It is extremely gratifying to learn that Prime Minister Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak, has vowed on ntv7 to hold clean and fair elections.

Najib pledges clean, fair election
April 10, 2012
KUALA LUMPUR: Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak vowed to hold a clean and fair election.

“I’d like to repeat it once more that we will not want to be elected on the basis that we have rigged the elections or manipulated the elections. We want the people to show their support in a fair and clean manner… we have no qualms and no differences as far as objectivity is concerned,” he said at a late night Mandarin talk show on Malaysia’s ntv7.

Unfortunately, there seems to be a huge gap between his words and the actions of the Election Commission (EC) and the Report put up by the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reform (PSC) on 3rd Apr 2012. As elections are widely expected this year, this matter needs to be clarified urgently.

Accordingly, Tindak Malaysia’s founder, Wong Piang Yow, invites the Chairmen of both the Election Commission and the PSC to go on a national “live” debate on one of RTM’s channels to establish what is the current status and how they intend to translate Najib’s pledge of clean and fair election into reality before GE13. Suggested dates may be between 20th – 22nd Apr 2011.

There are 3 major areas that need to be addressed:

  • Redelineation and more even seat size in the Federal Constitution,
  • Preparation of the Electoral Roll under the Election Laws and Regulations,
  • Conduct of Elections under the Election Laws and Regulations.

Dr. Ong Kian Ming has estimated in a study (Merap Project) that there may be up to 400,000 dubious voters in the electoral roll. This is an extremely worrisome matter that affects national security and the principles of democracy.

“We have done a lot of ground work in the past, and presented it to the Parliamentary Select Committee,” Wong said. “Very few of the recommendations have been adopted. The key areas such as cleaning up the electoral roll, the re-delineation exercise which the EC promised last May to address the vast difference in sizes of constituencies have has not been done. Not only that, last month, the EC came out with the excuse that they did not have enough resources to carry it out. These urgently needed reforms, as well as proposals to tighten up the electoral procedures, have also been left out by the PSC.” Nearly 90% of the recommendations either have no timelines or are set to timelines that go past GE13, which defeats the calls by the Rakyat that reforms must be implemented in time for GE13!

Furthermore, our analysis of the 10 Recommendations made by the PSC in Dec last year that was launched with great fanfare, showed that the recommendations will have an overall negative impact on the elections. Our analysis of the 22 Recommendations of the PSC’s Final Report is expected to show a similar trend. In other words, it is all a public-relations exercise without much substance.

Wong said Tindak Malaysia may only be a small group of volunteers, but in the event that the debate is on, it will attract many other concerned citizens to support the cause undertaken by Tindak Malaysia.

Although not funded by any political parties or individuals, trainers from Tindak Malaysia have travelled throughout the country to conduct voters’ education. To attend the next voters’ education, click on