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Thread: SPR: EC chief: Our electoral roll is cleanest in the world

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    SPR: Selangor EC chief admits dubious voters in roll

    But they won't take action even with evidence given.

    Selangor EC chief admits dubious voters in roll

    • 12:00PM Apr 2, 2013

    Selangor Election Commission (EC) chief Zulkifli Abdul Rahman has admitted that an Umno assistant registrar of voters had registered "many" dubious voters into the electoral roll, the DAP says.

    The state EC chief, Zulkifli Abdul Rahman, curtly made that admission during a 45-minute meeting with Klang MP Charles Santiago at Zulkifli's office today, Charles said.

    The EC had previously said that this Umno member had registered the name of S Dinesh, 32, who resides in Britain, as a voter in 2012, without the consent of Dinesh

    "I asked him how many people this man has registered as voters. He said many," Charles said.

    However, Zulkifli, according to Charles, said the commission could not remove Dinesh's name from the electoral roll because Section 9 (a) of the Elections Act bars the removal of names from a gazetted electoral roll.

    [Admin: Regulation 25(2)(g) of the Registration of Electors Regulations allows the Chief Registrar to strike out any name that is wrongly included - (g) striking out the name of any person who, in the opinion of the Chief Registrar, is not entitled, for any reason, to remain or be in the principal electoral roll or the supplementary electoral roll.]

    "They are hiding under Section 9a. They are acknowledging the law has been broken but are not taking action," Charles lamented at a press conference after the meeting.

    The press conference was held at the Selangor EC office after the meeting, but Zulkifli stayed away.

    Charles had gone to the Selangor EC hoping to get the registration documents of Dinesh to determine how his signature had been forged. Dinesh's father K Sivakumar, who made a police report on Dinesh's non-consensual registration on Jan 31, was also present.

    "But they have told us that we need to go to Putrajaya EC office to get the documents, despite us giving them a week's notice," he said.

    Charles said he urged the EC to lodge a police report against the assistant registrar, so that action could be taken against him but the EC said it would have to consult its legal team in Putrajaya on this.

    Produce the dubious names, MP told

    Charles said he was dissatisfied with the EC's reply when he asked about the possibility of somebody else voting on behalf of individuals like Dinesh, who were abroad.

    "They asked us to produce a list of these dubious names to the polling agents so that individuals claiming to be them can't vote. This is ridiculous. We can't be doing that," he added.

    Charlese said the EC officers also refused to respond when asked whether the Immigration Department was "colluding" with political parties to help register voters.

    "They did not deny, nor did they agree with what I said. They were quiet. How else can an Umno man know that someone like Dinesh is residing abroad? Only the Immigration Department can produce that information," he said.

    Charles added that he has discovered six such cases of Malaysians residing abroad who have been registered as voters, without their consent, in his constituency alone.


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    SPR: Dad helps son's bid to deregister as overseas voter

    Dad helps son's bid to deregister as overseas voter

    • 10:27AM Apr 5, 2013

    Defying a call, supposedly from the police to withdraw his report lodged months earlier that his son residing abroad had been illegally registered as a voter, retired engineer K Sivakumar filed a judicial review application yesterday.

    Sivakumar filed his application at the High Court in Shah Alam, accompanied by incumbent Klang MP Charles Santiago.

    His son Dinesh, 32, who lives and works in Britain, had complained that unkown to him, he has been registered as a voter.

    Sivakumar, 64, a retiree, said a woman police officer called him on Tuesday morning, saying this was a small matter as anyone's IC number could be found anywhere to be used to register voters.

    She told him to come to the police station, which he took to be a hint to withdraw the police report he had made.

    "I told her that I had lodged the police report on Jan 31 and why only now was she asking me to come to the station again. She said that the police tried to call me several times but did not receive any response.

    "I told her I did not receive any calls and that my handphone number is in the report.

    Dismissed as small matter

    "I also told her that it was not a small matter as someone had used my son's identity card to register him and thatb this was fraud or a case of forgery.
    "I told her that I could go to the police station," Sivakumar said, adding that he instead went to the Shah Alam High Court to file for the judicial review.

    On Tuesday, Selangor EC chief Zulkifli Abdul Rahman admitted to the presence of dubious voters in the electoral roll of the state.

    The judicial review filing was carried out by the firm of SN Fam and Co yesterday, in which Dinesh named the EC and the EC chief registrar as respondents.

    He is seeking a mandamus order to compel the respondents to drop his name from the electoral roll, and for the EC to follow Regulation 25 of the Elections (Registration of Electors) Regulations 2002 in doing so, and other relief deemed fit by the court.

    In his application, Dinesh claims that the EC was wrong in law in not dropping his name from the roll, even though the Selangor EC had been informed that he had not registered as a voter.

    He also said that he did not delegate power to anyone else to register him as a voter on his behalf and that the respondents knew of the error.

    'Not to be taken lightly'

    He also did not supply a copy of his identity card to facilitate the registration and questioned how his registration could have come about.

    Charles (left), in commenting on the case, said he took Sivakumar to the Selangor EC wanting to see the registration form but they said that it was with their headquarters in Putrajaya.

    The Klang MP said the father wanted to have his son's name removed from the roll, but the EC said it could not do so.

    "I told them they could do so for blogger Papagamo and was told that the matter was now a police case as a report had been lodged.

    "I think the National Registration Department, the Immigration Department and Umno may have conspired by asking someone else to register overseas Malaysians as voters," Charles said.

    He also lashed out at EC deputy chairperson Wan Ahmad Wan Omar for dismissing the whole episode as no big deal by saying "Dinesh's only complaint was that the registration was done without his consent.

    "But since he is now a registered voter, if he is truly unhappy, then don't vote! He does not have to create such a fuss about it," Wan Ahmad had said

    The Klang MP said this was an irresponsible statement by Wan Ahmad (right)as there were at least three criminal offences involved including forgery, fraud or false information and impersonation.

    "This is a serious offence and should not be taken lightly.

    "Since Dinesh's case was highlighted, I have been receiving calls from people in my constituency saying their names have been registered as voters when in fact they had not done so.

    EC charged as irresponsible

    "If this happens in my constituency and in Selangor, can you imagine the implications nationwide? That is why I say that the NRD, Immigration and possibly Umno and EC conspired in this.

    "When I asked the EC about this, it did not deny or acknowledge it," he said.

    Charles said Wan Ahmad, as the EC deputy chairperson, was truly irresponsible in making the statement as it was his task to ensure that elections are free and fair.

    "This is clear that the EC does not want to clean up the electoral roll, that there exists fraud in the electoral process and that at present, there is no free and fair election," he said.

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    Last year, they were going on a song and dance about not being to clean up the rolls because they did not have the power. Suddenly, they have discovered super-powers, even without any change in the Election Laws and Regulations. How come?

    EC cleaning up electoral rolls, says it will issue regular reports


    JULY 15, 2013

    Stung by repeated criticisms over tainted electoral rolls, the Election Commission (EC) has formed an internal committee to clean up the voter lists with the first report to be released later this month.

    EC deputy chairman Datuk Wan Ahmad Wan Omar (pic) said the committee began work after the May 5 general elections and would ensure the rolls for the next elections would be reliable and free from controversy.

    "It is the EC's main priority to review the electoral rolls which has been said to be problematic by certain quarters.

    "EC officials from all states are working together to clean up the electoral rolls and the committee will issue a report this month and from time to time," Wan Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider in Kuala Lumpur.

    Electoral watchdog Bersih 2.0 and other civil groups have been asking for the rolls to be cleaned up since Election 2008, after allegations surfaced of phantom voters and foreigners in the lists based on identity cards issued by the National Registration Department.

    Some 13.3 million people are registered to vote in Malaysia, which has a 29.3 million population.

    Bersih 2.0 co-chairman Datuk S.Ambiga told a forum last Saturday that she did not rule out another rally to protest the electoral rolls if the EC failed to clean it up before conducting a parliamentary seat redelineation exercise this year.

    The Federal Constitution says a redelineation exercise can be carried out every eight years. The last was in 2003.

    Wan Ahmad told The Malaysian Insider that those who ridiculed the EC's efforts in carrying out the exercise should view it positively and with a rational mind.

    "The last redelineation was done in 2003, so the EC could repeat the process in 2011 but did not do so in preparation for the 13th general election

    "Do we want the process to be done in another 20 years?" he asked.

    Wan Ahmad criticised Bersih 2.0 for making accusations without getting to know what the EC had been doing to ensure a better conduct of general elections in Malaysia.

    On the use of indelible ink in the Kuala Besut by-election, Wan Ahmad said that the EC had decided to have voters dip their finger into the bottle, as there were reports during the general election of polling clerks who applied it 'unevenly'.

    This he said had resulted in the ink not being able to last for a specified period.

    "The indelible ink is only an additional measure to prevent instances of double voting and what's more important is the MyKad.

    "We have to understand that in the recently polls, the EC has enforced the ruling for the voters to have the ink applied on their finger. So there was bound to be some unavoidable problems," the EC deputy chairman said.

    When asked about the percentage of silver nitrate in the ink to be used in the by-election, Wan Ahmad said the EC would demonstrate the difference between applying and dipping fingers in a bottle in a press conference soon.

    PKR vice-president Nurul Izzah Anwar had said the party would file a civil action today against the EC over the indelible ink fiasco. - 15 July 2014.

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    Pathetic excuses being cooked up. His idea of clean is

    "the roll is considered clean on account that it does not contain non-citizens nor underaged persons."

    Maybe it is better to say it is clean because the paper it is printed on is clean.

    Ex-chief: Electoral roll not up to mark, but not EC's fault

    Malaysia's electoral roll may be "clean" but it is "not up to international standards", said former Election Commission (EC) chief Abdul Rashid Abdul Rahman.

    However, he said in an email interview with Malaysiakini, the EC was not at fault as the laws pertaining to registration of electors are themselves not comprehensive enough to cover certain missing areas.

    Abdul Rashid said instead of the "ridiculous" urgings for EC commissioners to resign, the EC should be "commended" for protecting the rights of all citizens and political parties to participate in polls.

    "I give high marks to the EC for the work well done in spite of the fact that the organisation has not been equipped with proper laws that enable it to be in a proper position of power and authority."

    He said among the constraints faced by the EC is its inability to relocate voters unless the voter him/herself requests to have his/her voting constituency moved.

    He said that a "big chunk" of voters do not vote where they reside and this has given rise to allegations of phantom voters.

    "In principle, a voter should vote where he lives (but) how do we comply with that principle in our situation unless the roll is prepared just before an election through a completely new exercise, just like a national census?" he asked.

    It's neither up-to-date nor transparent

    Abdul Rashid, who served 27 years in the commission before retiring in 2009, argued that the roll is considered clean on account that it does not contain non-citizens nor underaged persons.

    Yet it does not fulfil international standards because it is neither "comprehensive, inclusive, accurate, up-to-date", nor is the process in which it is compiled "fully transparent".

    He said that one way to get the electoral roll up to scratch is to have automatic registration, using the National Registration Department (NRD) database.

    However, he said, this would mean the government must enforce the regulation that requires all Malaysians to update their addresses with the NRD within three months of moving.

    "Otherwise, the new system would create bigger havoc than we could imagine, when at least 50 percent of the population would find their names registered to areas they no longer reside and no amount of correspondence could ever reach them."

    He said that in fact, a lot of countries draw up new electoral rolls just before an election to ensure that everything is up-to-date.

    "We can do it ,too, with political will and a sufficient budget," he said, adding that the best practices when it comes to the integrity of the electoral roll are found in Europe, New Zealand, Australia and Maldives.

    Give EC more teeth

    On a related topic, he said that if there was anything that must be urgently addressed coming out of the 13th general election in May, it is the laws governing elections and the EC's powers.

    "As it stands today, our election laws do not provide much room for the EC to exercise power to enhance democratic practices in elections as certain vital ingredients are sorely missing in our election laws," he said.

    "The missing components in our laws had certainly brought down the image of the EC despite its excellent performance in conducting the polls."

    He said that as it stands, the EC couldn't even resolve petty disputes during campaign period and has to leave everything to the police or the anti-graft commission.

    "The demand by politicians and civil societies for a complete review of the election laws is most justifiable.

    "The country should strive to free the election management panel from becoming the subject of electoral issues and dissatisfactions whenever an election is being conducted," he said.

    Tomorrow: Gerrymandering and the first-past-the-post system

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