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Thread: PACABA 123 Basic

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    PACABA 123 Basic

    PACABA 123 Basic

    Click on the link above to download the file.

    This is to complement PACABA 0. Participants learn how to fill all the necessary forms and carry out the basic functions of a PACABA. They may not know much about the laws and regulations relating to a particular activity.

    Execution of the PACABA duties is guided by the flow charts for:

    Barung Agent, and
    Polling Agent. 0 Flowchart for Normal - This is updated on 8th Jul 2012. Worksheets 4, 5 and 6 are updated to incorporate the SPR Training Videos for KTM.
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    PACABA Schedule

    Short link to this article -

    This is to help PACABA Coordinators to schedule their PACABAs in a polling centre.

    See page 3 and 4 of handout in the attachment.

    The political parties will have their own design and you have to use theirs as it has the party logo. Conduct of Election Regulations and Election Offences Act require names and address to be submitted to the Returning Officer beforehand. [COE] R15 (5), [EOA] S14(1)(c).

    In the 43-page handout, use the new Handout.contents.sheets to replace the old one. Forms 13 and 14 are superceded. The new versions of Forms 13 and 14 are attached.

    Tally sheet: Trainers may want to try the Tally sheet for counting agent to see how it works out for you.

    Print the worksheet "2. CA Tally Sheet" on A3 sheet.

    During counting, it will be helpful to have a cardboard backing to mount the CA Tally Sheet.

    Update: revision 5 have 2 examples on how to fill the Tally Sheet and to do a recount.

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