1. P.U. (A) 193 Jun 2011: Amendment to Conduct of Elections Regulations - Forms 13 to 16

2. P.U. (A) 43 15 Feb 2012: Amendment to Conduct of Elections - Indelible ink, Forms 10 and 10A.
Note: No provision for Postal Voters.

4. P.U. (A) 106 25 Apr 2012: Amendment to Registration of Electors Regulations - Regulation 12 (3) is deleted, meaning an applicatant for registration as an elector will not be issued with a receipt.
Implications: The EC can register on behalf of anybody and there is no proof that they have done so. Similarly, a person can apply and he has no proof that he has applied.

5. P.U. (A) 113 30 Apr 2012: Amendment to Conduct of Elections Regulations - - Introduction of Advance Voters. Police spouse allowed to be advance voters.

6. P.U. (A) 114 30 Apr 2012. Amendment to Postal Voting - Armed forces and police can opt to transfer from Advance Voters to Postal voting. EC Members and staff can apply to be Postal Voters. Have to fill Form 1 Application for Postal Ballot Paper.

Amendments to the Election Acts:

What if the Election Offences Act was passed?

3. DR042012 EOA 19 Apr 2012