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Thread: Lo Por Peng from Pun Chun restaurant, Bidor

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    Lo Por Peng from Pun Chun restaurant, Bidor

    We hear a lot about Lo Por Peng in the tv shows from HK. So when I chanced upon some from the famous Pun Chun Restaurant in Bidor, I decided to buy some home.

    They are round shaped biscuits with sweet filling that tastes really good. A very strong almond aroma. (For some, that's good while I know of people who cannot stand the taste of almond). I have acquired the taste for it and love these biscuits.

    Pun Chun is located on the main street of Bidor, simply called Main Road. It's always full and is famous for their duck thigh noodle, wanton noodles and many types of biscuits and savoury items. It's almost a must to stop by Pun Chun each time travellers drive through Bidor.

    Only negative thing is: the lady there is quite fierce. Corrected my imperfect Cantonese with this look of disgust on her face! Maybe, I caught her on a wrong day.

    Note: non-halal

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    Re: Lo Por Peng from Pun Chun restaurant, Bidor

    Hey, thanks for the review.
    It has been a long time since I stop there.
    Guess, cos malas to exit from the NS Highway.

    The duck thigh noodle sounds more interesting to me, LOL
    Not a fan of the over hype Lo Por Peng.
    Will try and drop by for a bit at the duck thigh noodle next time I visit Ipoh.
    So, confirm the duck thigh noodle is sold at Pun Chun Restaurant?
    What's their operating hours?

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    Re: Lo Por Peng from Pun Chun restaurant, Bidor

    Not sure what their operating hours are as I have only stopped by Bidor in the daytime.

    What I do know is that it's almost impossible to get a seat during peak travel seasons like festivals and long weekends.

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