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Thread: Sabah: Timber kickback trail appears to lead to CM

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    Sabah: Timber kickback trail appears to lead to CM


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    ‘Mafia’ trio Gani, Musa, Anifah cornered MACC files

    Pushparani Thilaganathan
    | April 9, 2012
    Even as new revelations surface about MACC thwarting investigations in Sabah, infighting within Sabah Umno is threatening Najib's influence.
    KUALA LUMPUR: Sabah’s most influential men – Attorney-General Abdul Gani Patail, Chief Minister Musa Aman and his brother Foreign Minister Anifah – allegedly blocked the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigations into tens of millions of ringgit worth of secret timber concessions and money laundering.

    Leaked MACC documents revealed that Gani had allegedly shelved files on the investigation and refused to prosecute.

    MACC’s investigation into Musa nominee Michael Chia’s arrest in Hong Kong in 2008 had allegedly thrown up details of the secret timber concessions within the family and Gani’s close ties to the Aman family.
    Gani himself is from Lahad Datu, one of many entry points for illegal immigrants in Sabah. Gani’s wife is connected to Musa’s close associate, Johan Abdul Samad, who is also the deputy director of Yayasan Sabah.

    Anifah’s wife is Johan’s sister. Musa himself is chairman of Yayasan Sabah, which holds monopoly over Sabah’s forest.

    MACC investigations into the Chia case led to the revelations of tens of millions of ringgit worth of timber concessions which Musa had awarded his brother Anifah and nephew Hairul from the time he assumed power in 2003.

    Chia was detained by the Hong Kong authorities at the Hong Kong International Airport for alleged money trafficking. He was caught trying to smuggle out of Hong Kong some S$16 million (RM40 million).
    Apparently when he was caught, Chia told the Hong Kong authorities that the money was for Musa.

    Gani’s “protective” instinct and the fact that Musa himself had a “close” relationship with former premier Abdullah Ahmad Badawi and his son-in-law Khairy Jamaluddin has kept Musa above the law.

    At the time of the incident, rumours were that Musa had promised Abdullah the money in time for the Permatang Pauh by-election which saw Anwar Ibrahim return as MP.

    However, such comfort has long since vanished. Musa and Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak are not pals. The only link between them is Najib’s wife Rosmah Mansor, who is said to be “close” to the Aman family.

    Najib losing control in Sabah

    Najib, however, prefers to put his own man Shafie Apdal – Umno vice-president – at the top seat if he can squeeze Musa out and this is no longer a closed-door secret.

    Infighting within Sabah Umno is now rumoured to be at a “dangerous” level that even Najib is said to be losing control.

    According to Sabah blogger Selvarajah Somiah, the 2009 allegation listed out by PKR Youth in its report lodged with Hong Kong’s Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) “threatened not only Musa but Najib’s credibility as well”.

    “The central core of the exposéis Musa’s corruption of the state and the many questionable business deals linked to his relatives and cronies.

    “The infighting in Sabah Umno is now in the open and numerous factions within are plotting to overthrow him. It’s all to do with money, ” he said.

    In its 2009 complaint to ICAC, opposition Youth chief Shamsul Akmar had revealed that four Musa nominees had been linked to “corrupt and shady practices” involving funds belonging to the Sabah state government and several government-linked companies including Innoprise Corporation Sdn Bhd, Rakyat Berjaya Sdn Bhd and the Yayasan Sabah group.

    “The public funds were illegally obtained and were siphoned out from Malaysia. They were deposited into various accounts in Hong Kong at UBS AG, Bank of East Asia Ltd, HSBC, Credit Suisse and Citibank,” Shamsul had reportedly said.

    Revealing the depth of the “secret” deals, online portal, Sarawak Report, posted that Gani had refused to allow charges to be brought against Musa and Najib was “scandalously turning a blind eye to the affair”.
    “Gani had forced the MACC to shelve its entire investigation in Sabah, which was one of the largest and most extensive ever undertaken by that body and involved sums amounting to billions of ringgit, siphoned out of the state by corruption at the highest level,” said the portal.

    Also read:

    Aman-gate: ‘Charge in court, or we bring to public court’

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    “No business association whatsoever with an individual named Michael Chia” ? – We Release Further Documents!

    Posted Friday, April 13th, 2012

    No business association with Chia? Then Musa Aman has a lot to explain, including the standing orders on Chia's various accounts to Musa's sons.

    Musa Aman, Sabah’s Chief Minister, has come out to publicly deny that he had any business relationship with the timber trade ‘fixer’ Michael Chia, thereby implying that the hundreds of documents that have been released into our possession, along with the testimony of industry insiders, are false.
    I wish to put it on record once again that I have no business association whatsoever with an individual named Michael Chia”[Musa Aman statement 12/11/12]
    However, numerous bank statements in our possession (see example right) show the exact opposite. They indicate that Michael Chia (Chia Tien Foh) was at the centre of a web of transactions linking Sabah timber concessions to payments made to family members and key associates of Musa Aman.
    One of these associates, the Sabah solicitor Richard Christopher Barnes, was arrested and held in custody, along with Michael Chia, at the time of the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) investigation into Sabah timber corruption back in 2010. Huge volumes of documents were confiscated from Barnes’ offices by investigators, who prepared a major prosecution case.
    'Nothing to do with me' - Musa's lawyer, Richard Christopher Barnes and Michael Chia together a a party attended by Musa Aman

    Barnes and Chia are understood to have given full statements, admitting their involvement in kickbacks for concessions in the state and the MACC have told sources they drew up a dossier containing 40 charges against Musa, which was then blocked by his relative and close ally the Attorney General, Abdul Gani Patail.
    Because of this failure to prosecute and the suppression of this evidence, we are continuing to review and release the documents now in our possession.
    These documents strongly corroborate the allegations under investigation, that Michael Chia was acting as a collecting agent for timber kickbacks to the Chief Minister.
    Michael Chia was in the timber business and regarded as the ‘collecting agent’ for Musa
    Far from being forged, our documentation is extensive and wide-ranging and it is backed up by testimony received from Sabah timber industry insiders. The evidence also corroborates publicly known facts published in court cases involving Michael Chia, who was arrested in Hong Kong in 2008, while attempting to smuggle SG16million back to Malaysia.
    One case in the Sabah High Court has already clearly demonstrated that Chia was acting as a “middle-man” between Yayasan Sabah and timber tycoons seeking concessions. Documents produced in evidence during Chia’s prosecution for allegedly cheating a timber concession holder, Agus Hassan, include a letter by Hassan explaining he had been told to pay a kickback to UMNO Sabah via Chia.
    The letter says that Yayasan representative Mohd Tampokong was refusing to issue permission for the logging to begin until Chia was satisfied. Agus Hassan was later angered to discover that Chia took at least some of the profit himself.
    Evidence in court - a letter from timber concession holder Agus Hassan to Yayasan Sabah complaining that Chia, acting in a "middle-man' role, was holding up the commencement of logging until kickbacks were paid through him. Why was Yayasan's Mohd Daud Tampokong allowing Chia to act as a "middle-man" between Yayasan officials and timber merchants? As, Chairman Musa Aman should explain.

    But, why would Hassan, a man granted a concession by Musa Aman, think there was a kickback involved in gaining the concession and that Chia was the agent for Musa/Sabah UMNO? Why was Yayasan’s Mohd Tampkong following Chia’s instructio? And why did Hassan not just report the extortion to the Head of the Board of Yayasan Trustees, Aman himself?
    These are questions that Musa Aman has yet to satisfactorily answer. However, our new evidence goes a long way towards doing just that.
    From the MACC's document listing Yayasan's secret timber concessions - Agus Hassan's timber concession became the subject of a criminal prosecution against Chia

    1. There is plenty of evidence to show that Michael Chia was not only a “middle-man” between Yayasan and timber concession-seekers, but also acquired numerous Yayasan timber concessions of his own. He has publicly acknowledged it in another on-going case in the High Court of Singapore:

    “I am in the business of exporting timber logs from Malaysia internationally through my group of companies, including Rimba Kita and Rasanmewa”[Chia Tien Foh, Affidavit, High Court of Singapore 19/12/2011]
    The MACC has listed numerous further concessions associated with Michael Chia as a result of its investigations (below), so why has the Chief Minister denied any dealings with Chia whatsoever? As Chairman of the Board of Trustees at Yayasan Sabah, he exerts ultimate approval over all timber licences, including those given to Chia.
    Chia-related logging companies, as listed in the leaked MACC document. Sarawak Report has further details of the logging concessions handed out to these companies, which are not included in the MACC report

    These timber concession could only have been authorised by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Sabah, Musa Aman. They were awarded to a feckless young man, who had no experience in the timber trade and no family money before he set about presenting himself as the back channel to Musa Aman after 2003.
    Same party, socialising with Musa - Chia became known for his extravagant life-style, exhibited by his string of expensive high-performance cars

    So, far from denying that he has had no association whatsoever with Mr Chia, could Musa Aman explain in detail how and why this boy was in receipt of so many state timber concessions, granted by the Board of Yayasan Trustees of which he was the Chairman?
    Chia, who was notorious for his ‘flash’ tastes, was soon exhibiting ridiculous wealth. His string of high-performance cars included a Hummer H2, no less than three Lamborghinis, a Ferrari 430, a number of BMWs, Mercedes Benz and Toyotas.
    Genuine businessmen can testify that it takes time to build such wealth from scratch. Investment and repayment of borrowed moneys have to come first. And yet Chia enjoyed virtually instant disposable income in vast quantities almost from the moment that Musa Aman started to endow him with extensive timber concessions.
    The Chief Minister has yet to explain why he chose to endow the young and inexperienced Michael Chia with these concessions. He needs to do so, if his denials are to become convincing.
    Millions In Michael Chia’s bank accounts were paid in by timber tycoons
    All the evidence in fact points to one credible explanation, which was that money was pouring into Chia’s bank accounts from kickbacks. This evidence matches the testimony of numerous sources in the Sabah timber business.
    To begin with we can demonstrate from bank statements in our possession that luxury goods for Chia were being paid for out of accounts that were also receiving payments from timber tycoons. We can also prove that these tycoons were linked to Chia’s own concessions in Sabah and to other concessions which were separately granted after 2003.
    One of the accounts controlled by Chia. He closed it after his arrest in 2008 by the Hong Kong authorities - the US$220k was spent on a Lamborghini, according to sources, and US$500K was sent to Chia's BVI account with CTF International Ltd, from which he then sent payments to Musa, according to the investigators and inside sources

    As we will go on to demonstrate, this very same Hong Kong UBS account controlled by Chia also received several major payments in 2006/2007 from a number of timber companies and made some interesting other out-payments.
    The payers-in included the company Borion Enterprise Ltd, connected to a known Sarawak timber tycoon, and the out-payments included an enormous US$4million transfer to a ‘Richard Christopher’.
    Chia can also be seen to have made a number of personal in-payments and withdrawals worth thousands of US dollars.
    In-payments by Borion Enterprise and out-payments to Chia and to 'Richard Christopher'

    Our sources have confirmed that Richard Christopher refers to Richard Christopher Barnes, the solicitor arrested during the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) investigation into timber corruption in Sabah and identified as the lawyer handling financial matters for Musa Aman (see picture above with friend Chia).
    Questions for Musa
    So much that fails to add up after Musa Aman's denial that he has had any relations with Michal Chia

    These statements represent just a fraction of the evidence we have in our possession, consisting of numerous similar transactions through Chia controlled bank accounts, involving a number of timber companies with concessions in Sabah.
    The Chief Minister has yet to provide any answer to the information we published in an earlier report, which is that one of these, a closely related account Hong Kong UBS account, was making regular payments to Musa Aman’s sons in Australia.
    Standing instruction to pay Musa’s son
    We can now provide further documents showing yet more payments from Chia accounts to Musa’s family.
    Back in 2005 an account in Chia’s own name, managed by HSBC Hong Kong, registered a regular monthly standing order payment for Musa’s son, Mohammed Hayssam Musa, who was studying in Perth.
    At the same time we can see that this same account was also receiving huge payments, amounting to millions of US dollars from the company Borion Enterprise Ltd.
    No business relationship? This Chia account held a standing instruction to pay Musa's own son in Australia. It was also receiving hundreds of thousand of USD from Borion Enterprise. Balance US$1.7 million !

    Both the Musa boys were, as we have already shown, accessing the same account to cover their expenses during education in Australia. If this was not a business relationship then Musa Aman needs to be clear about what kind of relationship he did have with Michael Chia.
    "I did not have sex with that woman" - Musa Aman's denials are starting to ring as hollow as President Clinton's!

    More detail on Borion Enterprise Ltd – the Taib connection!
    So what is the significance of the Hong Kong company, Borion Enterprise Ltd, which has been making such regular and enormous payments to Michael Chia?
    Borion Enterprise Ltd, is part-owned by a Sarawak timber magnate Ngui Ing Chuan, a major shareholder of the Taib-linked company Ta Ann. Ngui also owns Borion Enterprise Sdn Bhd and Borion Shipping Sdn Bhd, both Malaysian companies based in Sarawak.
    However, the major shareholder in the Hong Kong arm of the Borion Group is not Ngui, but another company called Silvermark Consultants Ltd.
    Who owns Silvermark Consultants? Timber tycoon Ting Pek King's son Peter Ting!

    In turn Silvermark Consultants Ltd is owned by the son of Sarawak’s Timber Tycoon and Taib crony, Ting Pek King! ”Borion came into Sabah flashing big money from the start”, one source related.
    Peter Ting (Ting Sie Huong) - the eldest son of Ting Pek King has been paying huge sums into Michael Chia's bank accounts. Why?

    This begs the crucial question as to why the Ting Pek King family were paying large sums of money into Michael Chia’s bank accounts? Accounts that were being simultaneously used to fund Musa Aman’s boys in Australia.
    Since Aman has come out to deny any associations with Chia or indeed any allegations of graft, can he please provide the fullest of explanations for this state of affairs?
    Timber concessions related to Borion
    Another major Sabah player linked to Ting Pek King is his cousin and known right hand man Simon Ling. Simon Ling has been deeply involved in Sabah timber concessions since the arrival of Musa Aman into office and he is also closely connected in business to Michael Chia.
    Simon Ling (Ling Ding Dieng) - The MACC's list of his Sabah concessions. These include a controversial steep area in Kuamut Forest where maps were re-drawn by the Forest Department in 2009 to make them appear less steep, so that they could be logged. The area is currently being razed, despite strictures against clear felling.

    According to insiders Ling has also taken over the running and management of many of the concessions supposedly awarded to the young and inexperienced Michael Chia.
    This corroborates with official company information available for all to see. The company Top Merchant Sdn Bhd is the company that received the concessions to log Kuamat Forest. The main shareholder of that company is Chia’s mistress Yap Siaw Lin. However, the Director of Top Merchant Sd Bhd is none other than Simon Ling!
    Top Merchant - owned by Chia's Girlfriend, Yap Siaw Lin, but managed by Simon Ling

    Insiders have confirmed that the payments from the Ting Pek King connected company Borion Enterprise Ltd into Chia’s accounts are indeed related to the timber concessions granted to Simon Ling by Yayasan Sabah and to Simon Ling’s management of Chia companies, of which he is the effective concession-holder.
    Yap Siaw Lin - Chia's mistress and nominee for his company shares in Top Merchant Sdn Bhd

    Chia has corroborated Borion’s involvement in his businesses by acknowledging in court that the company has exclusive rights of purchase from timber logged by Rimba Kita and Rasanmewa, companies he claims to own.
    Chia has come up with his own excuses for his relationship with Borion and the payments, which he describes as a ‘Trade Advance’ by a trusted business associate. However, such excuses do not explain the payments made to the Musa family or the millions sent on to Richard Christopher Barnes.
    Insiders maintain that Chia’s web of bank accounts were merely a mechanism for processing kickbacks are further substantiated by numerous other transactions we have evidence of through the same accounts.
    These involve companies linked to other timber tycoons also with concessions granted in Sabah, which we will also be revealing.
    Angel Face Consultants
    Meanwhile, we can now further reveal that informants have told the MACC that a BVI company Angel Face Consultants is owned by none other than Chief Minister Musa Aman and that it has received kickbacks through its Citibank Singapore account run by a close associate.
    We will provide evidence that MACC and Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC) investigators took these allegations seriously as we unravel further evidence. It raises further questions about another series of enormous out-payments from Michael Chia’s HSBC account.
    Two payments of US$4.5million and US$4million to Angel Face Consultancy Ltd cleared out Chia's account in September 2005

    In September 2005 the account’s hefty balance of US$8.5 million was cleared by two major withdrawals in one day in favour of Angel Face Consultancy. That is a lot of consultation in just one day!
    Musa Aman has denied any business connection with Michael Chia, even though Chia was a prolific operator on the Sabah timber scene after 2004.
    If he wished the Chief Minister could take immediate action to protect himself against all such allegations of graft and kickbacks. He could reform the system that gives him total personal and private control over the allocation of timber concessions in the State.
    This is because the Sabah Chief Minister is also Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Yayasan Sabah, which authorises timber licences over a million hectares of state forest land. Why?
    Yayasan’s negotiations are held in private and the decisions it makes are unpublished and kept confidential. Why?
    No arrangement could be better designed to allow a total abuse of power by the man, who controls both the Government and the country’s richest natural resource. So, why doesn’t Musa Aman reform it?

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    Keep stalling until GE 13.

    'RM40mil smuggled cash not for Musa but for Sabah Umno'

    • Hazlan Zakaria

    • 1:13PM Oct 11, 2012

    Investigation papers submitted to the attorney-general by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) show that RM40 million a Sabah businessman was caught with in trying to smuggle into Malaysia from Hong Kong were political contributions to the state Umno and not for Chief Minister Musa Aman.

    “The funds were contributions to the Sabah Umno liaison body and not for the personal use of the chief minister,” Minister in The Prime Minister's Department Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz(right) states in a parliamentary written reply to Batu MP Chua Tian Chang, who is better known as Tian Chua.

    In the same reply, Nazri also said that the MACC has concluded that "no element of corruption was proven" in the case.

    On Aug 14, 2008, the businessman, who has been identified as Michael Chia, was caught red-handed at the Hong Kong International Airport with Singapore currency worth the RM40 million in his luggage before be could board a flight to Kuala Lumpur.

    Chia was charged with money laundering and trafficking by the Hong Kong Independent Commission Against Corruption (ICAC).

    ICAC investigations also reportedly found that the money was earmarked for Musa and were part of more funds being deposited into a Swiss bank account containing US$30 millionallegedly being held in trust for the Sabah chief minister by a lawyer.

    Whistleblower website Sarawak Reporthas linked the monies to timber kickbacks which it said were bound for Musa's pockets for approving timber licences.

    Musa has denied all the allegations.

    Nazri's reply also states that the Hong Kong ICAC took no further action in the case after the MACC finding, while the request for cooperation in a criminal matter lodged over the Swiss bank account has been withdrawn for the same reason.

    Speaking at a press conference in the Parliament lobby today, Tian Chua questioned the MACC finding that no graft was involved.

    AG, MACC did not provide assistance sought
    "Even if the money was not for Musa but for Sabah Umno, MACC still hasn't explained why no graft is involved. What is the money for and why is a businessman giving to money to Sabah Umno?"

    Tian Chua (left) also claimed that the ICAC could not take further action because the attorney-general and MACC were dragging their feet in providing the assistance requested by the Hong Kong anti-graft body.

    The request for cooperation on the matter of the Swiss bank accounts, he added, was still outstanding.

    Nazri's reply appears different from the MACC statement that was issued to the press just last week.

    In the statement, MACC said its investigations were concluded but that its operations evaluation panel had instructed that further evidence be collected against Sabah Chief Minister Musa Aman before the matter could proceed to prosecution.

    According to MACC deputy chief commissioner (operations) Mohd Shukri Abdull, the matter was presented to the panel at its last sitting in May.

    “The investigation against Musa is on corruption (not abuse of power) and we have completed the investigation, but the panel has instructed us to get more evidence,” Mohd Shukri had said.


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    What was Nazri thinking when he admitted the money was for UMNO? Surely he must have known of the following points:

    1. Musa Aman declared he did not know Michael Chia.
    2. Michael Chia was bringing money from Hongkong to Subah for UMNO.
    3. The head of Sabah UMNO is Musa Aman.
    4. Surely, the Sabah UMNO head knows about RM 40 million coming to the party and surely he is acquainted with Michael Chia.

    Yet another example of a pathetic attempt to defend the indefensible.

    “No Element Of Corruption”? – BN’s Ridiculous Claim!

    11 Oct 2012
    This post is also available in: Iban, Malay

    Ooops! There was a business association between Musa and Chia after all acknowledges Nazri! Faced with overwhelming evidence and a criminal enquiry in Switzerland, BN have started admitting to its involvement in the Michael Chia money trafficking scandal linked to Musa Aman, the Chief Minister of Sabah.

    Musa had previously claimed he had:

    “no business associations whatsoever with an individual named Michael Chia”

    However his friend and political ally Mohd Nazri Abdul Aziz has now issued a parliamentary answer that attempts to own up and get Musa off the hook at the same time:

    ““The funds were contributions to the Sabah Umno liaison body and not for the personal use of the chief minister,” stumbles Nazri, a Minister in the PM’s Department.

    What this astonishing admission has done of course is drag the whole political party of UMNO into the same scandal that once only tainted the Chief Minister!

    Nazri Aziz, Minister responsible for the MACC

    However, Nazri is struggling to claim that somehow because the money was apparently for UMNO:

    “no element of corruption was proven in this case”!

    The rest of the world is of course still laughing at such a plainly ridiculous claim.

    Tian Chua himself was left scratching his head with bemusement. After all, if the money was destined for UMNO Sabah how could this matter have NOT been corrupt? In fact it is doubly corrupt!

    Tian Chua was left asking:

    “Even if the money was not for Musa but for Sabah Umno, MACC still hasn’t explained why no graft is involved. What is the money for and why is a businessman giving to money to Sabah Umno?”[Tian Chua - Malaysiakini]

    So far no one from BN/UMNO has provided an explanation!

    And so far the MACC have yet to make any comment themselves. Malaysia’s BN government needs to answer why is a supposedly independent anti corruption commission is spoken for or indeed answers to a politician? Let alone a Minister from the ruling party!

    Yes Musa DID have a business dealing with Chia, admits Nazri

    Come out and admit your previous statement disowning Chia was a lie please Musa. Nazri has admitted he was on his way to see you with a bag containing RM 40 million in cash! The key point from this acknowledgement by Nazri is that it damningly admits that Musa was in fact deeply involved in this dirty trafficking attempt to bring RM40million in a bag over to Sabah from Hong Kong.

    After all, Musa Aman is the Chairman of UMNO Sabah. He was therefore the recipient of the money and was clearly up to his neck in “doing business” with the courier Michael Chia.

    Nevertheless, Nazri seems to be claiming that since Musa merely had a political purpose for this cash, then that this was somehow OK and no corruption was involved!

    Why is it acceptable that instead of spending the money on personal luxuries Musa was spending it on securing his own political position? In both cases Musa’s personal interest is clearly involved and now it turns out that BN are admitting their own political party UNMO is corrupt as well!

    Dirty Money

    Chia next to lawyer Richard Christopher Barnes, who was also linked to Musa Aman and his network of bank accounts. Mr Nazri’s statement does nothing to address the issue of what the Chairman of UMNO Sabah (Musa Aman) was doing authorising a young man to traffic RM40million in cash in a bag out of Hong Kong?

    If this was legitimate money for a legitimate political purpose why didn’t the Chairman of UMNO simply transfer the money from an existing bank account registered to UMNO and place it into UMNO’s Sabah account? This way all the legitimate withdrawals for the money could have been documented and accounted for!

    Why stuff it in a bag and smuggle it only to be picked up by the Hong Kong authorities, who have been demanding cooperation from Malaysia’s Attorney General ever since?

    These are the very questions, of course, that have landed young Michael Chia in the High Court of Sabah at the moment and we ask therefore why his boss in this transaction, who the PM’s spokesman has now admitted was Musa Aman, is not standing in the dock next to him?

    And the conclusion is so very plain that Sarawak Report has no fear in publishing it openly. This was dirty money that did not legitimately belong to UMNO and was being used for a secret purpose that UMNO did not want to admit to.

    Since this whole trafficking affair took place just in advance of the 2008 election we can all come to the clear conclusion that the purpose of the money was bribery during that election.

    Tell us more please!

    Since Mr Nazri is admitting that the money was for UMNO (his own political party) why has he not provided any explanation as to its origin or how it was due to be spent? Certainly Musa now has to make a statement now that the secret is finally out!

    Or perhaps they are attempting to suggest that the USD16 million in notes was just a kind gift UMNO were planning to accept from young Michael, no questions asked? If so, we have news, which is that accepting money from someone, who has received numerous timber concessions and barging monopolies from the government, without asking any questions about its origin amounts to blatant, criminal corruption and conflict of interest!

    Either these UMNO folk are sadly incredibly stupid and should be sent back to school instead of holding public office or they must think that the rest of the world is incredibly stupid if they really think this admission by Nazri “clears” Musa. What it actually does is land Sabah’s Chief Minister and now his entire party in an almost impossible position should they ever face an impartial judge.

    Our evidence

    Sarawak Report has published a great deal of evidence about the origin of this money, which had filtered into the Hong Kong bank accounts managed by Chia. We have passed on a mass of evidence that is in the hands of the Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission to the Swiss Federal Authorities, who have now also launched a criminal investigation into the bank UBS who had managed many of these accounts.

    “Deposit for Logging Concession” – the reason this company, which is linked to a Sabah timber tycoon, gave for putting money into one of Chia’s accounts!
    What these accounts plainly show is that tens of millions of dollars were being paid in by companies known to be connected to the timber tycoons who had been receiving concessions from Musa and that money was leaving these accounts into a Swiss account controlled by Musa.

    Simultaneously money was also being drawn from these accounts (managed under the name of Chia and his accomplices) by Musa’s own two sons who were studying in Australia!

    If the above does NOT constitute blatant, obvious and glaring corruption of the plainest kind Mr Nazri is going to have to explain what does!

    Yet another of the transfers of huge sums to an account run by Michael Chia – USD$1,308,900 as another “Deposit for Concession”! BN/UMNO are plainly living in hope that the Swiss Prosecutors will move sufficiently slowly for them to get their election done before they reach their judgement. How they stop people making their own judgement is a different matter.

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    RM40juta bukan yang betul

    Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak menafikan dakwaan bahawa wujud cubaan untuk menyeludup wang berjumlah RM40juta kepada Umno Sabah.
    Presiden Umno itu menjawab soalan pemberita - sama ada dakwaan pembangkang bahawa wang tersebut cuba diseludup daripada Hong Kong adalah berasas.

    "Tidak. Hal tersebut telahpun dijelaskan di parlimen," tegasnya dalam sidang media selepas mempengerusikan mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi Umno di ibu negara petang ini.
    Menteri di Jabatan Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Aziz dalam persidangan di Dewan Rakyat semalam berkata, tiada masalah bagi Umno Sabah untuk menerima wang berkenaan.
    Menteri itu memberi alasan, tiada kesalahan dalam transaksi seperti itu memandangkan tiada undang-undang untuk menghalang sumbangan kepada parti politik.Dalam jawapan bertulisnya di Parlimen pada 11 Oktober lalu pula, Nazriberkata kertas siasatan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia menunjukkan, wang berkenaan merupakan sumbangan kepada Umno Sabah dan bukannya kepada Ketua Menteri Datuk Seri Musa Aman.Katanya, elemen rasuah tidak dibuktikan dalam kes tersebut.

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    Umno Sabah menafikan dakwaan bahawa parti itu mencampuri siasatan kes rasuah kontroversi membabitkan Ketua Menteri Sabah, Datuk Seri Musa Aman dan ahli perniagaan balak, Michael Chia melibatkan dana politik berjumlah RM40 juta.

    Setiausaha BN Sabah, Datuk Abdul Rahman Dahlan berkata, parti itu memberikan kerjasama penuh apabila Suruhanjaya Bebas Menentang Rasuah Hong Kong (ICAC) menjalankan siasatan mereka selama dua bulan di Sabah.

    "Tidak ada mana-mana pegawai kami yang menghalang pihak berkuasa melakukan siasatan mereka," katanya ketika membahaskan Rang Undang-undang Perbekalan 2013 pada peringkat jawatankuasa di Dewan Rakyat di sini, Isnin.

    Selain itu Abdul Rahman juga menolak dakwaan bahawa Michael ditahan di lapangan terbang Hong Kong kerana menyeludup 'secara fizikal' wang tunai berjumlah RM40 juta oleh pihak berkuasa Hong Kong.

    "Siasatan itu bermula apabila ketua pemuda PKR (Parti Keadilan Rakyat) Shamsul Iskandar Mohd Akin pergi ke Hong Kong dan membuat aduan mengenai dakwaan ini.

    "Jadi ICAC seperti semua badan-badan bebas, mereka akan menjalankan siasatan selepas menerima aduan. Tetapi dalam imaginasi mereka (pembangkang) bahawa wang berkenaan diseludup daripada Hong Kong," katanya.

    Sebelum ini Jabatan Peguam Negara (JPN) memutuskan tiada elemen perbuatan rasuah dibuktikan terhadap Musa berkenaan dana berjumlah RM40 juta selepas meneliti keterangan Suruhanjaya Pencegahan Rasuah Malaysia (SPRM).

    JPN mendapati dana tersebut adalah sumbangan yang dibuat kepada Badan Perhubungan Umno Sabah dan bukannya untuk tujuan persendirian Ketua Menteri.

    Kes yang sama turut disiasat ICAC.

    Selain itu Abdul Rahman turut mempersoalkan tindakan pemimpin pembangkang yang enggan menerima penemuan ICAC yang diktiraf di peringkat antarabangsa.

    "Sebelum ini pembangkang banyak menyebelahi ICAC malah menggesa SPRM mencontohi tugas mereka dalam membanteras rasuah.

    "Tetapi kini apabila ICAC bersihkan Ketua Menteri Sabah, mengapa mereka tidak boleh terima?" katanya.

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    Sebenarnya ISU RM40 juta

    Sebenarnya ISU RM40 juta, sumbangan kepada Umno Sabah, tidak akan terdedah, jika tiada tali barut dalaman, dalam Umno Sabah yang mengetahui berhubung sumbangan itu.

    Sumbangan itu dihebahkan oleh orang tertentu kepada pihak Pembangkang dan akhirnya Ketua AMK PKR pergi ke Hong Kong untuk membuat aduan kepada ICAC Hong Kong (badan pencegah rasuah Hong Kong sama seperti SPRM di negara kita).

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    Sebenarnya tujuan tali barut itu adalah untuk memerngkap Ketua Menteri Sabah- Datuk Musa Aman, kerana kononnya wang itu untuk kegunaan Musa secara peribadi.

    Selain itu, kononnya wang sumbangan itu, kononnya akan digunakan semasa Pilihanraya Kecil Parlimen Pematang Pauh.

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    Isu RM 40 Juta sumbangan terhadap Umno Sabah, samalah kisahnya dengan Akuan Bersumpah mantan Penolong Gebanor Bank Negara terhadap Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, kononnya mantan TPM itu mempunyai master akaun yang berjumlah RM2bilion.

    Selepas kedua-dua dakwaan itu disiasat pihak pencegah rasuah, ternyata badan itu mengeluarkan kenyataan, bahawa dakwaan adalah tidak benar.

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