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Thread: Fish & Chips at Sydney Harbour

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    Fish & Chips at Sydney Harbour

    I read somewhere that the fish & chips was best at a cafe by the side of the Sydney Opera House and the accolade was really unbelievable. Since I am now down in Sydney, so I went looking for this place. They were supposed to be known for the Snapper Fish & Chips, which is basically using Red Snapper or what we locals in Malaysia call Ikan Merah, I suppose. The shop is known as Opera Quayside. Here's the much-touted Snapper Fish & Chips....

    I had it for lunch today, a few hours ago, and my verdict is... "OVER-RATED" lah... my Australian buddies can really temberang besar. I must say its nice but still lose to the fish and chips we can get at The Lone Pine Hotel in Penang's Batu Ferringhi area, or the one at Coliseum in Jln Tuanku Abdul Rahman. Even lose to the fish and chips from Kluang Rest House's old Hainanese chef....

    But the ambience was good lah, warm summer sun, blue sky and as usual very windy at the Sydney Harbour... btw the fish & chips c/w coffee or tea cost me AUD$25 (about RM60...) can have 2 at The Lone Pine man....

    Yes, weather was nice, that was the only saving grace....

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    Re: Fish & Chips at Sydney Harbour

    Han2, you cannot compare prices after conversion. Look at the dollar-to-dollar number. If it is expensive without conversion, you can take it that the food is expensive.

    My son went ga-ga over the meat pies in Fremantle, at the Swan river mouth downstream from Perth. Tasted quite ordinary to me but then again, one man's meat is another man's poison.

    Let me try and recollect what is special about Sydney.... the shows in the Sydney Opera House is not bad. It's summer now, so the weather should be great and you can get so see the local denizens on the beaches.

    Can't compare with Rio, though. My son hung out there for two weeks and refused to move on to the next city on our itinerary.

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