Volunteers wanted to take part in video production.

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Proposed draft script:

Theme: same colours as UndiMsia! Logo
Mood: Fast-paced movements with community movers talking and
UndiMsia! Logo comes in the video with a few still shots of the activities of what UndiMsia! has done.
Scene 1
Flash the word: What?

Cast #1
We are a bunch of young Malaysians who are interested and would like to get involved with what happens in our country.
Location: inside – in front of coretan dinding rakyat
Scene 2
Flash the words: So What?

Cast #2
So that we can use our ideas to think, talk and take action to make sure the people with chose as leaders in Malaysia do their job well.
Location: voiceover with pictures of IdolaDemokrasi around the world (include pictures from Malacca to Melbourne, UK to KK)
Scene 3
Flash the words: What now?

Cast #3,4,5,6
Simple version:
UndiMsia! empowers community movers (you!) to do what they do through these 3 things:
1. UndiMsia! provides you with the resources and guidance for you to be our country’s problem solver.
2. UndiMsia! helps you to make a difference in your community by gathering people like you together in one place to do awesome things.
3. UndiMsia! give you a voice to ask, speak and question the good, bad and ugly that happens in Malaysia.
Location: by the streets outside amidst the busy traffic.
Scene 4
Flash the word: What are you waiting for?

Cast#7 or a group of people shouting:

Email us move@UndiMsia.com with your name, handphone number and email address OR meet our team every Saturday #UndiMsia!Chats @PusatRakyatLB from 11am to 12pm
Location: voiceover with map of Pusat Raykat

Follow on Twitter, Facebook and UndiMsia.com
Scene 5
Cast #9
The youth are the future of Malaysia, and you now have the chance to shape your own future.
Location: voiceover with UM! logo back out.

As it ends, YouTube video ends with an internal boxed video leading 4 other 30-second videos:
1. Laporan Raykat
2. Inforgraphics
3. Freedom of Expression video (done)
4. GameShop


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