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Thread: Politics: Najib apologises for BNs mistakes in move to cut oppositions strength

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    Politics: Najib apologises for BNs mistakes in move to cut oppositions strength

    We are going to give Najib an opportunity to atone for BN's mistakes. Correct all the mistakes in the Constitution and the Election Laws on the Electoral procedures and system.

    Najib apologises for BNs mistakes in move to cut oppositions strength March 03, 2012

    BALING, March 3 Datuk Seri Najib Razak apologised for Barisan Nasionals (BN) past mistakes today that cost its two-thirds parliamentary majority and four states in 2008, recognising the groundswell against the ruling coalition remains ahead of a general election that must be held by next year.

    The prime minister said the BN would rectify the mistakes and make up by serving the people as best as it can.

    The voters rejection of the BN, like in Kedah, was in a way due to the mistakes made by the coalition, Najib (picture) said during a day-long visit to the state.

    I believe that we should not be arrogant. In a parliamentary democracy, we have to subject ourselves to the power of the people. We must have made mistakes for the people to have rejected us.

    We apologise for our past mistakes. The victors apologise, as do the losers, he said at a meet-the-people session at the Kuala Ketil public field near here, according to a Bernama Online report.

    The BN chairman said the ruling coalition will learn from the mistakes and rise again.
    The Malaysian Insider understands that the latest Umno surveys show that there could be a repeat of the Election 2008 results but with Pakatan Rakyat (PR) getting at least 87 federal seats, five more than in 2008.

    Among the issues blighting BNs efforts to garner more support include a civil service pay revamp that has gone awry, the National Feedlot Centre (NFC) scandal involving a ministers family and the Lynas Corp rare earth refinery operations which has seen growing opposition to its plan to keep radioactive wastes in the country.

    BN won 140 seats in the 222-seat Dewan Rakyat with the remainder going to PR but a series of defections have seen the opposition now having 76 seats. It also lost Perak to BN in 2009 after three PR lawmakers quit to be independents supporting the federal government.

    PR now holds Kelantan, Kedah, Penang and Selangor but a brewing leadership crisis in Kedah could tilt the rice-bowl state back to BN in the next election.

    Najib has yet to indicate when he will dissolve parliament for federal elections but he indicated his confidence today to win back Kedah.

    From the ruins of the BN in Kedah, we will rise and build a strong and sturdy palace. Thats our resolve. We resolve that we have learnt from our mistakes. We give the people an undertaking, that we will serve them to our best.

    Let the past remain just that. We promise a transformation for the people of Malaysia, and Kedah. The journey has begun, he said.

    Najib said that only the BN can provide the people with a good future.

    Our plans are clear. We have a well-organised agenda, we have a roadmap, we have facts and figures. Sufficient statistics to drive change, to take the nation towards realisation of a progressive high-income country. This is unlike the Buku Jingga, he said, referring to PRs roadmap for implementation if they captured Putrajaya.

    He said the government wanted to send the signal and provide a clear picture that it is close to bringing about a transformation that will give great benefits to the people.


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    Asking the people to judge him on his performance is asking for trouble!

    Judging the Umno president Sakmongkol AK47

    April 13, 2012
    APRIL 12 I was reading with interest what Prime Minister Najib Razak just said. He is asking the people to judge him on his ideas and track record.

    He is asking for trouble. This is the thing that Dr Mahathir Mohamad and Daim Zainuddin fear most. Of course, the Umno people will dismiss the view of the two jaded grey eminences. They will treat the views of others with contempt; that is the stock in trade of Umno people.

    So I read, somewhat amused, of people urging me to give me back my datukship and all that. Let me remind readers that our Kings and Sultans are kings and Sultans of all Malaysians, not of Umno people only.

    They give honorific titles to anybody they please. In the past people with underworld links were also recipients of honorific titles. But because these people gave Umno people money, Umno members are prepared to go to bed with them.

    But we must also remind ourselves that its the Umno people who once were after the blood of our royal houses. In the constitutional crisis some time ago, the movement to downsize, humiliate and ridicule the Malay rulers was started them. In Batu Pahat, the then DPM, Musa Hitam called a group of seven Umno young leaders, the Magnificent Seven. One is the present PM and another is the current opposition leader.

    Let us get back to the issue at hand. Najib is asking the nation to judge him on his track record and his ideas. We will take him up on that.

    Is he contesting in an American presidential election where the presidential candidate from party X fights against the incumbent? Then its all about himself. Najib isnt a strategic thinker at all. He has done it all since 1976 but is now showing, when push comes to shove, he is actually a novice.

    He is, like I have said many times, just like Umno; he makes it up as he goes along. Whats wrong with having a massaged 69 per cent approval rating for himself and not caring how Umno rates? Then it becomes easier (not easy) to defeat Umno. If we destroy Najibs credibility as a leader, then Umno can easily be defeated. And Najibs credibility? Alamak!. And the person to blame is Najib because he cares more about himself than with Umno.
    Hence, judge me on my ideas and track record.

    He fails to understand the nature of Umnos existence, as Daim told me. Umno does not depend on one individual. When Onn Jaafar left Umno, the party continued under Tunku Abdul Rahman. When Tunku was removed by a palace coup, Umno continued by the person behind the removal, Tun Razak.

    When Tun Razak died, Umno continued under the straight arrow Hussein Onn. When Hussein left, the party was led by the man who can walk on water. Even he is not indispensable. He was succeeded by Rip Van Winkle who was then removed by another palace coup initiated by the son of the man who started the first palace coup. The present PM aided and abetted by the man from Pagoh.

    So, if he reads Umno history, which i doubt he does, it was not and will never be about the Umno president. If we judge him on his record and his ideas, Najib will still go on to win. We want him to, so that he enters the 13th Parliament replacing Anwar Ibrahim as the opposition leader. Then we will know what mettle is Najib made of.

    The Umno president is not indispensable. So why is he asking the people to judge him on his ideas and track record? What about Umnos?

    Was that the reason he was apologising for Umno in Kedah some weeks ago? Because he knows Umno is rotten to the core? That epithet, by the way, was given by Dr Mahathir, the man who will be credited largely for sowing the seeds of destruction within Umno.

    All the smart people have left Umno as Dr Mahathir said. They have joined PAS, PKR and DAP. So only the riff-raff remain in Umno and that is also a reason for Najib asking the people to judge him alone.

    Why must we judge him? He is formed in the same Umno mould. If he hasnt found the way to lead the nation since 1976 when he was given the Pekan MP seat, why should we, the people, believe that he has found some new political aphrodisiac to Viagra the nation?

    All his ideas are rejected by his Umno people, hence that is the reason why he is a general who has neither soldiers nor second-in-commands.

    Two years ago, at the Umno general assembly, he was humiliated. But you know Najib, he will maintain his cool exterior. He wont say anything but his other features show he is under tremendous pressure. Even his eye brows have turned white.

    When he was selling the idea of 1 Malaysia, the Umno delegates insisted on a Malay first approach. He has since backtracked and has postured that he is more Malay than other Malays. He is the 1Malay. But that is for the consumption of his Malay audience.

    His 1 Malaysia slogan is effectively used to shuffle his non-Malay audience into showing that he is an inclusive man. The non-Malays are better off to be circumspect about Najibs real political motives. Why should the Malays be asked to place a higher value when Umno befriends MCA (a Chinese party) but are berated when they are learning to accept DAP (a Chinese-dominated but not wholly Chinese party)? Which party is more racist? MCA or DAP?

    When Najib spoke about his New Economic Model, the Umno delegates insisted on a NEP-like economic policy. In the end, all Najib had in his armoury was to say that he is Tun Razaks son. That, no one can dispute. But when somebody has nothing to offer in his defence other than to say who he is, he actually has nothing to offer his people.

    So, if he has nothing to offer, what can we judge him on? We are judging Umno not the Umno president. He is not an island. No man is.

    * Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-200.

    * This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified

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