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Thread: BERSIH 3.0: Everyone can adopt these 2ACTIONS

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    BERSIH 3.0: Everyone can adopt these 2ACTIONS

    Everything that needs to be said has been said.
    Where do we go from

    The onus is on each individual.
    Since the present regime has chosen to ignore our demand for a clean and fair election, we have to take ownership of our destiny as a nation.
    Together, we will tell our government never to underestimate the power of the rakyat.
    Collectively, we can turn the tide of history!

    Everyone can adopt these 2ACTIONS

    Action 1 Use your Vote wisely, Fight the Frauds

    JOM 100, officially launched by Bersih 2.0 Steering Committee on 4 April 2012, is an effort to get every Malaysian citizen to turn up at the polling station to vote.

    Here are some simple tips on how to protect your vote:

    • Randomising the ballot paper. If the Election Commission Clerk issues a ballot paper from the top of the booklet, your vote can be traced. Always insist on a ballot paper from somewhere below. RANDOMIZE to break the sequence of ballot issue. That is the best guarantee of voter secrecy.

    • A clean ballot paper. Any marking, including a small dot on the ballot paper could mean that your vote is disqualified although you may mark ‘X’ clearly on your choice of party.

    • Vote early to avoid people stealing your vote! If someone has used your name to vote, you will not be given a ballot paper even though your finger is not marked with indelible ink.

    Equip yourself with basic knowledge about the electoral process. Attend or host classes conducted by Tindak Malaysia at

    Action 2: Volunteer to be an election watchdog or polling agent

    It is time that Bersih supporters walk the talk by actively participating in GE13 as en election watchdog or polling agent to detect possible frauds.

    You can also report to JOM PANTAU! ( if you notice any fraud during the election campaign period and on polling day.

    Or, volunteer your services to your local elected representative as part of their election watchdog team in the coming GE13 – either as polling agents, counting agents, postal polling agents, or just an election monitor.

    KOMAS is the NGO officially managing JOM PANTAU! On behalf of Bersih 2.0

    Sms Complaint 013-7711071
    Complaints Hotline 03-22824105
    Send tweet #jom_pantau

    Tindak Malaysia (TM) trains people on election matters. Volunteer by writing to or
    sms 017-2404416. Train as a PACABA or be one of our Information Dissemination Volunteer (IDV).
    Our real struggle for a clean and fair election has just begun…
    The outcome of GE13 lies in your hands.

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    Title: PACABA Master Task

    Volunteers required to help Tindak Malaysia to move towards a 2-Party System through Free and Fair Elections.

    No Tasks Requirements & skills Volunteer (Name & profession) Weekly hrs Mobile no & email
    1 Data entry of registration forms and contact number + email verification Excel & accurate data entry
    2 Data entry of volunteer forms and contact number + email verification Excel & accurate data entry
    3 Design & distribution of new registration and volunteers forms (softcopy) Access & Excel
    4 Database cleanup and structuring for communication updates and PACABA selection Access & Excel
    5 Publicity and "discussion" postings (trigger emotions) on tindakmalaysia facebook , Creative Imaging, represent TindakMsia
    6 Commentary, training schedule, electoral reforms updates, opinion-shaping tweets on Twitter TindakMalaysia Twitter, Tweetdeck, follow other activists, represent TindakMsia
    7 TM Outreach Programme:
    Networkers, Recruiters, Story Tellers, Publicists at Training Sessions & Public Forms & Public Spaces. Liaison with other NGOs. Event Managers. Photographers. Website developer.
    Passionate & Comfortable with people, able to work with NGO's and activists.
    8 Legal team. Convert Legal Advisor notes to Training Slides for PACABAs Attended our training, good with powerpoint
    9 Administrator for the new and TindakMsia contact number 017-2404416 Email clients with multiple accounts (Thunderbird, Outlook), Excel, Access, IT-savvy, Attended our training
    10 Map of volunteer location, skills & contact information - Geocode Mapping skills
    11 Trainers PACABA, projector, trainer
    12 Video Production & powerpoint development Video editing, shooting & production

    Volunteer by email to : Or sms 017-2404416 with name, mobile, email, task nos. & hrs/week. Eg: Ahmad Nor, 012-2222345,, task 1 (2 hrs)

    Download the attachment, key in data required and email to
    pacaba.admin@tindakmalaysia.comand cc

    All tasks led by Chris, except Task 7 by py, Task 8 Chris & py, Task 10 by Peter & Task 11 by Senior Trainers
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