?) in the next GE.

    Nine. The Azmin Ali long-term plan is to usurp the leadership of PKR and to turn it into another quasi-Umno with the sprinkling of Chinese and Indian representation for show. Zuraida’s long-term plan is to take over as the Timbalan, and along the way collect sufficient funds via proxies to have an “enriched” retirement. What she does not suspect is that Rafizi is also having the same thoughts.

    Ten. RPK will never come home to Malaysia regardless of who wins the next GE, both DSAI and Azmin will see to that (should Pakatan reach Putrajaya).

    Conclusion: The state of affairs in PKR is like shit. Sorry, it is worse than shit because manure can’t hold a candle to it. If one were to be stuck in it and desires to get out, one would have to look way up to the level of shit and hope one is in it instead of being in the lower-than-dung level one is presently in.

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    EPISODE 21: On the road to Hajj


    Tuesday, 20 March 2012 Super Admin

    Is this how the Barisan Nasional government uses the rakyat’s money? By buying luxury apartments for personal use? It looks like the NFC is not the only case of such abuse of power. KDEB appears to have done the same. And why has MB Khalid kept quiet?

    THE CORRIDORS OF POWER Raja Petra Kamarudin

    In 2007, Kumpulan Darul Ehsan Bhd (KDEB) bought two units of luxury apartments in Mecca for a total sum of RM9 million. What is odd about this purchase is that the two units were bought under the name of the then Menteri Besar of Selangor, Khir Toyo, and not under the name of KDEB, even though the purchase price was paid by KDEB and not by Khir Toyo.

    What this Javanese MB did not know back in 2007 is that his government was about to be kicked out of office. In fact, he was even so bold as to promise Umno that Selangor would see ‘Zero Opposition’. Bad luck for him. It was more like ‘Umno Becomes Opposition’.

    When Pakatan Rakyat took over Selangor in March 2008, they instructed the then KDEB President, Dato Karim Munisar, to transfer the units over to KDEB. For three bloody years, Dato Karim and the Manager of KDEB’s Legal Department, Puan Maziyah, gave so many excuses as to why they are not able to transfer the properties -- such as a foreign company cannot own properties in Mecca, that it is easier to transfer them after selling them to a third party, that the annual maintenance charges have not been paid, hence the developer will not transfer them, and so on.

    Only after Dato Karim was replaced with the current President, Encik Suhaimi, and Raja Idris Kamarudin was added to the Board of KDEB, did things start to move. Nevertheless, even after a year, Puan Maziyah still dragged her feet and refused to complete the transfer.

    A few weeks ago, Puan Maziyah was removed and almost immediately the transfer of the properties to KDEB were perfected.

    It has now been discovered that the properties could have been registered under KDEB’s name from the very start, as foreign companies can own properties in Mecca, as long as they are meant for personal use and not for rental.

    During those five years that the properties were under the name of Khir Toyo, KDEB did not see a single sen in rental, not even during the last fasting month season when the units were fully occupied. The rental went to Khir Toyo, the registered owner of the property.

    Why were these two units bought at a price of RM9 million and who has been using them over the last five years? More importantly, who has been collecting the rentals over those five years?

    Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, the Chairman of KDEB, should launch an investigation on all those involved in the purchase of these units five years ago and report the matter to the MACC.

    Is this how the Barisan Nasional government uses the rakyat’s money? By buying luxury apartments for personal use? It looks like the NFC is not the only case of such abuse of power. KDEB appears to have done the same. And why has MB Khalid kept quiet?

    If I were to reveal abuses of power in Selangor under the Pakatan Rakyat government, they will foam at the mouth and scream that I am targeting the opposition, that I am unfair to the opposition, that I am trying to bring down Pakatan Rakyat, that I am an Umno agent, that I have turned, that I have been bought, and all that bullshit.

    Now I am revealing abuses of power by the Umno government back in 2007, before the opposition took over Selangor. And I am revealing that over the last four years Pakatan Rakyat kept quiet and did not reveal what was going on.

    So, what do you want me to now say? That this is all Umno’s fault? Barisan Nasional is to be blamed? This all happened under the previous government?

    If I did not expose this would we all know about it? Would they have told us?

    Yes, these are the sorts of transactions that are being uncovered by KDEB. No doubt, Pakatan Rakyat is not to be blamed since it happened in 2007. No doubt, this was a crime perpetuated by the previous government.

    I don’t care whether this was done by the previous government or the current government. A crime is a crime. And now the shit is floating to the top. When are we going to see the shit hit the fan?


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    EPISODE 22: After the horse has bolted


    Saturday, 24 March 2012 Super Admin

    Today, Azmin Ali and every man and his dog are whacking Hasan Ali. What do you achieve by whacking Hasan Ali now? I whacked Hasan Ali before the 2008 general election. I whacked him soon after the 2008 general election. But at that time he was the darling of the opposition. So it was sacrilegious to whack someone who is the darling of the opposition. Opposition leaders are sacred cows and are beyond criticism. We must wait until they betray the cause and they abandon the opposition before we are allowed to whack them.

    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Hasan turns to dark side after Selangor victory: His former aide reveals that the axed PAS strongman's demeanour changed when Pakatan Rakyat seized Selangor in 2008. (READ MORE HERE)

    Azmin: Hasan Ali spent RM300,000 to spruce up office
    (The Malaysian Insider) - Sacked Selangor exco member Datuk Hasan Ali spent hundreds of thousands of ringgit while in office, including some RM300,000 on office renovations, Azmin Ali said today.

    Hasan also forked out RM550,000 for a Selangor Malay Customs and Heritage Corp (Padat) conference when he was chairman of the state body, the Bukit Antarabangsa assemblyman said.

    Today, Hasan Ali’s former aid revealed that his boss had ‘turned to the dark side’ soon after the 2008 general election. Yesterday, Azmin Ali revealed that Hassan Ali had misappropriated or misused RM850,000 of the government’s money.
    I call this: trying to close the barn door after the horse had bolted.

    Now, why are Azmin Ali and Hasan Ali’s former aid screaming? Is it because Hasan Ali is wicked, evil, corrupted, etc? Or is it because Hasan Ali is now no longer in Pakatan Rakyat and has gone over to the other side?

    No prize for the right answer. It is not because Hasan Ali is wicked, evil, corrupted, etc. It is because Hasan Ali is now no longer in Pakatan Rakyat and has gone over to the other side. If Hasan Ali were still with Pakatan Rakyat there would not have been a single negative word said about him. They would cover up all his misdeeds and if I were to expose him it will be me instead of Hasan Ali who would get whacked.

    Those who have been reading Malaysia Today since 2004 and/or have been following the Free Anwar Campaign from 2000 to 2004 would know that I have been pointing at quite a number of personalities over the last 12 years. And I am still doing that till today.

    The only problem is, when I point at these personalities while they are still members or leaders of the opposition, many would huff and puff and would get hot around the collar. They will not tolerate any expose of people who are in the opposition. And if I do not whack those who have since left the opposition (or are no longer in power), they would also huff and puff and will get hot around the collar. They will want to know why I am not whacking these people.

    Malaysians are a hard bunch to please. They demand that you whack those on the other side. And they demand that you remain silent about those on their same side. That is the issue. It is not about exposing wrongdoing. It is about whacking the enemy and about covering up all the deeds or misdeeds of your friends.

    This is not what I signed up for. I signed up to expose misdeeds, never mind who may be the one who perpetuates them. I did not sign up to expose the enemy and to cover up friends. That is dishonest. That is not amar makruf, nahi munkar, the duty of each and every Muslim without exception.

    Why scream about Islamic law? Why foam at the mouth regarding a Muslim’s duty to uphold and implement Hudud? Why get upset about respecting Islam and about complying with the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad? At the end of the day, if you can’t do even a simple and fundamental thing like practice amar makruf, nahi munkar, your Islam has just flown out the window.

    Those who have been reading Malaysia Today since 2004 and/or have been following the Free Anwar Campaign from 2000 to 2004 would know that I had already exposed Hasan Ali way before the 2008 general election.

    What I wrote then was that in the event the opposition (at that time a loose electoral pact since Pakatan Rakyat did not exist until 200 manages to take over Selangor in the 2004 general election, Hasan Ali wants to become the Menteri Besar.

    The problem with this was: Azmin Ali also wanted to become the Menteri Besar. So we would be seeing a battle of the two sons of Ali, Azmin and Hasan. But the opposition failed to take over Selangor in 2004. In fact, the opposition got whacked good and proper, the worse electoral performance ever for the opposition.

    And that solved a major problem that was facing Anwar Ibrahim, who was still in jail then. If he allowed Hasan Ali to become the Menteri Besar then Azmin Ali would sulk. And if Azmin Ali became the Menteri Besar then Hasan Ali would sulk instead. Hence, in 2008, when the opposition did take over Selangor, Anwar was forced to appoint Khalid Ibrahim as the Menteri Besar to avoid one of the two sons of Ali throwing a tantrum.

    Then, when it became clear that Khalid Ibrahim, and not one of the two sons of Ali, was going to become Menteri Besar, Hasan Ali engaged in secret negotiations with Umno about the possibility of PAS Selangor forming a unity government with Umno Selangor. And if that unity government did happen then Hasan Ali would be appointed the Menteri Besar.

    When I exposed this secret negotiation that was going on behind the scenes, and even indulged in a little mischievous devil’s advocacy by suggesting that maybe Pakatan Rakyat should consider a unity government with Barisan Nasional, all hell broke loose. You should have seen the nasty things they said about me.
    Actually, Hasan Ali was not the only PAS leader guilty of this secret unity government negotiation. There were other people involved as well. The bottom line is, it was going to be a Malay-based unity government. This would deny the Chinese power in Selangor.

    The most important thing though is that the unity government issue was met with an extremely violent opposition. The response was downright vicious. (I should know. I was on the receiving end of these attacks). Many considered the idea itself as downright blasphemous. But do you know that Selangor was brought to the very brink of such a possibility just like the Cuban Missile Crisis in the days of President Kennedy?

    Back in early 2000, about six months or so before I launched the Free Anwar Campaign, I decided to call it quits. At that time I had already 23 years of political activism under my belt and I thought that it was probably time to move on. When Marina Yussof offered me a job, I accepted and went to work for her.
    A friend by the name of PY Wong phoned me and requested a meeting. He came over to my office and asked me what was the reason I left the party and decided to go back to the corporate world.

    I gave him my reasons and he sighed. He told me that he had come to exactly the same conclusion but wanted to hear it from my own mouth. He too felt that Parti Keadilan Nasional had lost its way and, in a mere year, racism and Ketuanan Melayu appeared to be the main agenda of the party.

    Anyway, I spent just a few months with Marina Yussof before some friends of Anwar called me and asked me whether I was prepared to launch and manage the Free Anwar Campaign. I agreed and in mid-2000 left Marina Yusoff to manage the Free Anwar Campaign. The fact that the Free Anwar Campaign would operate outside and independent of the party appealed to me. I would never have agreed if the Free Anwar Campaign had been a branch of the party.

    Anyway, to cut a long story short, the Free Anwar Campaign was secretly used by many personalities in the party for the purpose of raising funds. It is illegal for many international organisations to donate to or fund political parties. But they can donate to or fund NGOs, movements, societies, associations, etc., especially if they are human rights or freedom of speech, etc., related.

    One of Anwar’s lawyers, Pawanchik Merican -- who was instrumental in the creation of the Free Anwar Campaign, and hence can be considered as one of the ‘founding fathers’ -- asked me in 2004 how much money the Free Anwar Campaign had received. He spoke to me in the presence of my wife.

    I told him that over the four years from 2000 to 2004 I had received just RM3,000 -- RM1,000 from Dr Wan Azizah and RM2,000 from Anwar’s brother, Rosli. He shook his head and said that he was under the impression that the Free Anwar Campaign was well funded.

    I assured him that RM3,000 was all that I had received and that the Free Anwar Campaign was being funded from my own pocket. I was not being paid any salary either. My wife supports the family by baking cookies and curry puffs, which I go around on my motorcycle to sell.

    Pawanchik told me that many personalities in Parti Keadilan Nasional had been raising money in the name of the Free Anwar Campaign. He was shocked that nothing had come to me to help fund the Free Anwar Campaign. He then asked me to just close down the Free Anwar Campaign.

    He also told me he had reported this matter to Anwar and that Anwar was aware of the issue. I asked him as to what Anwar’s response was and he replied that Anwar just kept quiet and did not say anything. That was why he was asking me and was also why he wanted me to close down the Free Anwar Campaign.

    I replied that I would close down the Free Anwar Campaign in two weeks time and then focus full-time on Malaysia Today. He asked me why two weeks and not immediately. I replied that because in two weeks Anwar will be free from jail. He laughed and said that none of Anwar’s lawyers believe that he would be freed from jail until at least April 2009. I told him Anwar would be freed from jail on a two-one decision on 2nd September 2004.

    Now, at this point you may be asking me: what is the point of all this long story and the weekend walk down memory lane? Well, simple really. I knew that some personalities in Parti Keadilan Nasional were using the Free Anwar Campaign to raise money and that the money went into their own pockets. I wanted to expose these people way before 2004 but was told not to.

    This is not the time to expose them, was the reply. Why now, so close to the next general election? If I were to speak bad about these Parti Keadilan Nasional leaders then I would be accused of being an Umno agent, a turncoat, a Trojan horse, etc. People will say I have been brought or that I was in Barisan Nasional’s pocket. No one will believe what I say. No one will believe any allegation against Parti Keadilan Nasional leaders. Instead, I will be whacked good and proper. So better I just keep quiet and not ‘rock the boat’.

    So I did as advised. I kept quiet. I did not expose them. I kept on going with the Free Anwar Campaign until the day of Anwar’s release on 2nd September 2004. Then, I just quietly moved on to Malaysia Today without a word regarding what I knew.

    Then these darlings of the opposition and blue-eyed boys of Anwar Ibrahim betrayed the cause. In March 2004, the ‘Dirty Dozen’ from the party’s Youth Movement, led by Parti Keadilan Nasional’s Information Chief, Ruslan Kassim, left the party to join (or rather rejoin Umno). Deputy Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak received them with open arms in a public ceremony. And Ruslan Kassim and the Dirty Dozen condemned Anwar and the party and promised that the opposition was going to get wiped out in the 2004 general election.

    And wiped out they almost were, especially Party Keadilan Nasional.

    So, this culture of not speaking ill about the opposition leaders and not exposing their wrongdoings and misdeeds is not a new phenomenon. It is a 12-year old culture. And, today, many of these darlings of the opposition and blue-eyed boys of Anwar Ibrahim have turned and are now condemning Anwar.

    S. Nallakarupan, Ezam Mohd Nor, Ruslan Kassim, Lokman Noor Adam, Anuar Shaari, Ghani Harun, Hanafiah Man, Zahid Md Arip, Zahrin Hashim, Zulkifli Noordin, N Gobalakrishnan, Zainur Zakaria, and many, many more are now Anwar’s greatest critics. Many more such as Datin Saidatul Keruak, Neil Onn, Marina Yusoff, etc., left without a word.

    When Parti Keadilan Nasional was launched on 4th April 1999, it had 20,000 leaders and members. I know because my son, Raja Azman, was put in charge of keying in their names and IC numbers into the computer. So I had a copy of that membership list.

    Let’s look at all the states. Perlis, Kedah, Penang, Perak, Selangor, Negeri Sembilan, Melaka, Johor, Pahang, Terengganu, Kelantan, Sabah, Sarawak and the Federal Territory. All these 14 regions had leaders and members who signed up in April 1999. How many remain?

    Let’s not bother with those who have already left. The list will be just too damn long. It is easier to list down those who still remain. This list is much shorter. Okay, there is Azmin Ali, Tian Chua, Khalid Jaafar, Saifuddin Nasution, Johari Abdul, Dr Xavier Jayakumar, Fuziah Salleh, Haniza Talha, Zuraidah Kamaruddin, Saiful Hizam Ramli….that’s about all the names I can remember from the original 20,000 (maybe I have left out some names so please feel free to add those names to the comments section below).

    I have never had much regard for many of these people even back in 1999 when I first started working for the party. And I told PY Wong this when he came to meet me exactly 12 years ago in Marina Yussof’s office. However, instead of exposing them and revealing what these people really are like, I kept quiet and moved on and just did my own thing.

    I was ABU back in 1999. In fact, I was already ABU way back in the late 1970s, 35 years ago. And I am still ABU today in spite of what many may be thinking. But it must be the right type of ABU. 12 years of experience with the Parti Keadilan Nasional (now Parti Keadilan Rakyat) leaders have taught me that to keep quiet and cover up the misdeeds of these leaders can be disastrous to the cause. The cause has to be above personalities.

    Why close the barn door after the horse has bolted? What will we achieve then? When would be THE RIGHT TIME to expose them? After the damage is done? If after the damage is done, we will merely be able to embark upon damage control. Preemption is always the best strategy.

    Today, Azmin Ali and every man and his dog are whacking Hasan Ali. What do you achieve by whacking Hasan Ali now? I whacked Hasan Ali before the 2008 general election. I whacked him soon after the 2008 general election. But at that time he was the darling of the opposition. So it was sacrilegious to whack someone who is the darling of the opposition. Opposition leaders are sacred cows and are beyond criticism. We must wait until they betray the cause and they abandon the opposition before we are allowed to whack them.

    Opposition supporters are a pathetic lot. They suffer from a serious case of denial syndrome. They consider opposition leaders as incapable of doing wrong. Only when these people have turned and when they damage the opposition cause can we whack them good and proper. And that is why it is going to be an uphill battle to take over the federal government -- because we live in a make-believe world.

    Ezam is back in Umno

    (The Star, 29 May 200 - Former Parti Keadilan Rakyat Youth leader Ezam Mohd Nor is back in Umno.

    Umno president Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi said he welcomed Ezam’s return to the party but he (Ezam) was not promised any party position or privileges.

    He said Ezam did not ask for any, but he believed Ezam was only interested in continuing with the party’s struggles.

    He also did not join Umno with any condition imposed on him, added Abdullah.
    “He wants to come back to Umno and he will continue with the struggles of Umno according to the party’s goal and direction, and not Parti Keadilan.

    “So I accepted him,” Abdullah said at a press conference after holding a brief meeting with Ezam at Parliament, here, yesterday.

    Ezam also handed his registration form and RM100 for his party’s lifetime membership fee to Abdullah.

    Abdullah said what was special about Ezam was that he had left Umno to lead another party but returned after learning that Umno was a better party.

    He said he did not hold any discussion with Umno Youth before accepting Ezam back into the party.

    He added that any new membership in the party, including Ezam’s return, would boost the party’s strength.

    On whether Ezam would be allowed to contest in the party’s election end of the year, he said it would depend on the party’s constitution.

    Asked if Ezam’s return would cause internal conflicts or enemies within the party since he was former political secretary to PKR de facto leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, Abdullah said “no’’.

    He also said Ezam had changed his mind now although he used to criticise Umno when he was in PKR.

    However, Abdullah said if there were other PKR members who wanted to join Umno, the party had to “look at who the person is first”.


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    EPISODE 23: The Anwar Ibrahim-Quek Leng Chan Saga


    Tuesday, 27 March 2012 Super Admin

    The purpose of the loan was for the purchase of Inchcape Timuran shares and to purchase Kewangan Bersatu Berhad KBB, which had a finance licence. KBB was owned by Ishak Ismail, an Anwar crony and the Umno Penang Treasurer who controlled Idris Hydraulic, another Umno company. Anwar was then the Umno Penang chief. The RM420 million was dispersed but the KBB acquisition never took place. So what happened to the money? Where was it siphoned? Who hijacked it? That is what the court case this week will establish.

    THE CORRIDORS OF POWER Raja Petra Kamarudin

    In May 1982, the MUI Group, which is headed by Tan Sri Dato Khoo Kay Peng, acquired Kwong Lee Bank Berhad. Khoo Kay Peng was a strong ally of Tengku Tan Sri Razaleigh Hamzah (Ku Li), Malaysia’s Finance Minister from 1976 to 1984. On 2nd February 1983, Kwong Lee Bank Berhad was renamed Malayan United Bank Berhad (MUI Bank).

    Those in the Malay Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (MCCM) were extremely unhappy about what they viewed as a close relationship between the Finance Minister and this Chinese business tycoon. For this reason, most members/leaders of the MCCM, who invariably were also Umno members and/or leaders, supported Musa Hitam in the tussle between Ku Li and Musa for the Umno Deputy Presidency.

    The joke around town at that time was that Ku Li and ‘Ku’ Kay were brothers from different mothers and separate fathers. Because of this perception, that Ku Li was a ‘tool’ of the Chinese, in particular of Khoo Kay Peng, Ku Li twice failed in his bid for the Umno Deputy Presidency. His ‘Chinese sympathies’ lost him the Deputy Prime Ministership of Malaysia at a time when the New Economic Policy (NEP) was on its final leg and the future of the Malays was in question. Hence a more ‘Malay’ Musa Hitam was preferred over a ‘Chinese tool’. The anti-Ku Li campaign was: kalau Anak Raja naik, maka Cina akan bermaharaja di Malaysia.
    Such is how business is done in Malaysia. Chinese business tycoons need Umno Malay benefactors to get things done. And in very ‘sensitive’ cases, such as banking licences, in particular ‘backdoor’ banking licences like in the case of the MUI Bank, your relationship with the Finance Minister and/or Prime Minister is extremely crucial.

    None of the MCCM or Umno members/leaders had any reservations that Khoo Kay Peng’s success in his backdoor banking licence was because of his link to Ku Li. They would swear on their mother’s grave that know-who and not know-how is the key to success in Malaysia’s highly political environment. And for that Ku Li had to pay, and pay dearly, with his political career. As they say, perception is everything and the MUI Bank episode was the ‘evidence’ required to create this perception of Ku Li’s ‘Chineseness’. What was most puzzling is that Ibrahim Ali, the PERKASA head, was Ku Li’s campaign manager in the 1987 tussle that would follow.

    In 1987, Ku Li challenged Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for the Umno Presidency, and thus also for the Prime Ministership of Malaysia, and lost. Soon after, he left Umno (or rather Umno left him when Umno Baru was formed) to form his new party, Semangat 46. That was the end of Ku Li’s political career and of his hope of reaching the pinnacle of power. And this too meant the end of Khoo Kay Peng. His link to the ‘right’ political masters took a nosedive and it was only a matter of time before he would lose his flagship, his MUI Bank.

    In Malaysia, one can’t own a bank and be on the wrong side of the political divide, as many a banker has since learned -- and the list is endless.

    In 1991, Anwar Ibrahim became Malaysia’s Finance Minister. The whisperings in the corridors of power was that this was the wish of Tun Daim Zainuddin who wanted to retire to focus on his many business interests but wanted ‘his man’ to take over so that he would not expose himself to any risk with the appointment of a ‘hostile’ Finance Minister.

    Everyone in the MCCM at that time knew that Anwar was Daim’s proxy and that Daim was still the de facto Finance Minister. There was many an occasion when the MCCM met up with Anwar to try to resolve issues affecting the Malay business community and Anwar would reply that he would have to check with Daim first. No one doubted that Anwar was Daim’s kuda (horse), as he was infamously labelled then.

    In 1993, Anwar took over the post of Malaysia’s Deputy Prime Minister after ousting Ghafar Baba in what many say was one of Umno’s dirtiest party elections ever. Some say as much as RM200 million was spent to oust Ghafar -- the beginning of Umno’s scourge of ‘money politics’, the ‘black culture’ that Umno has to grapple with today. Others put the figure as much higher.

    Nevertheless, whatever the figure may have been, it was in the hundreds of millions. What many did not know, and which was the main bone of contention: where did Anwar get his hands on such a large sum of money?

    On 3rd January 1994, the Hong Leong Group Malaysia, which is controlled by another Chinese business tycoon, Tan Sri Quek Leng Chan, acquired MUI Bank Berhad through Hong Leong Credit Berhad. MUI Bank was renamed Hong Leong Bank Berhad (HLBB).

    Initially, another Chinese business tycoon, Tan Sri Dato Vincent Tan Chee Yioun, through his vehicle Berjaya Corporation, made a bid for the bank. It was rumoured that Khoo Kay Peng did not really want to sell his bank but was under pressure to do so. His link to Ku Li, the Semangat 46 leader, had cost him his bank. Chinese business tycoons rise and fall alongside their Umno political bosses. It is the hazards of doing business using Umno leaders as your benefactor.

    The whisperings in the corridors of power at that time was that Vincent Tan was told to “back off because Anwar wanted the bank”. Being the obedient servant that he always is, Vincent Tan backed off so that Quek Leng Chan could have the bank instead.

    But Vincent Tan did not walk away empty-handed though. As compensation, he was allowed his Sports Toto ‘special draw’, a project which Anwar crony and tennis partner, S. Nallakaruppan, was in charge of. The Sports Toto special draw was a very lucrative cash cow that made enough money for some of it to filter back to Umno as ‘election funds’. It is said that this was the basis of the relationship between Anwar and Nalla, the special draw cash cow.

    HLBB was listed on the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange on 17th October 1994 with its total paid up capital enlarged to RM470 million.

    Again, just like Khoo Kay Peng could not get his hands on a bank without his link to the then Finance Minister, Ku Li, Quek Leng Chan also needed the good office of the Finance Minister to finally realise his dream of owning a bank -- something he had been attempting to do in Singapore for quite some time but which Lee Kuan Yew violently opposed. Yes, in Singapore too your links to the political masters is crucial in getting things done -- hence so much for the fallacy of Singapore being ‘squeaky-clean’.

    But there is a dark secret behind the Quek Leng Chan-Anwar Ibrahim relationship. And that dark secret is about to come out of the closet. Tomorrow, on Wednesday, 28th March 2012, a case is going to be heard in court. And this case involves conflict of interest and the siphoning out of money of an amount of RM445 million. The issue of how the bank’s money was siphoned out is not the most interesting part of the story. What is would be where the money went to and what it was used for.

    And this is how the story goes.

    On 24th March 1997, a syndicated loan of RM420 million was obtained under the names of eight people, all who were acting as nominees for certain people -- RM420 million was the original loan amount with an additional RM25 million given to Faiz Abdullah to cover the outstanding interest. The syndicate lenders were Hong Leong Finance, Sime Bank Berhad, BSN Commercial Bank (Malaysia) Berhad and DCB Bank Berhad. The arrangers of the loan were Hong Leong Finance Berhad and HLG Capital Markets Sdn Bhd.

    The purpose of the loan was for the purchase of Inchcape Timuran shares and to purchase Kewangan Bersatu Berhad KBB, which had a finance licence. KBB was owned by Ishak Ismail, an Anwar crony and the Umno Penang Treasurer who controlled Idris Hydraulic, another Umno company. Anwar was then the Umno Penang chief. The RM420 million was dispersed but the KBB acquisition never took place. So what happened to the money? Where was it siphoned? Who hijacked it? That is what the court case this week will establish.

    Anwar was about to make his move on Dr Mahahir so he needed to fatten his war chest. It cost him RM200 million to bring down Ghafar. It would cost him much more than that if he wanted to bring down Dr Mahathir. Hence, it was important for Anwar to control the financial institutions, his intended source of cash, as he did with the Umno media group when his boys did the RM600 million MBO.

    Anwar realised that to oust Dr Mahathir he would need to surround himself with powerful ‘money people’ who would have the financial resources to fund the exercise. While Dr Mahathir had people like Ananda Krishnan, Francis Yeoh, Vincent Tan, Daim, etc., to finance his political moves, all Anwar had were people like Tong Kooi Ong, Chan Ah Chye, TK Lim, Kamaruddin Jaafar, Ishak Ismail, etc., and to a lesser extent Rashid Hussein and Azman Hashim. Halim Saad and Tajuddin Ramli were also beginning to get close to Anwar who they viewed as the heir apparent.

    The joke that Anwar’s people told then was that you must first fatten the cow before you can milk it. However, while Dr Mahathir had fat cows, Anwar’s cows were pretty thin so they needed to be fattened a bit.

    One person, who decided to place a huge bet on Anwar becoming the next Prime Minister, after ousting Dr Mahathir of course, was Quek Leng Chan. This was the same man who got his bank under Anwar’s watch. While both Anwar and Quek handled the planning of their manoeuvres, the actual implementation was left to Nazri Abdullah, Anwar’s warlord currently living in London (and one of the beneficiaries of the RM600 million media MBO), and Seow Lun Hoo, Quek’s warlord.

    To pull this off, it would require creating shell companies with trusted persons to front it and act as nominees. And access to large amounts of funds would be required. This was where Quek Leng Chan’s and Hong Leong’s financial clout were very crucial. And the Mister Fixit was Seow Lun Hoo.

    The Inchcape Timuran deal was executed by Seow, together with Faiz Abdullah, an Anwar crony and lawyer -- who was also one of Anwar’s speechwriters, just like Dr Munawar Anees who was later jailed for six months on charges that he had allowed Anwar to bugger him.

    The plan was to use the RM420 million syndicated loan facility to acquire Inchcape Timuran and KBB. KBB, which had a finance licence, would then borrow from another financial institution to repay the original loan from Hong Leong. And the beautiful part about this whole thing is: KBB was already owned by Ishak Ismail, Anwar’s Treasurer from Penang. So it would be merely transferring money from one pocket to the other.

    To fatten the cow further, they planned to inject into the company 2,500 acres of RRI land in Sungai Buloh that would be privatised at RM250,000 per acre. This land, which would have been a RM625 million deal, was practically a goldmine and in the middle of a massive development. This would be the new ‘Golden Triangle’ in the Kelang Valley.

    It is most ironical that Anwar protested recently when Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak talked about this same privatisation proposal. Anwar is objecting to something he was going to do and would have done had he not been ousted in September 1998.

    Anwar successfully ousted Ghafar by using Sabah. If he can do it once then he can do it again. The money from the loan was supposed to ensure that he had the support of key Umno players in Sabah and elsewhere. However, everything fell apart when the Asian Financial Crisis hit soon after and Anwar was subsequently ousted and arrested in September 1998.

    And now the case has come to court. And in this court hearing a lot of shit is going to hit the fan. We are going to hear about nominees, front men, fall guys, beneficiaries, benefactors, and a lot of conspiracies and counter-conspiracies that are going to make your head spin.

    The end game was to take over the seat of the Prime Minister. The game plan was to raise as much money as possible to finance this exercise. The vehicle was Hong Leong. The financial planner was Rashid Hussein. The fixer was Quek Leng Chan. The executor was Seow Lun Hoo. The face of the deal was Faiz Abdullah. The fall guys were eight nominees under whose names the loan was obtained. The sweetener was the ‘gold mine’ RM625 million RRI land in Sungai Buloh.

    It was supposed to have been a win-win situation whereby all would live happily ever after. But, as usual, there must always be a spoiler. And the spoiler was Dr Mahathir who refused to roll over and play dead but chose instead to fight back.
    If you have some free time, do attend the hearing tomorrow and witness what is going to be revealed in court. This is probably going to be a more exciting case than Anwar’s Sodomy 2 trial.

    As I have always said: behind every Malay Umno politician is a Chinese business tycoon. The Chinese need the Malays to get ahead. The Malays also need the Chinese to get ahead. The Malays have political power and know how to abuse this power. The Chinese have economic power and know how to invest their money in the right politician.

    But sometimes the Malay Umno politicians do miscalculate their political moves. And sometimes the Chinese business tycoons do make a bad investment. And in this case about to be heard in court, we shall be told how Anwar Ibrahim and Quek Leng Chan bit of more than they can chew and are now suffering the pains of indigestion.

    But why is Hong Leong suddenly resurrecting an old case from 1997 that had long disappeared from the radar screen? Why not let sleeping dogs lie? After all, a massive loan of RM445 million was given to eight nominees who in the first place were not qualified to get a loan of that amount and certainly do not have the means to pay back the loan even if you win the case.

    Well, Quek Leng Chan is now in the government’s bad books and he is worried. He knows that Anwar will never become Prime Minister unless Pakatan Rakyat takes over the federal government. But Quek Leng Chan has written off any possibility of Pakatan Rakyat taking over the federal government -- hence also the chances of Anwar becoming Prime Minister. So, Quek Leng Chan is washing his hands of Anwar and is hoping that by taking this case to court it will be revealed that Anwar is the person behind this whole thing. This is Quek Leng Chan’s way of wiping the slate clean and proving to the government that he is no crony of Anwar (if not why would he take this case to court?).

    But the court case may backfire on Quek Leng Chan. Not only will Anwar be exposed but Quek Leng Chan’s role will be revealed as well. And this case will be an albatross around both Anwar’s and Quek’s neck. Don’t we live in most interesting times?


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    EPISODE 24: Don’t talk about Kelantan, look at Selangor


    Monday, 09 April 2012 Super Admin

    The Current Assets for 2011 was RM1,739,983,000. The Current Liabilities for 2011 was RM2,388,970,000. All these indicate that Puncak Niaga is a bankrupt company (PN17) and should not be allowed to continue managing the water resources in Selangor and that the Privatisation and Concession Agreement should be terminated.
    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Kelantan rapped for not providing clean water

    PROLONGED ISSUE: Supply to 39 schools in state at critical level, warns deputy minister

    THE Pas-led Kelantan government needs to do more in providing cleaner water to the rakyat in the state, especially in schools, the house was told yesterday.

    Deputy Education Minister Dr Puad Zarkashi (BN-Batu Pahat) said his ministry was working with the Health Ministry to look into improving the water quality in Kelantan. However, Puad said efforts should not be done only by the Federal Government. He added that the state government must also step in and look at the problem seriously.

    "We are urging the state government to take the issue seriously as it has been prolonged. Perhaps, the state government would want to consider setting up a steering committee to look into possible solutions to solve the water problem."

    Puad was replying to a question by Datuk Ibrahim Ali (Ind-Pasir Mas) on whether the Education Ministry intended to implement water supply projects in the state as the students have long been supplied with contaminated water that affects their health. Puad said the education ministry had identified 39 out of 77 schools in Kelantan which were at a critical level of water supply.

    "Several initiatives have been taken by the ministry to improve the situation. The Health Ministry has sent their officers to monitor the water condition in Kelantan and the ministry is trying to look for alternative water sources for the schools."

    Puad also urged the state water management company, Air Kelantan Sdn Bhd, to increase the quality of water to the schools.

    In 2009, the Auditor-General's Report stated that the quality of water supply in Kelantan did not meet the standards set by the Health Ministry. The report had stated that Air Kelantan did not place priority in cleaning its water pipes. Kelantan has 28 water treatment plants.

    Puad said the government had allocated RM27.3 million since 2008 for the construction of 91 tube wells. Of that number, 83 have been completed while the remaining eight are still under construction, he added. -- New Straits Times
    That was what the New Straits Times reported on 27th March 2012 regarding the water problem in Kelantan. Actually, I had already written about this 12 years ago on 28th September 2000 in an article called: Killing the Kelantanese with no water. I again wrote about it last year on 23rd November 2011 in an article called: You first have to know the meaning of the word (read the article here:

    Okay, while Umno and Barisan Nasional scream about the water problem in Kelantan, allow me to also scream: but this time about the water problem in Selangor. Both states, incidentally, are under Pakatan Rakyat administration, but the problem in Selangor is different from that in Kelantan.

    The Selangor State Government has been having a long-running battle with the Barisan Nasional Federal Government regarding the consolidation of the water industry in Selangor -- to place it under a company 100% owned by Selangor and to dismantle the privatisation of the water industry currently under the control of water concessionaires.

    The main obstacle in getting the Federal Government to agree to this plan is, of course, because of the involvement of Umno cronies in the Selangor water industry, namely Tan Sri Rozali Ismail (picture below) through Puncak Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd (PNSB) and PNSB's subsidiary, SYABAS.

    Tan Sri Rozali Ismail, shareholder and Chairman/Director of Punck Niaga (M) Sdn Bhd.

    Through the consolidation of the water industry, Rozali will stand to lose a colossal amount of money as he has over-extended himself and will only agree to a pricing that recognises his "future loss of business and profits".

    Selangor, understandably, will not agree to compensate him for future profits as the State Government’s contention is that the pricing must be based on the assets to be taken back from the concessionaires, which they had earlier acquired from Selangor.

    A closer look at the financials of PNSB will tell the story as to why Rozali needs to cover “future profits”. His companies are more or less bankrupt so he wants to make money the quick way at the expense of Selangor and the Malaysian taxpayers.

    Please note that when Rozali was given the water concession and the privatisation rights, he was then the Treasurer of Umno Selangor. And do you have to be a genius to figure out where the bulk of the "funds" derived from the privatisation went to?

    In short, as in most of these cases, Rozali was acting as a front for Umno and the money went into Umno’s pocket. Now do you know how general elections are reduced to BUY-elections?
    Just like in the Tan Sri Tajudin Ramli and MAS case, I suppose, Rozali must be saying to himself: why should I carry the loss alone since this scheme was to enrich Umno and I was merely Umno's nominee?

    To further understand the numbers, please read the following documents:

    1) Puncak Niaga Financial Statement FYE 2011 (
    2) Puncak Niaga Announcement on PN17 Waiver (
    3) Puncak Niaga Financial Statement FYE 2010 (

    1) From Puncak Niaga’s Financial Statement FYE 2011, in particular the Condensed Consolidated Statement of Financial Position on page 4, you will see that:

    a) The Current Assets for 2011 was RM1,739,983,000
    b) The Current Liabilities for 2011 was RM2,388,970,000
    (This gives the company a Nett Current Liability position of RM648,987,000)
    c) The total equities is in deficit to the tune of RM16,053,000

    All these indicate that Puncak Niaga is a bankrupt company (PN17) and should not be allowed to continue managing the water resources in Selangor and that the Privatisation and Concession Agreement should be terminated.

    2) From the Puncak Niaga Financial Statement FYE 2010 on page 259, you will see that:
    i) The Executive Directors’ Remunerations amount to RM15,580,872
    ii) One of them earned between RM6,800,000 to RM6,900.000

    Given the above and also:

    1) That PNSB/SYABAS has not been able to reduce the Non-Revenue Water -- which currently is above 30% (when it should be not more than 20%) -- due to non-replacement of pipes, as provided in the Concession Agreement.

    2) That SYABAS has been paying the water treatment companies only about 40% of their bills since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state government. (The companies are now suing SYABAS for about RM2 billion in unpaid bills).

    3) That SYABAS has also refused to approve the water supply for new development projects in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor, thus jeopardising the Selangor as well as the Federal Government's ‘Transformation Plan’ -- as no new development projects, residential, commercial and industrial, will be approved by SYABAS.

    The relevant questions that we now need to ask are:

    1) Why is it that the Federal Government will not allow Selangor to terminate the Concession Agreement with PNSB and SYABAS?

    2) Why is it that the Bursa has given PNSB a waiver when clearly it is already a bankrupt company?

    3) Why is it that the Federal Government will not insist that SYABAS approve water supplies for new development projects in Selangor?

    Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak is going around Selangor telling the business community that all these water issues will be resolved once and if Barisan Nasional were to win back Selangor, just like they are telling the Kelantanese that they will get better quality water once and if Umno wins back Kelantan -- in the meantime you can die of Cholera, which many are.

    Of course, this will be at the expense of the rakyat, as SYABAS has been asking for a 37% increase in the rates since 2009 -- as provided for in the Concession Agreement -- and another 25% increase, supposed to be in 2012.

    So, if Barisan Nasional were to win back Selangor, all the government needs to do is to approve the rates increase, as requested by SYABAS, and pay them back the amount of "short-fall" in their billings for the last few years since Pakatan Rakyat took over the state in March 2008.
    In short, it will be a windfall for SYABAS if Umno takes back the state -- just like how the government has promised the FELDA settlers and every man and his dog a “windfall” if Barisan Nasional wins the coming general election.

    The bottom line is: Umno just can’t afford NOT to win back Selangor. There is just too much money involved here. And that money is our money, money belonging to the Malaysian taxpayers.

    Do you need one reason why Pakatan Rakyat must not lose Selangor? I can give you many billions of reasons. And those billions are tied to just one issue: the water privatisation in Selangor and the billions, which have gone, and which will continue to go, into Umno’s pockets.

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    EPISODE 25: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 1 THE CORRIDORS OF POWER

    Thursday, 12 April 2012 Super Admin

    MMC-Gamuda JV (MGJV) belongs to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and the Perak Royalty. Gamuda, on the other hand, is owned by the Perak Royalty. Hence, looking at the players alone, you will realise that this is no ordinary case. But why are these people, being the power scions of the country, quarrelling publicly? What is the real story? Why are all the Umno-aligned newspapers so reluctant to report this case? Why is The Star reporting it in such a coy fashion, quite unlike the way it reports on other controversial cases?

    THE CORRIDORS OF POWERRaja Petra Kamarudin

    No, when Malaysia Today tells a story, it is never a short story. It is always a long story, or what the Chinese would call cheong hei. And it is not only always cheong hei. It is also normally linked to other stories. Yes, that’s right. You may have read many of these stories before. But what you probably did not notice was that many of these stories are actually connected to one another.
    Hence the title of today’s story: The invisible web (of deceit).

    Last week, Malaysiakini and The Star reported about the on-going trial before Judge Rosilah Yop in the Kuala Lumpur High Court where NR Sistem Sdn Bhd and three others are suing the MMC-Gamuda JV (MGJV). The amount under dispute is RM360 million for services rendered to revive the National Double Tracking Rail Project.

    Many of you who still read the government-controlled mainstream media (MSM) -- while complaining that the MSM cannot be trusted and yet you still believe what it says (talk about the height of stupidity) -- may have noticed that there was a media blackout on this case. Even the report by The Star made this issue appear like it was just an ordinary case of breach of contract.

    Well, as I have said before and I will say it again: Malaysia Today is not concerned about ‘normal stories’. Malaysia Today focuses on the untold stories. What Malaysia Today wants to talk about is the political intrigue and the behind-the-scenes goings-on about those who walk in the corridors of power. So let us now talk about what many of you thought was a mere civil case between two groups of people involving a dispute regarding money. There is actually more than meets the eye here.

    So sit back, take your shoes off, put you feet up, bring out the popcorn, and read on.

    First of all, if you were to look at who is the suer and who is the suee -- okay, I invented those words, so sue me -- you will realise that this case is far from being an ‘ordinary’ case of breach of contract. You need to take note of the personalities behind this case. As they say: it is the singer, not the song. So let us look at the ‘singers’ involved in this case, in particular those who are singing like a canary.

    The three co-plaintiffs together with NR Sistem Sdn Bhd are Seow Lun Hoo, Shah Hakim Zain and Mansur Ghazali. And the defendant is the powerful MMC belonging to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary, the Arab Bumiputera whom Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad nurtured as the new Corporate Czar of Malaysia, plus Gamuda, the flagship of the Perak Royal Family -- infamous for unconstitutionally giving that state back to Barisan Nasional.

    Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary

    The Perak Royal Family

    Seow was formerly the President and CEO of Hong Leong Credit and Leasing Bhd. Only two weeks ago, he was the centre of another controversial case involving businessman Low Thiam Hoe who alleged that Seow masterminded the syndicated loan of RM445 million given to Anwar Ibrahim’s cronies back in 1997 -- and which was later sabotaged on the instructions of Hong Leong’s Executive Chairman, Quek Leng Chan.

    Like most Chinese business tycoons, Quek was hedging his bets on both Anwar and Dr Mahathir during the fallout between the two in 1997. That’s right, these slime-ball and scumbag Chinese always put their money on both horses so that whoever wins they would still benefit. Hence, when Dr Mahathir sacked Anwar, Quek quickly washed his hands clean by immediately cancelling and recalling the loan, thus bankrupting Anwar’s boys.

    (Read EPISODE 23: The Anwar Ibrahim-Quek Leng Chan Saga here:

    Shah Hakim Zain

    Kamaluddin and Abdullah Ahmad Badawi

    Shah Hakim of Scomi Group Bhd is widely known as the close associate and former schoolmate of Kamaluddin Badawi, son of former Prime Minister Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi (Pak Lah). Back in 2006, during Pak Lah’s era as Prime Minister, Dr Mahathir lamented that all the country’s major businesses, contracts and projects were being channelled to his son, Kamaluddin.

    Dr Mahathir in 2006 complaining about ‘the corrupt acts’ of Pak Lah, Khairy Jamaluddin and Kamal Badawi

    Hence, to stay below the radar screen and not attract too much attention to the ‘First Family’, Kamaluddin played the behind-the-scenes role and kept his hands hidden. Shah Hakim would emerge as the gatekeeper and toll-collector for the ‘First Family’ while Kamaluddin quietly pulled all the strings, or rather the big cables, in the background.

    Did I not say that in Malaysia it is know-who and now know-how that is the secret to success?

    (Read Partners through thick and thin by The Star dated 7 August 2010 here:

    In the controversy involving another of Scomi’s shareholder, BSA Tahir, the United States implicated Scomi in the crime of smuggling uranium-enriching equipment to Libya. This was another issue that angered Dr Mahathir, together with the Oil-For-Food scandal, which Dr Mahathir felt Pak Lah should take responsibility for and resign as Prime Minister since his named was cited in the United Nations report.

    (Read The BSA Tahir and PI Bala sagas here:

    In response, Pak Lah told Dr Mahathir to go to hell and that he was not going to be just a one-term Prime Minister. That meant the end of Pak Lah. There was no way Dr Mahathir was going to allow Pak Lah to continue even if that meant Najib Tun Razak would be taking over as the new Prime Minister. You see, Dr Mahathir shares the same ideology as many Pakatan Rakyat people: that is, work with the lesser of the two evils. Hence, since Najib too may have his baggage, at least Najib can be controlled while Pak Lah was now out of control.

    Meanwhile, the former IGP, Musa Hassan, declared that the Police investigation had cleared Shah Hakim and other Scomi officials of any wrongdoing, a slap in Dr Mahathir’s face. When the US sanctions on him and Scomi were lifted, Shah Hakim issued a statement saying: "I am grateful to all who have helped, guided and supported Scomi Group and I for the past few years, in particular to the Government of Malaysia and all the agencies”.

    As a reward for clearing the 'First Family' of any wrongdoing, Musa Hassan’s contract as IGP was extended -- despite all the allegations of abuse of power and the controversy of his links to the Chinese underworld that controlled the drugs, prostitution, loan shark and gambling syndicate.

    MMC-Gamuda JV (MGJV) belongs to Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary and the Perak Royalty. In fact, name any major business and project in the country and it would probably be owned by the Syed Mokhtar group. Gamuda, on the other hand, is owned by the Perak Royalty. Hence, looking at the players alone, you will realise that this is no ordinary case.

    But why are these people, being the power scions of the country, quarrelling publicly? What is the real story? Why are all the Umno-aligned newspapers so reluctant to report this case? Why is The Star reporting it in such a coy fashion, quite unlike the way it reports on other controversial cases?

    Malaysia Today will reveal all in part two of this series. So stay tuned.


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    EPISODE 26: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 2


    Thursday, 12 April 2012 Super Admin

    The story would be incomplete without explaining that the Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure at that time was, coincidentally, Najib himself. Najib endorsed the revival of the project not just because Pak Lah was already happy that his son, Kamaluddin, had a share in the pie, but also because Syed Mokhtar had agreed for Najib’s brothers to also take a cut in various parts of this revived project.

    Raja Petra Kamarudin

    Read EPISODE 25: The invisible web (of deceit) - part 1 here (

    Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad awarded the Double Tracking Project to MMC-Gamuda on 21st October 2003, just nine days before he stepped down as Prime Minister. On 1st November 2003, Tun Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, fondly known as Pak Lah, took over as Prime Minister.

    Now, it must be remember that Dr Mahathir had actually officially resigned as Prime Minister in the middle of 2002 during the Umno general assembly. Halfway through his address, Dr Mahathir shocked the entire world by breaking down and announcing his resignation.

    Rafidah Aziz reacted almost immediately by breaking her shoe in her rush to get to Dr Mahathir to ask the most important question: what is going to happen to all of us? It took a few minutes for Pak Lah to grasp what was going on though. When it finally dawned on him as to what had happened, Pak Lah broke into a smile rather than broke his shoe; the most politically incorrect thing to do.

    The first thing that Pak Lah did when he took over as Prime Minister was to cancel Dr Mahathir’s pet projects. The Crooked Bridge to Singapore was one and the Double Tracking Project was the other, which Pak Lah shelved the following month in December 2003.

    The Crooked Bridge to Singapore

    The electrified double-track project

    Dr Mahathir was furious, to put it mildly. He had spent more than a year from mid-2002 to late 2003 discussing with Pak Lah as to what he can and cannot do once he took over as Prime Minister. Whether Pak Lah just forgot or whether he did a dirty on Dr Mahathir is not too clear. But the long and short of it, Pak Lah did everything he promised he would not do and did not do everything he promised he would do. And cancelling Dr Mahathir’s pet projects was clearly one of the do-not-does.

    Actually, Pak Lah had a great dislike for Syed Mokhtar Al-Bukhary who had shunned him when he was the Deputy Prime Minister. I really can’t blame him though. Dr Mahathir had appointed and discarded three Deputy Prime Minister’s before that. So what would the chances be for Pak Lah actually taking over as Prime Minister in the end? Most people put their money on Najib Tun Razak rather than Pak Lah taking over as Prime Minister.

    Hence, within just a month of taking over as Prime Minister, Pak Lah did the unthinkable. He cancelled the Double Tracking Project, the Crooked Bridge Project, and all those other projects that Dr Mahathir had given to his cronies. Did anyone not bother to tell Pak Lah that one just does not slaughter sacred cows, in particular Dr Mahathir’s sacred cows?

    Pak Lah explained that the government’s ‘poor finances’ did not permit such grandiose projects -- hence the need to cancel them. This caused Dr Mahathir to flip. It gave the impression that Dr Mahathir’s mismanagement has bled the country’s finances dry -- hence there is no more money. It also gave the impression that Dr Mahathir’s projects are a total waste of money -- hence the need to cancel them.

    In short, Dr Mahathir is a bungling idiot, according to Pak Lah in not so many words.

    Try as he may, Syed Mokhtar could not get Pak Lah to agree to revive the Double Tracking Project. By 2006, Syed Mokhtar became very desperate. To get the project, he had already paid out ‘commission’ and under-table-money to various parties during Dr Mahathir’s time. Syed Mokhtar realised that the only way to get this project back on track would be to work through the gatekeepers and toll-collectors. It can only be sorted out through the back door.

    Syed Mokhtar asked the CEO of Gamuda, Dato Lin Yun Ling, to approach Seow Lun Hoo to mastermind the penetration of Pak Lah’s inner circle. That was how Seow first involved Khairy Jamaludin, Pak Lah’s son-in-law, and later Shah Hakim, the close associate of Kamaluddin, Pak Lah’s son.

    And by a wave of the magical wand of Shah Hakim and Kamaluddin Badawi, the project began to be revived.

    All these facts have now been revealed in court when Seow and Shah Hakim admitted that they “provided technical expertise and networking capabilities to help revive the once-shelved RM12.4 billion double-tracking railway project….It was through our efforts that the project was revived.”

    The ‘networking capabilities’ and revival efforts included opening doors for Lin to present the revival ideas to then Minister-in-Charge of the Economic Planning Unit (EPU), Effendi Norwawi.

    Effendi Norwawi with new wife, actress Tiara Jacquelina

    Effendi initially told Lin that given Pak Lah’s grim description of the country’s finances it would be difficult for the government to be seen as reviving it from government funding. Effendi, the Sarawak financial wizard, then coined this fanciful term for Lin to use when presenting the proposal to the government as a way in getting the project revived -- Private Finance Initiatives (PFI).

    The idea was: the private sector can include all their additional financial costs and risks into the PFI proposal to make the project costs higher. Effendi also advised that after approval has been obtained, the PFI project could then revert to a design-and-build project fully shouldered by the government.

    And that was exactly how MMC-Gamuda conned the Malaysian public into believing that the PFI projects were fully funded by the private sector whereas in the end the taxpayers would be footing the bill.

    Tiara as the mythical princess, Puteri Gunung Ledang

    For his wonderful advice and support, Effendi also asked Lin to sponsor his new wife’s hobby in extravagant stage productions. That explained how Effendi’s wife, Tiara Jacqueline, could have the finances to mount the most glamorous and expensive Malay stage play to date -- Puteri Gunung Ledang. Lin and Syed Mokhtar were also made to sponsor Pak Lah’s wife’s pet project in the Pride Foundation and the Datin Paduka Seri Endon Award for Performing Arts Excellence scholarship fund.

    You see, Pak Lah, his family, and his friends in the cabinet, wanted to teach Syed Mokhtar and his sidekick, Lin, a good lesson for shunning them during Dr Mahathir’s time. So they were going to make MMC-Gamuda pay for every single one of their whimsical pleasures.

    In truth, what Pak Lah did was not new. The same thing had been done during Dr Mahathir’s time by appeasing Dr Siti Hasmah. And now, all the corporate giants in the country are outdoing each other to appease Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s wife, Rosmah Mansor. The mainstream media will give prominence to the generous donations by these corporate giants to Rosmah’s pet project, Permata. What is unseen is that they also donate more generously to Rosmah’s fetish for Hermes Birkin handbags and jewellery.

    The story would be incomplete without explaining that the Chairman of the Cabinet Committee on Infrastructure at that time was, coincidentally, Najib himself. Najib endorsed the revival of the project not just because Pak Lah was already happy that his son, Kamaluddin, had a share in the pie, but also because Syed Mokhtar had agreed for Najib’s brothers to also take a cut in various parts of this revived project.

    Nazim Razak (Jim) was the architect who will design the various railway stations, Nazir Razak (Jay) of CIMB will be the merchant banker for the PFI, Nizam Razak will be providing financial and share advisory, while Najib’s job is to approve its revival.

    That is why the Plaintiff’s company is called NR Sistem, which are the initials of the Razak band of brothers.

    So why the quarrel now if everyone in Umno and the Umno cronies were going to benefit?

    Shah Hakim had a deep distrust for Syed Mokhtar. So he had convinced Effendi that the project should be divided into two parts – the Infrastructure Works to be awarded directly to MGJV for RM10 billion and the Systems Work for RM2.38 billion which will be given to a contractor of the government’s choice. The Systems Work was supposed to be sub-contracted by MGJV to NR Sistem.

    When Syed Mokhtar realised that the 30% margin that the Shah Hakim group was going to make from the RM2.38 billion System Work contract amounted to RM600 million, Syed Mokhtar got upset. He complained to Dr Mahathir about how Pak Lah had cancelled the project and forced him to use the services of Shah Hakim who will now make RM600 million ‘atas angin’. Dr Mahathir advised Syed Mokhtar to stall signing any contract with NR Sistem for the Systems Work.

    At that time, Najib decided to play the neutral game in the open confrontation between Dr Mahathir and Pak Lah. As far as Najib was concerned, he had already secured all the contracts for his brothers. Dr Mahathir was still very powerful and his attacks could damage Najib’s political career. On the other hand, if Dr Mahathir’s vicious attacks against Pak Lah succeeded, Najib could unseat Pak Lah as the PM without having to challenge him as Umno President.

    That was why, in 2007, Dr Mahathir mounted vicious attacks against Pak Lah and mocked him about being Mr Clean. Dr Mahathir now had concrete proof of the exorbitant profit margins that would be made by Pak Lah’s son from this contract alone - an astounding RM600 million. Meantime, Syed Mokhtar directed Lin to force Seow and Shah Hakim to accept a reduced profit margin RM360 million instead of RM600 million.

    This infuriated Shah Hakim and Kamaluddin because they thought they had already agreed to the 30% margin, which was equivalent to RM600 million. That money was needed not just for them personally but also to partly fund Pak Lah’s 2008 elections campaign. Syed Mokhtar held back the money and refused to give Pak Lah what he needed for the 12th general election campaign. Dr Mahathir had advised Syed Mokhtar to hang on and not to commit to any figure as Dr Mahathir was convinced that Pak Lah would perform badly in the election and would subsequently be ousted.

    Without enough funds, Dr Mahathir’s prediction came true. BN and Umno fared poorly in the March 2008 GE -- which was regarded as Pak Lah losing not just the elections but also losing face as well when Bumiputera businessmen whom had benefitted from Umno’s patronage dare renege on their promise of providing funding.

    This was worrisome to the Umno inner circle. The March 2008 GE was regarded as Pak Lah’s personal defeat and Dr Mahathir unleashed the Umno warlords to cry for Pak Lah’s blood.

    Post-March 2008, it was imminent that Pak Lah would have to give way to Najib. Syed Mokhtar, being the shrewd businessman that he is, then directed Lin not to sign anything with Shah Hakim’s NR Sistem -- even for the agreed price of RM360 million -- as Pak Lah could no longer pose any threat to the project. Syed Mokhtar’s mentor, Dr Mahathir, also wanted to ridicule Pak Lah’s son, Kamaludidn, and his son-in-law, Khairy Jamaludin (that they are nothing without Abdullah Badawi in power). Syed Mokhtar also wanted Kamaludin and Shah Hakim to beg him for the RM360 million that Lin had promised them.

    Syed Mokhtar never intended to pay Kamaluddin and Shah Hakim the RM600 million nor the 33% or RM3.3 billion from the RM10 billion Infrastructure Works. All in all, Syed Mokhtar would make RM3.7 billion from the combined value of RM12.4 billion for the Double Tracking Rail Project.

    Now that Scomi has been sidelined from most government businesses and projects, Kamaluddin Badawi and Shah Hakim were forced to go for broke by suing MGJV and expose in court that this is how BN/Umno raise funds for the elections. This explains Najib’s Economic Transformation Plan where the government will again undertake gargantuan projects on the pretext of injecting a revival of the economy.

    In truth, it is just further acts of plundering the nation.

    As an illustration, just imagine how much money Syed Mokhtar will make from the MRT Project, which is valued at RM50 billion. If the margin that these Umno cronies expect to make is 30%, that would be a cool RM15 billion! Now, add that to the recent KIDEX project awarded to companies owned by Umno Lawyer, Hafarizam Harun, and former Chief Justice, Tun Zaki Tun Azmi. Consider also the sale of the 26 kilometre Kuala Lumpur-Putrajaya Highway, better known as the Maju Expressway (MEX), to EP Manufacturing Berhad for RM 1.7 billion -- where the original construction cost of RM976.6 million was by way of a government grant, i.e. taxpayers’ money. Include the NFC scandal and the 1Malaysia Development Berhad’s suspicious purchase of tycoon Ananda Krishan’s power business at RM8 billion. One can see the frantic pace at which the Umno big guns are raising funds for the election as well as plundering the nation in a big way one last time.

    You see: that is how Umno operates. It is Umno culture. They will milk the country until its tits runs dry. So, whichever prime minister you have, it will still be the same until you get rid of this Umno culture. But what is also untold is that all these will have to be paid by hiking the project costs many-folds and it is the country and the public that will pay for such highly inflated costs.

    This is what makes this NR Sistem matter a most interesting case study -- because for the first time the manner in which the Umno scions do business is exposed in a court trial. Projects are awarded, then shelved, then revived at a much higher cost, then given a new name or rebranded, and then passed back to the government to shoulder. It also reveals the huge profit margins that are made to line the pockets of the Umno scions and cronies.

    Yes, Malaysia Today focuses on the untold stories and the behind-the scenes political intrigue of those who walk in the corridors of power. So let the criminals from both sides of the political divide beware.

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    EPISODE 27: PKR’s secret ‘succession plan’


    Monday, 23 April 2012 Super Admin

    The move to cut short Nurul Izzah’s career and all those others (such as Zaid Ibrahim) who can prove a threat to the ‘succession plan’ was mooted during the PKR party elections. They managed to destroy Zaid Ibrahim but failed to also bring down Nurul Izzah. So they will need to bring down Nurul Izzah in the coming general election.

    THE CORRIDORS OF POWERRaja Petra Kamarudin

    There are those who want to know why Malaysia Today is not playing up the Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate issue. It is actually quite tiring when you have to keep replying to the same questions. I think I have already said it before: Malaysia Today wants to tell the untold story. Malaysia Today wants to reveal the behind-the-scenes goings-on about those who walk in the corridors of power.

    Furthermore, the Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate matter is already well covered by both the mainstream as well as alternative media. So does Malaysia Today really have to also report about a matter that is already suffering from a case of information overload? There is such a thing called overkill, you know. And when you overkill, the people either get lethargic with this information overload or they might become immune to it. Hence too much is also counter-productive. There is no shock-and-awe in carpet-bombing. This, the strategists can’t seem to grasp.

    Take the sodomy matter as one example. Back in 1998, there was shock-and-awe in the issue when it first exploded onto the scene. Today, almost 14 years on, people have become immune to the issue. Some have become meluat (nauseous). Hence this issue does not really earn any extra votes for Umno or Barisan Nasional. In fact, the reverse might happen.

    The same applies to the Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate issue. We are beginning to see an overkill situation. By the time the next general election is upon us, there will no longer be any shock-and-awe value in the issue. People will become immune and will just shrug their shoulders. In fact, we are already seeing that happening. The Russians explained this aptly in 1983 during the aftermath of the Korean Air Lines flight 007 tragedy. The people have a memory of only 100 days, said the Russians. After 100 days, the matter will be forgotten.

    In the early days of the Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate issue, I did write about it. But I wrote about it from a different angle. And that angle was not so much about the damage to Shahrizat Jalil but the benefit to Raja Nong Chik and how this is also going to hurt Nurul Izzah Anwar.

    You see, when someone loses, someone else will gain, and when someone gains, another person loses. That is the angle I wrote about. In this Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate issue, the loser is Shahrizat Jalil and the winner is Raja Nong Chik. And the gain to Raja Nong Chik will also mean a loss to Nurul Izzah.

    In March 2008, one of the factors for Nurul Izzah’s win was that the Umno supporters did not want Shahrizat Jalil as the Member of Parliament for Lembah Pantai. They wanted Raja Nong Chik. And when Shahrizat Jalil instead of Raja Nong Chik was selected to contest Lembah Pantai, many Umno supporters actually supported Nurul Izzah to punish Umno for fielding the ‘wrong’ candidate. I know because I personally met some of them.

    So, to these Umno people, the formula is simple. If it is Shahrizat Jalil versus Nurul Izzah, then vote Nurul Izzah. However, if it is Raja Nong Chik versus Nurul Izzah, then vote Raja Nong Chik.

    And that is why I was not too excited about the Shahrizat Jalil Cowgate issue. My worry was not that this would mean the death of Shahrizat Jalil. My worry was that it might spell the doom of Nurul Izzah.

    Raja Nong Chik is not banking just on a popularity contest to win the Parliament seat of Lembah Pantai. People change and feelings change. How they felt four years ago might not quite be how they still feel today. So Raja Nong Chik is ‘adjusting’ the electoral roll in his favour.

    We must remember that Nurul Izzah’s win was with not that too great a margin. It was only a 7% majority. Hence a 4% swing would have been enough for her to lose the election in 2008. And if 5% of the opposition supporters are to be removed (transferred) from the Lembah Pantain electoral roll and 10%-15% ‘new’ voters (meaning government supporters) were to be added to the list, Nurul Izzah could lose the coming election by a larger majority than the one she won in 2008.

    Further to that, Raja Nong Chik is throwing in a few ‘incentives’ to win the voters over. One of these incentives is housing for the homeless or squatters. EPF will be funding these houses to the tune of RM1.5 billion. And in June, around the date when the next general election is expected to be called, 7,000 houses will be given to those homeless or squatters -- mostly Malays, mainly those living in the Federal Territory, and in particular those from Lembah Pantai.

    In short, Raja Nong Chik has a war chest of RM1.5 billion. What does Nurul Izah have? And Raja Nong Chik is going to give out 7,000 houses. What is Nurul Izzah going to give out? That itself is already working with a handicap. Added to ‘we prefer Raja Nong Chik to Shahrizat Jalil’ and the padded voters list, how is Nurul Izzah going to fare in Lembah Pantai come the next general election?
    Now, it is not that PKR does not know about this. They do. The question is: what is PKR doing about it? And the answer is: nothing! Yes, that’s right, nothing! The PKR people are standing by and twiddling their thumbs and are just watching Nurul Izzah fight tooth and nail to try to survive.

    The reason is simple. PKR does not expect to form the federal government this general election. In fact, they are only confident of retaining Penang. Kelantan, Kedah and Selangor are touch-and-go. That is why Pakatan Rakyat may not dissolve the four State Assemblies at the same time when Parliament is dissolved. They know that there is a genuine danger they may lose those states.
    This means they will have to wait for another general election, the 14th General Election, to make a bid for the federal government. By then Anwar Ibrahim will be around 70 and thus too old. It will be time for the next generation to take over. And this ‘next generation’ will be people from Nurul Izzah’s generation.

    However, if Nurul Izzah loses this next election and becomes a one-term MP, then the door would close for her. She needs to first win this coming general election. Or else she can more or less retire.

    And this would work in favour of certain PKR leaders who want to eliminate Nurul Izzah from the race, just like they did Zaid Ibrahim earlier. In fact, they tried to eliminate Nurul Izzah as well at the same time when they eliminated Zaid Ibrahim. But somehow Nurul Izzah managed to just scrape through.

    Many people are asking whether I have done a U-turn. In fact, many do think I have done a U-turn and are quite puzzled as to why. Yes, I did do a U-turn, I confess, but not quite the U-turn that you think. And, if you can remember, my U-turn was around the time of the PKR party elections, which can be considered a fiasco and a farce.

    The move to cut short Nurul Izzah’s career and all those others (such as Zaid Ibrahim) who can prove a threat to the ‘succession plan’ was mooted during the PKR party elections. They managed to destroy Zaid Ibrahim but failed to also bring down Nurul Izzah. So they will need to bring down Nurul Izzah in the coming general election.

    Now, if this was just ‘certain people’, I can live with that and would regard it as ‘normal’ politics. After all, is this not what politics is all about? (Yes, I know, you thought it was about serving the rakyat). But these are not just the hands of ‘certain people’. This goes all the way to the top, in fact, to the very top.

    So, yes, I have done a U-turn. I have done a U-turn against the top leadership of PKR. And I have done a U-turn against the top leadership of PKR because of their ‘succession plan’. And this ‘succession plan’ includes the assassination of Nurul Izzah.

    So you can go fight for ABU if you wish. My fight is another fight. My fight is to expose those Umno-minded people and people in the opposition with Umno culture who are dirtier than even Umno people.

    Some of you do not eat pork. Some of you do not eat beef. And some of you do not eat goat’s meat. At the end of the day, you eat what you want to eat and don’t force others to also eat what you eat.

    And the same philosophy applies here. You swallow what you want to swallow and I will swallow what I want to swallow. Just as I will not force you to swallow what I swallow, you too better not force me to swallow what you swallow. And what I will not swallow is this song-and-dance routine that the opposition is trying to sell us while secretly hatching plans to assassinate Nurul Izzah because she is an obstacle to the ‘succession plan’ that does not include her.

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