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    It is not often that you get the Guest of Honour coming to a function early and the function itself start exactly on time. That was what happened during PKR Kelana Jaya's AGM at Dewan Seri Delima, Kompleks Sukan PKNS, SS 7/20, Kelana Jaya on Saturday 11 Oct 2008.

    The Selangor MB, Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim, came to the AGM early and the meeting started exactly at 10:00am. About 80 PKR members of Kelana Jaya attended their AGM. This was a four-fold increase in turnout compared to 2007 and was a reflection of PKR's success in the Mar 2008 General Election.

    The Master of Ceremonies, Hj Mohd Yusop Amin, started off the proceedings by inviting the Division Head, Syed Shahir Syed Mohamud, to give his welcome speech. This was followed by the official opening of the AGM by Tan Sri Khalid.

    Khalid gave a quick run-down on the improvements made by the new administration since Pakatan Rakyat took over in Mar 2008.

    1. 20 m3 free water monthly to all households.
    2. Taking over the sand supply in the state, thereby increasing annual revenue by more than RM 170 million.

    The Government's philosophy is: As the State develop, the people will prosper. It is the State's policy that no one will be left behind as the Government will:
    Work together with the people,
    Develop together,
    Benefit together.

    This is to be achieved by integrating poverty eradication programmes with development so that the results will be permanent in nature as the people are empowered to produce their own income.

    Khalid pointed out the cancerous nature of UMNO's policies which was destroying the nation. At present they are so engrossed with in-fighting and jostling for party position that they have neglected the nation's economy. Currently, a global financial crisis is gripping the world. In just one week, USD 5 trillion was wiped out from the stock markets and yet UMNO is not concerned. The situation is so serious that we need a Crisis Management Committee to monitor the economy very closely. In fact, we have written to BN to urge them to take urgent action but so far, we have not seen anything on their part. To save the nation, it is imperative that PR takes over the Federal Government as soon as possible. Delay could be fatal for the economy.

    After a break for refreshments, the meeting continued with the approval of the Minutes of 2007 AGM and Accounts. This was followed by the election of 5 delegates to the December Delegates Convention. The successful delegates elected were:
    Azizi Ahamad, Nik Nazmi, Ruhana Alias, PYWong, Yee Siew Meng. This was on top of the representatives of the division leadership, namely the Division Head, Deputy Head and 3 Vice Presidents.

    A few resolutions were adopted for tabling at the Delegates Conference. This will be put up in another posting.

    The meeting ended an 1:30pm

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