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Thread: PACABA Registration or Volunteer with TM

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    PACABA Registration or Volunteer with TM

    Calling for PACABAs and Volunteers with Tindak Malaysia

    [added 07 Apr 2013]

    A For new comer

    1. Register contact details.
    2. During the registration, he or shealready key in the password on the spot.
    3. Once registered successfully, he or shemay use the password keyed in to log in:
    a. To update the details and pacaba details.
    b. To register for classes.
    4. At the same time, if he or she receivesa verification email, he or she can click on the verification link to confirmthe validity of the email provided.

    B. For those are already in the system,they have 3 options to get a password:
    1. To reset password
    2. If reset password doesn’t work, he orshe can request password by sending an email to To reset the password, he or she needsto provide a valid email address or mobile number.
    3. If the first 2 options fail to work,then send an email to pacabaregistration@tindakmalaysia.comto request to assign an email to him orher.

    It is possible for you to register for training as the program allows for data entry in the training fields.


    Register for training at

    1. How to register:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Public registration 01.jpg 
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    2. When you have entered the site and followed the instructions, you will see this:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Public registration 02.jpg 
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    Submit the information requested. Your email (DON'T change your email as it is one of your IDs, the other being your mobile phone no.) and mobile phone
    no (put country code but no "+" or blank space or "-". Eg 60122118885) are very important as we rely on that to identify you. Please fill them in correctly.

    (Your email: use a proper name instead of a pseudonym. Eg "Abercrombie Tan Ah Kow" <>. Not "Anonymous" <>. We deal with thousands of people and cannot afford the time trying to figure out who is who. We appreciate that our volunteers trust us with their personal information, which we will try our best to protect. Read our privacy policy online. When sending email to us, use your proper name when signing off. Eg for the above, sign off as "Abercrombie" or "Abercrombie Tan" or "Tan Ah Kow" or "Ah Kow". Not "Atak" or some other acronym. Thank you for your understanding.)

    3. Registering for Class Schedules:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Public registration 03.jpg 
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    4. Follow the instructions, which will bring you to the following location:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Public registration 04.jpg 
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    To find the location of your training venue, go back to step 1 and click on "Training Location Points". If it is at our regular venue at MBPJ, Petaling Jaya, look it up here:
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	MBPJ 1 Key Map.jpg 
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    If you have any further query, please email to

    Join BERSIH 2.0, JOM Pantau and Tindak Malaysia to fight electoral fraud.

    Click here to go to:
    BERSIH 3.0's Reaction: JOM Pantau by KOMAS & PACABA by Tindak Malaysia

    Below are Tindak Malaysia's long-term needs. If you wish to volunteer your services to build a Better Malaysia, join us.

    Legend: N/A = We don't have the total group no.
    No. Tasks Lead Reqm'ts / Skills Daily Individual Hrs Reqd Total Team Hrs Reqd
    1 Data entry of registration forms and contact number + email verification Amy Excel & accurate data entry 1 16
    2 Data entry of volunteer forms and contact number + email verification Amy Excel & accurate data entry 1 16
    3 Design & distribution of new registration and volunteers forms (softcopy) Amy Access & Excel N/A 8
    4 Database cleanup and structuring for communication updates and PACABA selection Amy, NCN & py Access & Excel N/A 18
    5 Publicity and discussion postings on tindakmalaysia facebook SV, JS FB, Creative Imaging, represent TindakMsia 1 N/A
    6 Commentary, training schedule, electoral reforms updates, opinion-shaping tweets on Twitter TindakMalaysia SV, JS Twitter, Tweetdeck, follow other activists, represent TindakMsia 1 N/A
    7 TM Outreach Programme:
    Networkers, Recruiters, Story Tellers, Publicists at Training Sessions & Public Forms & Public Spaces. Liaison with other NGOs. Event Managers. Photographers. Website developer.
    PY & Sam Passionate & Comfortable with people, able to work with organizers and other activists. N/A Follow events
    8 Convert Legal Advisor notes to Training Slides for PACABAs py Attended our training, good with powerpoint N/A 6
    9 Administrator Amy Email clients with multiple accounts (Thunderbird, Outlook), Excel, Access, IT-savvy, Attended our training 2 N/A
    10 Map of volunteer location, skills & contact information - Geocode Peter Mapping skills 1 N/A
    11 Trainers Seniors PACABA, projector, trainer 1 N/A
    12 Video Production & powerpoint development PY Video editing, shooting & production 1 N/A
    13 Translator py Mandarin, BM, Tamil, Iban, Kadazan 2 N/A

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