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Thread: PSC: Electoral reform process to conclude at PSC/EC meet tomorrow

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    Progress report on electoral reform ready in fortnight

    • S Pathmawathy

    • 11:45AM Jun 15, 2012

    The Election Commission (EC) will be unable to enforce some of the parliamentary select committee's (PSC) short term recommendations on electoral reform, however, it will submit a progress report before its two-week deadline.

    "In the meantime we are implementing seven out of 10 recommendations in the interim report and concurrently working on the 22 recommendations in the final report one by one," said EC chairperson Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof.

    "We are doing all we can. The EC cannot afford to make mistakes," Abdul Aziz (left) told Malaysiakini, on the legal and bureaucratic challenges it faces in implementing the recommendations.

    So, far the EC, among other suggestions in the interim report released in November last year, has gazetted the use of indelible ink, granted visually impaired voters the choice to select the person they want to mark their ballot papers and abolished the objections on technicalities on nomination day.

    As for the 22 recommendations in the report tabled in April, the EC has set up a "permanent committee" to embark on a study of the proposals before execution.

    "We are attending to the details and working under constrains to sort out everything," he stressed, adding that while working on the PSC proposals the electoral body is also gearing up for the looming general election which must be called by the mid-next year.

    Among the major demands the EC is working on is granting Malaysians abroad voting privileges, he said.

    However, the much sought reform has received "poor' response from those living overseas, as only a few hundreds out of more than a million have bothered to register at the Malaysian missions.

    Plea for more time

    The PSC had given the EC a three- month deadline from April to finalise and implement the recommendations, however, to ensure that process is glitch-free Abdul Aziz said more time is required before everything can be finalised.

    Besides that the EC is also working on introducing a code of conduct to aid the caretaker government tasked with administering the country once parliament is dissolved.

    "At the moment the present government will continue but they must be given a set of dos and don'ts. However, it is still being discussed with legal advisers," he said.

    Some of the long-term recommendations which are also being scrutinised is political funding.

    Yesterday, Rasah DAP parliamentarian Anthony Loke hit out at the EC for keeping mum on the PSC report, demanding that the commission reveal its progress.

    Abdul Aziz said that his officers are now conducting nationwide training for returning officers to ensure that they are well-versed with the changes made to the election regulations over the past six months.

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    A lot of meaningless words which does nothing for electoral reform.

    Some polls reforms ready for GE

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    Patrick Lee

    | September 27, 2012
    Nazri said that the proposals would be ready when the election comes calling.
    KUALA LUMPUR: The government has revealed a list of the electoral reforms that will be in place by the time the next general election (GE) comes about.

    Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department confirmed this in a written reply to MIC-Hulu Selangor MP P Kamalanathan at Parliament today.

    The recommendations – gleaned from the Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC) on Electoral Reforms – that will be in place are:

    • allowing indelible ink to be used in general and by-elections;

    • allowing friends of disabled voters to accompany them while voting;

    • changes to the early voting process;

    • giving journalists the chance to vote via post;

    • cleaning up the electoral rolls;

    • getting government agencies such as the National Registration Department, the police, the military, the Foreign Ministry involved in the registration and cleaning up of the electoral rolls;

    • a 14-day display of the Supplementary Electoral Roll Draft, increase of opposers (to nominations) from 10 to 20 people;

    • rearranging the voting area for transparency purposes, and voting secrecy;

    • abolishing of objections to nominations on nomination day itself and the time period required for nomination pull-outs;

    • allowing a minimum of 11 days campaigning from nomination to voting day;

    • giving priority to choosing electoral workers from their respective constituencies, and allowing these workers to vote by posts.

    Nazri said that of the 32 recommendations by the PSC, six could not be put into place by the Election Commission or relevant agencies as they involved matters of legal policy and large costs.
    Nevertheless, he assured that this did not mean that they could not be implemented in the future.

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