PKR launches 'phantom voter-busting' system

Concerned over claims of phantom voters, PKR yesterday launched a database system which could help them track the movement of voters.

According to PKR deputy president Azmin Ali, the system dubbed Sistem Menang Pilihanraya (Sismep) 3.0 allows the party to trace the exact number of voters who have been moved and the locality in which they were voting before. And the exact location of their new addresses.

Linked to Google maps, this third version of a system used in the previous elections allows the party to pin point the location of the addresses used to determine voting localities.

Through this, he said, party workers can now visit those addresses to check with the voters whether they had consented to change their voting localities, to prevent instances of fraud.

Getting closer to new voters

"It can tell you exactly which lane etc. This is the most sophisticated we have come across," Azmin (right in photo) said, of the system put together with the help of PKR's "young supporters".

It locates voter movements according to the 2004 electoral roll, 2008 electoral roll and the latest electoral roll gazetted in the fourth quarter of 2011.

He said the system, which uses the common demominator of identity card numbers and voter serial numbers, can also track new voters so that party workers to "get closer to them".

"We hope to do all this in May to prepare for elections to be called in mid June," he said.