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Thread: Global Conspiracy: DAVID WILCOCK with DRAKE Interview 29March2012

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    Global Conspiracy: DAVID WILCOCK with DRAKE Interview 29March2012

    29 MARCH 2012. Complete interview posted on on 29MAR2012 with David Wilcock and Drake. Interview is from Wednesday evening. Posted on on Thursday.

    3 hour interview about the coming taking down of the Global Conspiracy.

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    Global Conspiracy: The rebellion spreads in the EU

    Rebellion Spreads ... EU Elites Have Miscalculated?

    Thursday, April 05, 2012 – by Staff Report

    For those who missed the story, a 77-year old retired pharmacist – Dimitris Christoulas – has shot himself to death in front of the Greek Parliament in Syntagma Square, protesting the degradation of his country. It is a call to arms, a poignant moment in Europe's unfolding drama, reminiscent of the Buddhist self-immolations of south-east Asia that so captured world attention. His suicide note refers to the Quisling regime of George Tsolakoglou under Axis occupation in World War Two. We have entered perilous waters in Europe. Greece is not an isolated case. Variants of the Greek tragedy are unfolding in a string of countries as they embark on similar policies of self-feeding contraction, as will become clear over the next two years. Spain's youth unemployment is already 50.5pc. – UK Telegraph/Ambrose Evans-Pritchard

    Dominant Social Theme: This death is shocking. We are so sorry! (Nothing will change, though) ...

    Free-Market Analysis: We have often written that the power elite's reaction to the Internet Reformation is one that will not be entirely successful. The suicide of Dimitris Christoulas may perhaps support this contention.

    We see and hear, as do you ... And we have watched what we call the Internet Reformation unfold over time and the elite's reaction to it. At first there was indifference. Now there is something approaching panic, in our view.

    The dynastic families that want to run the world – and already apparently run the world's central banks – have traveled the route that they took after the advent of the Gutenberg Press, which also enlightened the masses about the Way the World Worked.

    They have tried to co-opt the expanding illumination without much success thus far. They've used a series of false-flag intermediaries, in our view, including perhaps Julian Assange, Anonymous and, in aggregate, Occupy Wall Street.

    This is analogous to the apparent use of Martin Luther and John Calvin to split the Catholic Church long ago. There's even some anecdotal evidence of support for Oliver Cromwell and his activities in deposing British royalty for a generation.

    But ultimately, the elites of the day were REACTING to the Gutenberg Press much as they are, from our point of view, nowadays. The escalating responses to the Internet are quite in line with this.

    The elites generally use war, economic depression and authoritarianism to keep order during stressful times, though ordinarily they prefer to use dominant social themes.

    These fear-based promotions are intended to frighten people into accepting globalist solutions and generally to establish internationalism. But they are not working so well in this era of the Internet.

    And so ... as we have noticed, the elites have grown increasingly brutal. Certainly, having built up the EU they are busy creating increased centralization.

    We figure this is the REAL reason for austerity. The Greeks are being pounded on as an example to others. But beyond this the misery spreading throughout the PIGS is real. The idea generally is to make people in the West so miserable that they will not be able to object to the "new world order" the elites have in mind.

    Where does the death of Dimitris Christoulas fit into all of this? Well ... it's being covered intensively by the mainstream press, which means there's some sort of elite promotional angle to it.

    We figure the promotion is simply more of the same. It's part of the kind of dialectic that the elite likes to establish to control the conversation and manipulate society toward desired ends.

    On the one side you have vicious austerity and on the other you've got people offing themselves. Now, perhaps the idea is to reach a middle ground where the Greeks will exist as a cowed and miserable people, just not miserable enough either to rebel or commit suicide en masse.

    But here's the thing: There's no evidence that the suicide of this poor man was staged that we can see, or that the stinging suicide note he left is a forgery. And even if both the suicide and letter were somehow the product of elite manipulation, we'd still argue the result is the same.

    The elites are playing catch-up. They've been exposed via the Internet just as the Gutenberg Press exposed their machinations and manipulations so long ago.

    The elites of the day used that exposure to try to make changes in society that worked to their benefit. But there's no doubt, from what we can tell, that those reactions were accommodative.

    The elites didn't desire a Renaissance. Nor did they desire a New World or a small "R" republican "united States."

    The elites, in our view, neither anticipated nor welcomed the phenomenon that has become the Internet. They have dealt with it as best they can and have apparently speeded up their plans to achieve globalism as a result.

    Within this context, the death of Dimitris Christoulas enlightens us. There is probably no doubt that his death will be manipulated – and is already being manipulated – for purposes of reinforcing an "austerity" dialectic.

    But manipulations only go so far. At some point the anger is real and the truth is not to be gainsaid. This may be one of those moments. Evans-Pritchard, despite his soft-peddling of the Greek situation in this article, writes eloquently about the death itself:

    The event has happened, and such events have consequences ... The structure of monetary union is the root cause of this deepening crisis, since it shuts off the usual solutions: the policy mix of fiscal and monetary contraction under way simultaneously in countries containing 140m people is making it even worse ... Much hope is being placed on belt-tightening, and on root-and-branch reforms that will take five to 10 years to bear fruit. Mr Christoulas has alerted Europe that civil society will not wait.

    The elites can practice damage control – as they are doing – while simultaneously plunging the world into war and depression. But ultimately the Internet remains, along with its illumination.

    It is a process, not an episode. It will not likely be stilled, redirected or ameliorated. It will run its course. The powers-that-be have by now realized this, though that has only spurred them to redouble their efforts.

    But at some point reality will set in. They will probably have to take a step back. They may have no choice. There are billions who are not elites and only a few who are. And some of those who are not are likely willing to die to change things. This is likely a fearful prospect for the elites.

    Conclusion: They do not sleep well at night, either.

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    Global Conspiracy: Dear Bankers: Why are you destroying us? - JS Kim

    Dear Bankers: Why We Must Choose Beauty & Life Over Greed, Misery & Destruction

    Here’s a short video to express my utter sadness regarding the story of a 77 year-old Greek man named Dimitris Christoulas that found himself in such dire economic straits that the only option he considered viable for himself and his family was the choice to end his life. In countries where bankers have implemented severe austerity measures like Greece, suicide rates have been on the rise. Furthermore, the case of Mr. Christoulas is not an isolated one, as intense economic woes of global citizens triggered by Central Bankers’ “debt monetization to infinity” policies and global banking giants’ raping and pillaging of clients’ accounts have caused suicide rates to increase worldwide. It’s time we call upon all worker bees of global banks to abandon their massively corrupt and immoral Queen bees, and to take a stand for justice and peace in this world. Without the worker bees, our immoral fractional reserve banking system would collapse. Below is my plea for the worker bees of the global banking empire to consider how and why they should actively choose to build beauty and support life versus choosing to silently support the creation of misery, destruction and death. Because the global banking and monetary system has been built on more than a century of deceit, lies and theft, the awful truth about our “modern” monetary system still remains largely unknown to most people.

    To further your understanding of banker lies and propaganda about the global monetary system, below find links to two more educational videos:

    The World’s Greatest Money Trick, Gold Myths Exposed, Part I

    The World’s Greatest Money Trick, Gold Myths Exposed, Part II

    About the author: JS Kim is the Founder and Chief Investment Strategist of SmartKnowledgeU, a fiercely independent Precious Metals focused investment research and consulting firm devoted to preserving and growing clients’ wealth in the midst of the Central Banks’ orgy of fiat currency destruction.

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