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Thread: Politics: Crumbling fortress of PUTRAJAYA! The barbarians are at the gates.

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    Politics: Crumbling fortress of PUTRAJAYA! The barbarians are at the gates.

    Over my dead body, declared Najib.

    And so it shall be.

    They have managed to so survive so long with the help of gutless journalists who sold their souls for a few bucks.

    Friday, 13 April 2012 07:33

    Crumbling fortress, yet BN and its media continue to spin outrageous lies

    Written by J. D. Lovrenciear

    For a nation to keep progressing it must have a political will. That will must be manifested by able leadership and backed by a team of substance.

    But if you examine the doings, un-doings, deeds and misdeeds that have of late plagued the BN coalition you begin to suspect that the going concern for BN is not all that healthy and ale as the main stream media portrays things to be.

    Let them lie, why bang your head against a crumbling fortress

    Of course the journalists on the payroll of the main stream media have placed job security above all else. You cannot fault them entirely especially when they are equally suspicious of their Union as well. A journalist could be a father, mother, brother or sister. He or she has to put food on the table, educate the children and / or siblings, pay the mortgage and live a life.

    Hence, keeping the job is not an option but a necessary evil for journalists on the main stream media employment. So forget about journalism ethics and the corner stone philosophy that the role of the media is to inform without bias as the reader has the right to know.

    In any case the only solace is in as what one senior journalist whispered, “if they (BN) need the rope to hang themselves, we will just keep giving it to them; why bang your head against the crumbling fortress-lah.”

    Fighting in public

    So thanks to the on-line media and the social network that technology has offered humanity, for without this we would still be living in a blinkered world.

    Going by the breaking news one cannot help establishing that BN is sinking.

    Take Samy Vellu for example. After decades of swearing with his life that his boss is right, now in his vintage he blurts that Tun Dr Mahathir fixed him up for good.

    And in rebuttal, his boss says that the man whom he stood shoulder to shoulder all through his 22 years of power wielding, deserved to go unceremoniously and through a wicked plot.

    But both also claim that they hold no grudges. Then why come pour your sorrows and bitterness against each other in the public?

    Floodgates have opened, BN resorts to patchwork to stem the tide

    Next, you have one senior ex-minister from the BN fold pointing out the ugly deeds of his very political party that he championed for so long. He confirmed that UMNO is into dirty politics using money to get votes.

    Yes why did he not open the flood gates then? Never mind lah, at least his conscience is awakened now. God forgive him too.

    Another senior veteran and royalty in politics has been voicing out his disapproval over the UMNO and BN doings and un-doings of late. But although he appears just as helpless in creating a tsunami, at least he is also confirming that all is not well within BN.

    Next, if you look at the statements being made by the cabinet ministers who are within the BN block, you can easily decipher that they are doing patch-work politics to redress their political party machinery that is shredding at its seams.

    Given this background and if you add the many scandals that have been puncturing the BN – thanks to the persistent efforts of the opposition block, it would be a mystery if the rakyat still vote BN back to power in the GE-13.

    Mystery question - why would people would vote for BN

    The mystery of a BN win eventually will deepen especially when you already witness the following developments of late:

    1. Even the Tun Dr is having doubts about BN’s future victory.
    2. Even Tun Daim is having a bout of feverish pessimism now.
    3. The children of Who’s Who within the corridors of power are being exposed for their strange bed-fellows and lavish lifestyles.
    4. The PDRM is also going on the defensive of late given its own rank and file doing some expose after expose.
    5. BN’s public events are now filled with civil servant crowds (present ‘atas arahan’), whereas the opposition draws the rakyat by the tens of thousands without even an invitation.
    6. Civil society is determined to save the nation from the fangs of warlords.

    Defining moment has been reached

    In no uncertain terms, the nation is at crossroads. The GE-13 is a defining moment in its five over decades of history.

    Hopefully Malaysia will be allowed to transform and reform itself without evil over-powering the good. BN must recognize that staying in power at all costs is treason of the highest order. Rather, political parties and their leaders as well as all misled followers must realize that civil society is the deciding integer of politics. Not the other way around.

    Malaysia Chronicle

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    Politics: Chaos without ‘elites’ a big lie, says top academic

    Psychological warfare by the elites against the masses using the age-old divide-and-rule principle. The biggest threat to them is unity of the masses. That they must destroy at all cost by sowing hatred, lies and envy.

    Chaos without ‘elites’ a big lie, says top academic

    By Shannon Teoh
    April 13, 2012

    Khoo cited the low turnout for the Himpunan Sejuta Umat as proof of the general public’s disinterest in the political machinations of the elites. — File pic

    KUALA LUMPUR, April 13 — Malaysians have been fed a “big lie” since independence that the ruling class is needed to solve problems caused by the masses and avoid conflict in multiethnic Malaysia, says a senior researcher at Japan’s Institute of Developing Economies (IDE).
    Khoo Boo Teik, who has also collaborated with the United Nations Research Institute for Social Development (UNRISD), told The Malaysian Insider “the ruling elite who are supposed to solve the problems, in fact, are the source of a lot of problems.”
    “Tunku Abdul Rahman thought politics was about chummy compromise. People get together, we know each other and what we say among elites will then be followed by the masses. But it was a big lie,” he said, referring to Malaysia’s founding father.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman Putra Al-Haj Sultan Abdul Hamid Halim Shah cobbled together the Alliance Party, a coalition between Umno, MCA and MIC that took power when the British gave Malaya its independence in 1957.

    The three race-based parties continue to form the mainstay of the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) that now boasts 13 parties and governs Malaysia according to a consociational power-sharing model among each ethnic group.
    The real dangers came in the very severe moments of political and economic crisis.

    Khoo is most famous for his popular books on long-serving former prime minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, authoring 2003’s “Beyond Mahathir: Malaysian Politics and its Discontents” and “Paradoxes of Mahathirism: An Intellectual Biography of Mahathir Mohamad in 1995”.

    The former Universiti Sains Malaysia professor said in a recent interview that “for a very long time” the idea that “the problem of politics in Malaysia is how to manage these cleavages” due to ethnic prejudices and suspicions that were sources of instability and conflict.

    This was to be solved by elites in different parties making compromises, “but if you look at the way the people who are ruling over us are supposed to have solved the problems, compared to how they’ve actually created a lot of the problems, there is a very big gap,” he said.

    “Instances where ordinary people went after ordinary people because of ethnic reasons are very rare. The real dangers came in the very severe moments of political and economic crisis.

    The elites are the cause of the problems that they claim to solve, said Khoo.

    “Practically every decade, since independence, an economic crisis has gone together with a political crisis. It has got nothing to do with ordinary guys trying to go after the other ordinary guy who happens to have a different ethnic background,” he pointed out.Dr Mahathir’s grip on power, which eventually lasted 22 years, was twice challenged from within Umno in 1987 and 1998, when tussles with Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah and Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim, respectively, had followed economic downturns.

    The heightened race and religious tension of late has also come as Malaysia struggles to make a full recovery from the ongoing global financial meltdown that began in 2008.

    Malaysia’s worst ethnic riots happened on May 13, 1969, which some reports say killed over 2,000.

    They were sparked off after opposition parties had denied the Umno-led Alliance its customary two-thirds majority in Parliament on the back of unhappiness by Chinese over perceived favouritism showed to Malays.

    A victory parade by the opposition in Kuala Lumpur led to a reaction by Malays and a state of emergency being declared.

    But some researchers have blamed the Umno-led counter-procession that began at the residence of then Selangor mentri besar Datuk Harun Idris for the violence.

    Tunku Abdul Rahman later called the retaliatory parade “inevitable, as otherwise the party members would be demoralised after the show of strength by the opposition and the insults that had been thrown at them.”

    But Khoo said the majority of ordinary Malaysians “know better and can distinguish what are falsehoods, incitement and propaganda” and “dissent has always been there.”

    He cited the Himpunan Sejuta Umat (Gathering of a Million Faithful) by Muslim NGOs against “the challenge of Christianisation” as an example as “only 5,000 people showed up.”

    “In daily life, they have better things to do than [wanting] to go and hack at people
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    Umno’s looming end — Sakmongkol AK47

    April 22, 2012

    APRIL 22 — It is already happening. The people in the mainstream media and “mainstream new media” do not have a clue about what is happening. They are seeing ghosts at every corner. Umno is in total disarray. In desperate times, Umno resorts to desperate measures.

    Umno knows the Malay mindset. They know Malays have this addiction to horror stories, sex and other bizarre tales. That is why readership of the Mastika Magazine far outstrips that of Utusan Malaysia. In Utusan Malaysia, only two pieces of news are true; (1) the Islamic prayer times and (2) 4-digit numbers. Can it be that more Malays now patronise the gaming shops? Everything else in Utusan is deceit.

    So, now, they concentrate on the horror of horrors — all else will die with the demise of Umno. The hard truth is, if Umno dies, the ones who will suffer most will be the parasitic leeches and the anointed rent-seekers, the licensed rajahs, the ones given licences to plunder, and the corrupt politicians. It’s the end of civilisation, but it’s the end of the plundering civilisation as Umno knows it.

    Let me hasten to comfort Malays and Malaysians; nobody dies if Umno goes under. Especially not the Malays. The tide and ebb of Malays do not absolutely depend on Umno. We progress through education and through our efforts.

    The government, any government, is merely an instrument by and through which we achieve common objectives for the public good. We are done with a government that sets one section of the citizenry against another section of the rakyat based on religion and race. And we must kick out a government that declares war on us but embraces lovingly abuse of power, corruption and thievery.

    Malays will liberate their minds from the yoke of the unholy alliance between the feudalists and Malay bourgeoisie. By the Malay bourgeoisie I mean the class of Malays who have misappropriated the wealth creation means of this country through their hold on political power and impoverished the people in that process.

    All they can see are overtures by some political parties courting some former political personalities into their fold. Hence, we hear news that PKR is courting some former Umno heavyweights and PAS is inviting some former high-ranking government officers to contest under their banner in the next general elections. That is only the beginning.

    The entry of these people isn’t a cause for worry, the Umno men say. These are washed-up individuals and frustrated people. We like it when they regard us like that, because then, it will not be a problem contesting against us in the coming election.

    Why is there, for instance, so much fuss about Kadir Sheikh Fadhir standing for elections on PAS ticket? It’s a case of having a big ago, opined one of his brothers.

    I met Kadir some time ago; he told me he loved Umno. He has been a member since 1950s. For a person to disown Umno after being a member for a long time suggests some extraordinary changes in the character of either Umno or Kadir.

    Kadir hasn’t changed. He’s still that flamboyant with a bon vivant air about him. Look at his vehicles, his houses and his immaculate dressing style. His office at the Mines is immaculately furnished. So his willingness to give up Umno isn’t because for want of material things. He has all that.

    It’s Umno that has transformed into an ogre beyond recognition. It’s the blatant, rampant and monumental corruption. Kadir isn’t claiming that Umno is pristine during his time. But there was a sense of self restraint and a check on unbridled self-aggrandisement. The current Umno has lost all sense of proportion. It has now imposed itself on the peoples of Malaysia as a humongous thieving machinery.

    It will be interesting to see what the mainstream conventional and new media make their stories out as. Will they describe these men as political relics, worn-out former government officers and in other uncomplimentary terms?

    The pieces of the jigsaw puzzle are slowly coming into place. Umno and Barisan Nasional are on the way out. The 3.7 million Malays who did not vote and support Umno in 2008 are not coming back in droves to Umno despite the millions and millions paid out to them.

    The number of one-minute Malaysian citizens given Mykads and the rights to vote are not going to be enough to cancel out the over one million Umno members who have crossed over to the light-side and the over two million ordinary Malay citizens who rejected Umno. They are tired of Umno’s hypocrisy and lies.

    The Chinese have already made up their minds since 2008. They are not supporting Umno and BN. MCA is losing their minds thinking about the DAP strategy of putting up DAP generals in Johor. Ong Ka Ting suggests for a certain DAP leader to contest in his own seat because Ka Ting is not confident of retaining his own seat.

    The remaining Umno people who remain within the dark-side are fools anyway.

    Yet this is a party that is big on moral issues and because it’s trying to live up to this clean moral image, has been flooding the Malay mind over the last 15 years with pornographic tales about sodomy, bisexual tales and the size of a certain politician’s penis. The Malay mind is so warped and it’s waiting to be liberated.

    But for now, let us continue the myth about Umno’s legitimacy.

    Does Umno actually look out after Malays? Umno has always been denominational in the worse sense; I guess that is the only word and term I can use on Umno. Umno looks after a small section of the Malays lucky enough to be born with the right family name close enough to be in the fraternity of cronies and sycophants. As to the rest of the Malays, they are just digits.

    Umno is now selling the three myths that are the bedrock on which its survival depends:

    1) Umno is necessary for the survival of Malays,
    2) Umno is necessary for the survival of Islam, and
    3) Umno is necessary to ensure the continuation of the institution of the Malay rulers.

    What does it do, then, when everything else failed? Nobody is going to be fooled anymore that only Umno can bring development to the country. Communist regimes also carry out economic development. So, the politics of development isn’t going to work anymore because all governments carry out some form of development. It’s now no longer open for Umno to say only it is capable of bringing development for the country.

    Let’s face it. Out of the top five states with the highest foreign direct investment, three are Pakatan Rakyat states. Sarawak does not even have Umno over there. So its achievement is solely brought about the chief minister of Sarawak, Taib Mahmud.

    So, Najib hasn’t got a wonderful track record to speak of when he made that boast in Selangor asking the people to judge him on his track record and his big ideas.

    What track record and what big ideas? —

    * Sakmongkol AK47 is the nom de plume of Datuk Mohd Ariff Sabri Abdul Aziz. He was Pulau Manis assemblyman (2004-200.
    * This is the personal opinion of the writer or publication. The Malaysian Insider does not endorse the view unless specified

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