Question: How to tell if someone is an SPR clerk to prevent him/her from voting?
They have normal MyKad, unlike Police and Army. For that matter, do spouses of policemen and Army personnel who are allowed to have postal votes, have MyKad still.
Probably PACA can only object IF they see a SPR clerk coming back to continue with duties AFTER they have voted and have finger marked with indelible ink. BUT this would only be noted AFTER they have cast their vote.

On nomination day or a few days thereafter, the Election Agent is issued a list of postal voters by the Returning Officer. He then crosses out the names of all such postal voters and mark a PP on the right hand margin of the electoral roll.... This is the copy used by the PACA.

Problem starts when the RO issues an authorisation letter under Regulation 15 of the Conduct of Elections Regulations, for the SPR staff to vote in another polling centre and the name of the SPR staff is not shown on the electoral roll. But the Regulations allow the RO to issue such an authorisation letter and the SPR staff can legally demand a ballot paper. In this case, the PACA can only insist that Form 11 is filled in and get a copy so that he can submit to his Ketua PACABA for checking later.

You need to attend our PACABATRAINING to learn more. I will be issuing a Press Release on this soon.

This authorisation letter issued under Regulation 15 of the Conduct of Elections Regulation and can give rise to a lot of abuse. They tried it in 2004 Selangor GE after 5pm but I kicked the clerks out when they tried to enter the room. In theory, the RO can issue 10 letters to the same clerk to vote 10 times in different Polling Centres and across constituencies involving different parties. If the parties don't have a central co-ordination body to check, the clerk can get away with it. So it is important that Regulation 15 be removed!

Tindak Malaysia made representation to the PSC to have this Regulation deleted but they did not approve. Out of more than 80 submissions, they approved less than 5! BERSIH 3.0 is fully justified!