Perkasa’s despicable behaviour must be condemned

May 14, 2012
FMT LETTER: From P Ramakrishnan, via e-mail

Aliran is shocked and alarmed by the puerile and infantile behaviour of Perkasa, whose members numbering about 30 held an atrocious ‘funeral rite’ in front of the Penang Chief Minister’s house in Pinhorn Road yesterday.

They also put up a garlanded framed photograph on the gate of the house ‘to signify his “death” to the Malay community’.

These desperadoes resorted to hooliganism and rowdyism in their conduct by throwing posters of the CM in front of his gate and littering the road by strewing the same posters on the road while on motorcycles on their way to Komtar to continue their demonstration there.

This dastardly act surely cannot be condoned by Islam and other traditions and all right-thinking Malaysians from all walks of life.

What these people did – and had done in the past – is a threat to our communal harmony. They are trying to undermine our unity for their political agenda.

They tend to evoke hatred and dissatisfaction among the various communities unnecessarily and without just cause. They are playing with fire without a care and their irresponsible conduct can undo the peace that is prevalent now.

Conducting funeral services and carrying coffins around and presenting faeces as chocolate cake are not the conduct of the brave and the sane. This is the behaviour of the irrational and the irresponsible.
These irresponsible people – believed to be members or supporters of Umno – cannot foolishly think that Umno will not be implicated by their conduct by wearing the garb of Perkasa.

One may wear many caps but the person is the same – he doesn’t assume a different personality nor does he shed his form and face by playing a different role.

A nasty person doesn’t become a saint by switching his role and associating with another group. He will always be nasty.

What is equally disturbing is the fact that they seem to have free reign to do what they please. Why haven’t the police acted against these people?

Is the Chief Minister’s residence guarded by the police? If so, why is it that we did not hear of them taking action? They don’t seem to be anywhere near when these people were conducting their ‘funeral rites’ in front of the CM’s residence.

The police, if they are to maintain the peace and order, have a duty to act immediately irrespective of those involved. People are wondering why this is not happening.

The writer is an executive committee member of Aliran