Spiritual Transition in 2012
What to Expect

Princess Kaoru Nakamaru
A spiritually advanced being shares her insights into what to expect in 2012 and how to work with it, what to do. It's about love.
Love yourself and others.
We need unity.

On Dec 21, 2012 the earth will pass through the 5th Dimension.
there will be 3 days of complete darkness, no sun, no electricity, no lights.
No mass media, no announcements to the public.
Purify our spiritual condition.
Don't drink canned food - aluminium is damaging.
Promote love
The Creator is light, love and energy.
We have part of the Creator in our soul within our heart.
We have to prepare to reincarnate into another life.
Every 5 years or so, review our behaviour.

Medidate. Our heart will expand to release the darkness and absorb the Golden Light.

Splitting of humanity started in 1913.

Try and love again.