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Thread: The Corrupted Malaysian Police

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    The Corrupted Malaysian Police

    Hi all,

    We talk about the Malaysian police being corrupted. Being the rakyat and of course citizens of this country, shouldn't we be concerned?

    I want to documents events where people have made police reports and the reports were not being attended to or investigations not being carried out, etc. I am sure you know what I mean. It's time to stand up for our rights and to ensure that each police report is actually being investigated and a report provided back to the complainant.

    I want to know about your experience at the police station. How you were given the run around, etc?

    I too am a victim of a corrupted and lazy police system and this has to stop.

    Let the posting begin.


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    Re: The Corrupted Malaysian Police

    after all the hoohah about the arresting of blogger and our 'smart' information minister, it got me worried to write down in broad day light about corruption

    Maybe someone can guide us on how to make a ACA complaint and remain anonymous. What document or evidence does ACA needs before they start taking action?

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