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Thread: BERSIH 3.0 Reconstruction

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    BERSIH 3.0 Reconstruction

    Compilation of photos and videos to reconstruct what really happened.

    The truth will prevail.

    Monday, May 7, 2012

    The Reality of what happened during Bersih 3.0

    Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
    The REALITY of what happened during BERSIH 3.0 on
    28th April 2012 in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

    This Photos is meant to COLLECT and hopefully, help us IDENTIFY suspected SB's, Provocateurs as well as any members of UMNO and its related NGO's such as PERKASA, PEKIDA, WARIS MALAYA, Putera UMNO or Pemuda UMNO who were "IN" Bersih 3.0 Shir...ts pretendingt to be PART of the Crowd meant to 'sabotage' the peaceful assembly. IF "YOU" or any of your friends would like to CONTRIBUTE to these on-going investigations or to THIS ALBUM to "SHARE" with everyone...send it to this Groups "INBOX" with the titled "SUSPICIOUS" individuals or "Suspected SB's" to share with all along with information as to WHEN and WHERE the picture was taken and details of what seemed to be highly suspicious.

    Gas pemedih mata di gunakan sampai kehabisan peluru utk tembak rakyat malaysia yg tidak bersenjata!
    dah kebanyakkannya di halakan terus kepada rakyat yg mahukan pilihanraya malaysia yg bersih dan adil.

    kerana itu ramai yg tercedera terkena kelongsang peluru gas pemedih mata ini.. adalah sangat jelas, Najib Razak wajib bertanggungjawab terhadap provokasi polis semalam!
    source:bersih3.0 official
    DIRECTLY at the CROWD at a DANGEROUS ANGLE...which is why people could get SERIOUSLY INJURED if hit by the CANNISTER of tear gas at HIGH VELOCITY!

    Why was the phone scrambler being used at about 2pm (around which time, all of us at Masjid Jamek area were unable to send out messages and make calls) when the whole rally was still peaceful and looked more like a carnival....It was a set up, they installed the Panel Antenna.

    Once again...wearing the YELLOW BANDS on their wrist as described by UMNO Secretary of Bandar Tun Razak...these individuals were holding ROCKS in their hands to THROW during the Bersih 3.0 gathering

    They are not scared since they are just fake cops. They got nothin to lose even thou they are caught, their names are cleared as well.


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    Who are these people? Were they involved in the assault of the students at Dataran Merdeka previously?


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    Bersih 428: A personal perspective — Goh Chee Leong

    Good analysis from the psychological warfare perspective. This is in line with the Rat Race System analysis.

    Bersih 428: A personal perspective — Goh Chee Leong

    April 29, 2012
    APRIL 29 — I am proud to say that I was at Bersih 3.0 in Kuala Lumpur yesterday, along with my wife and other family members.

    In the face of the media blitz from the Barisan Nasional press and blogs, I feel that as a first hand observer I need to make the following comments and observations:

    Whose interest did the violence serve?

    Let’s be clear. Think about the public relations side of things and you can conclude that it was in the “political interest” of BN to engineer the violence that occurred at the end of the rally. They knew that the organisers would not be able to control the angry crowds once it was sent helter-skelter by the tear gas and water-cannons — one of the reasons why it did not allow us to use the Dataran Merdeka, which would have been easier to control.

    Look at the events in Penang where we were allowed to assemble in a single large open space. No problem at all because crowd control is much easier there. BN was afraid if we could demonstrate that a movement like Bersih can be peaceful, this will destroy their “fear message” to scare the middle classes to vote BN.

    There was no good reason why Merdeka Square was cordoned off.
    Was there a previous booking or engagement there at that time? No.

    Were they afraid we were going to damage their precious grass?

    No, instead they give us some nonsense about only allowing “national” and “patriotic events” at this venue like band competitions, tourist events and mass aerobics!

    If they had let us use the square, it would have been a peaceful event just like in Penang and elsewhere. We sit down for two hours; we leave. Everyone is happy.

    My opinion is that the main reason why BN would not allow us to use Dataran Merdeka: they were afraid of the photos of 300,000 yellow shirts flooding the independence square would once and for all dispel this idiotic myth that the majority of citizens think that elections are fair in this country.

    Photos like that can stir and persuade even more people to join the movement. It’s a social contagion that can spread like wildfire. This close to the election, BN cannot afford a shift of momentum like that.

    So I speculate that political advisors must have said to BN, “no way can you allow them to be in Merdeka Square. What we want are photos of protesters fighting the police, so we provoke them by closing off Merdeka Square, and if anyone tries to breach even one section of the barricades, that gives us the excuse to start firing teargas and water cannons into all of the main crowds, we start chasing the crowd, hopefully there will be some casualties, some people will get hurt, we let the riot squad loose, beat up some protesters. We know this will all provoke the younger, less mature protester to fight back, and at that stage we know the organisers will not be able to control the crowds, which will be all over the place. Then we can plaster photos of the violence all over the papers and websites and brand Bersih and the opposition as unruly thugs.”

    What exactly were the barricades protecting?

    Some commentators have blamed the small section of the protestors who breached the barricades. Okay, this was perhaps a poor move “politically”, probably initiated by some over enthusiastic youth. But let’s for a moment stop and consider what exactly they were “breaching”.

    Were they breaching a line that was protecting a person or a national treasure? Were the protestors breaching the line in order to attack and disrupt some event in Dataran Merdeka? Was their intention to ransack a bank or loot shops? No!

    The only thing behind those barricades was an empty field. A field where Malaya was declared finally independent and free. A field that belongs to all Malaysians.

    So if the police had merely allowed the protesters to breach the barricades, what would the city or the country have lost?

    The police say they were protecting public interest. What public interest existed at 2pm April 28, 2012? Who were the members of the public the police are referring to? There were over 150,000 members of the public who wanted to be at the field which happened to be empty at that time.

    It was a gathering that was truly Malaysian

    Now, I am not claiming that everyone supports Bersih. There are those who are pro-BN and we must respect their opinion as they should respect ours. I have some friends who object to Bersih, and I am fine agreeing to disagree with them. (In a healthy democracy you need diversity in opinions to avoid “groupthink”).

    However, of all the rallies I have attended in the last 14 years, this was the largest I have ever seen in Malaysia.

    It reminded me of most of the opposition rallies and talks I have attended. BN can harp on and on about 1 Malaysia, but for true unity, friendliness, shared spirits, nothing beats the atmosphere at an opposition event. Not to say that Bersih was an opposition event, but it reminded me of the same cordial atmosphere.

    I met so many ex students, current students, colleagues, church friends, old school friends in the four hours we were there. I was particularly proud of our students and graduates for participating. It gives me hope for Malaysia’s future.

    Thirteen years ago, many people would have been scared to participate in an event like this. Now, people are more courageous.

    I saw whole churches with their pastors who had organised group outings for this. To me this is great. There was a carnival atmosphere throughout the day that was just lovely.

    It just goes to show (before FRU let loose) that peaceful protest does not harm the country.

    Public protests do not harm the country

    I know some Malaysians who are starting to buy in to the government propaganda that Malaysia is not ready for street protest. Their points are simple:

    First, some like Rais Yatim say that street protest are not part of Malaysian culture. Obviously he has forgotten the pre-Merdeka rallies and marches that Malaysians including Umno organised to send a message to the British.

    Also, it seems strange that BN never criticises street protest when it serves their purpose, for e.g. the almost weekly protest Umno seems to organise against Lim Guan Eng in Penang. At least Pakatan Rakyat is consistent, i.e. in Pakatan ruled states, the state government has never stopped BN supporters from organising protests.

    Secondly, some say it harms business. This is probably a half truth. There were many shops in Petaling Street opened yesterday and they were doing roaring business. At least five coffee shops ran out of stock by noon. Many business and malls were closed, but you have to ask yourself, “why?”

    Were they scared of the protesters or were they affected by the lack of visitors due to roadblocks and closures in public transport, and the anticipation of tear gas and water cannons?

    When I was in Brisbane seven years ago, there was a massive protest along the main shopping district, but because the police played a facilitative role, tourist and shoppers were still there unhindered.

    Thirdly, some people say protest affects the countries reputation. I was reading some idiotic tripe from Muhkriz Mahathir about how Bersih had tarnished the investment profile of Malaysia to Japan and elsewhere.

    He obviously has not witnessed the regular protests in Japan and Korea, which are far larger, more vocal and have not seemed to slow economic progress certainly in Korea.

    Also, for the YB’s information, it is not protest that drives investors away, but widespread corruption and lack of transparent governance that scares investors away.

    In the US, the world’s largest economy, they can have a million people march in Washington DC, and not a single water cannon or pistol is fired. In Malaysia, we can’t even have 150,000 people sit in an empty square for twohours without all hell breaking loose.

    When we were in London last year, we witnessed at least three rallies in Trafalgar Square and the police were so good in helping the protesters and tourist alike share the space.

    So, my friends, rallies and marches, and sit-ins like Bersih can be part of a peaceful and prosperous country’s life.

    * Dr Goh Chee Leong reads The Malaysian Insider
    * This is personal opinion of the writer and does not necessarily reflect the views of The Malaysian Insider


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    Another analysis by Steven Ng. Focus on the Spider who is always hiding behind the scenes, letting others do his dirty work.
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    Kick the butts

    May 16, 2012

    FMT LETTER: From Stephen Ng, via e-mail

    Bersih 3.0 is clearly the biggest rally in the history of this country, or else, it would not have evoked the kind of responses from Umno and Barisan Nasional.

    As mentioned in an article which I had written two days before April 28, the ruling BN party would not have Bersih 3.0 end peacefully. For that simple reason, after Bersih 2.0 co-chair, Ambiga Sreenevasan dispersed the crowd of over 200,000 Malaysians, a number of incidents took place.

    One can analyse the entire episode, and ask questions: Why the police cordon was suddenly withdrawn? Why was the City Hall metal gates not reinforced with barbed wires? Why did a few cameramen particular zoom in on Azmin Ali and Anwar Ibrahim to look for any hand gestures to immediately accuse them of causing the protestors to barge into the area around Dataran Merdeka? Why was R Thangam taken into custody when all he had done was to remove unguarded City Hall metal gates?
    And, of all persons, why is Hanif Omar being appointed as chairman of the inquiry panel when clearly it is a conflict of interest and Hanif had prejudices against Bersih, calling it a coup d’etat? I cannot imagine how Bersih people could stage a coup d’etat with water, salt and mineral water plastic bottles.

    It is clear from Bersih 2.0 and 3.0 that Umno’s fingers are all over the place. Umno president, Najib Tun Razak was behind the police brutality during Bersh 3.0, and previously Bersih 2.0. As the prime minister, Najib holds the power over the police, the FRU and the City Hall. If he had been sincere as he has always portrayed himself, he would have allowed Bersih demonstrators to sit-in on the green patch of grass for two hours.

    The City Hall mayor would have been spared of his now-tainted reputation. The police would have cooperated with the people in the same way they had cooperated with fellow Malaysians in other major cities throughout the country, and like their counterparts in other countries, protected the protestors. The final call is with the PM.

    In other countries, such as Indonesia and the Philippines, we have seen that even the president would have resigned. In Japan, the Prime Minister would have exercised hara kiri. But like his master, Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Najib who came into power through the backdoor, failed to listen to the people’s demand.

    In retrospect, if Najib had been sincere, there would not have been a single incident. If any policeman had opted to use force, he would have instructed an independent inquiry. Najib would have set up the IPCMC from the day he became prime minister.

    The rally would have been what it was meant to be – a rally of 250,000 Malaysians nationwide and worldwide to show the people’s solidarity behind the eight demands of Bersih. On April 28, Malaysians of all walks of life came together to ask for a clean and fair election. Whatever their grievances are with the BN Government, it makes no difference.

    Unless the electoral roll is cleaned up, there can be no clean and fair election. Unless it is a political earthquake, Umno and the BN will continue to rule the country the way it has ruled since 1981. There will be more NFCs, PKFZs, Bank Bumiputra, Perwaja and MAS type of scandals.

    Umno is bankrupt of ideas

    The other signs which clearly show that Bersih 3.0 has made a big impact on the ruling party is what we have seen lately happening in front of Ambiga’s house.

    A group of hawkers which called itself Ikhlas are obviously Umno supporters. They set up a stall in front of Ambiga’s house to attract publicity, yet such gimmick was praised by the Deputy IGP. No actions were taken by the Kuala Lumpur City Hall.
    Next, a group of retired armed forces personnel, who claimed to be members of the Malaysian Armed Forces Veterans Association (PVTM), held ‘butt exercises’ early in the morning. These senior citizens have forgotten their morals, and are willing to do anything just to demonise Bersih and Ambiga.

    While most people are amused by the butt exercise, I have three things to say to these senior citizens. Firstly, where did they learn their morals from? I can bet with you that a religious person who claims to be a Muslim would not do such a thing because, for people of all races, religions and creed, it is a shameful thing to show the butts.

    Secondly, as far as I know only the ostrich would show its butt while burying its head in the sand. This is because the ostrich with a small brain think that it can hide itself by burying its head, while its butt still shows up towards the sky. Have our armed forces veterans gone senile over their butts exercise?

    Finally, I have to say this comes from someone who is fed up with Umno politics. From the parading of a cow’s head to the brutality upon Bersih people, it has never ceased from dirty politics. It is time that Malaysians stand up, and kick the butts of Umno politicians until they learn to behave as civilized people.

    Perkasa not Umno, Umno not Perkasa

    In Penang, Perkasa defended Umno and the BN. Perkasa comprises of Dr. Mahathir as the patron and Ibrahim Ali as president. Without an iota of doubt, Perkasa is Umno, and Umno has set up an arm to intimidate the people using Perkasa.
    Yet, we read that in Penang, when Perkasa organised a funeral service for Penang Chief Minister, Lim Guan Eng, Umno came forward to rebuke it. As much as Umno wants to create an impression that it has nothing to do with Perkasa, it should ban Perkasa for trying to play on racial sentiments.

    Umno should demand Umno veteran, Dr Mahathir Mamad to resign as Perkasa patron. By having Dr Mahathir to sit beside Najib during the Umno general assembly is a slap in the face of Umno, since the former is also the patron of an organisation that is known for playing racial sentiments and doing all sorts of *******ly acts.

    These days, the people are more politically aware of what is happening around. We will no longer be fooled around or intimidated. If ever there is a time in the history of this country where Malaysians stand up and be counted, it is now.

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    428 -The day the Govt went to war with the people.wmv is just an attempt to find out what happened on April 28.........You people decide.... I just hope that SUHAKAM will be able to uncover the truth. Let j...

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