A. PSC proposals are an eye-wash and designed to play for time!

(a) The cleaning of electoral roll.
(b) The failure to address the issue of blatant malapportionment
(c) Based on GE12 in 2008, of the 139 smallest seats, BN was able to win 112 seats
(d) The PSC has failed to address the number of postal voters for the entire police and the military force

Sack the current Election Commission
Royal Commission of Inquiry on the National Registration Department

D. Unequivocal commitment from the Election Commission
a. cleaning of the electoral roll
b. indelible ink for postal voters
c. no reason for an increase in EC clerical staff from 140,000 to 240,000. Reduce it.
d. Postal voters should be restricted to only a small number of police, military personnel who have to be on duty during polling day
(e) Uniformity of number of voters per constituency
(f) Automatic voter registration upon reaching the age of 21
(g) Minority report of the PSC to be tabled

E. Response of the PSC to Presenters of the Public Hearings
We urge the PSC to re-examine our submissions. Many solutions are offered there.