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Thread: PACABA: Tindak Malaysia Voter Education Flyer (BM, English, Mandarin, Tamil)


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    PACABA: Tindak Malaysia Voter Education Flyer (BM, English, Mandarin, Tamil)

    Tindak Malaysia's Voter Education Flyer is produced in 4 languages. It includes 5 tips for GE 13. In addition to that, a voter should check the ballot paper when SPR Clerk no. 3 issues to him.

    1. It should not be folded because it may be pre-marked in favour of a particular candidate. Watch out for a small dot which can be accepted as a vote.
    2. Watch out for wax on the box of your favourite candidate. The way to detect it is to hold the paper at an angle against the light so that you can see the box (where you are supposed to mark an "X") with the light reflected off it. If it appears more shiny compared to the neighbouring part of the paper, chances are it may have been waxed. Ask the Presiding Officer about it if you are not satisfied and ask the Polling Agent to help to check as they are trained to detect fraud.
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