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Online passport renewal – what a surprise!

07 Apr 2012

4 and the half years ago, I was surprised at the efficiency of our passport unit when I went to renew my passport. It took me a total of 2 hours from submitting application to the time the passport was given to me. I have blogged about this at that time.

Recently I noticed that my passport has only 6 months’ validity which essentially means that I cannot use it anymore to travel overseas. I have heard about online application for passport and so i tried to apply for a new passport online on Thursday ( 2 days ago). It took me less than 10 minutes to do so , including uploading a passport size photo, payment via credit card and printing out the receipt. The website is quite user-friendly, and once I keyed in my old passport number, all my info were uploaded automatically to the application form, and all i was required to do was to upload my photo and agree to the terms and conditions and fill in my handphone number.

There was a column in the form for me to choose where to collect my passport, and I opted to collect from kelanaJaya immigration Office. When I printed out the receipt, it indicated that I should collect it from the said office at 4pm yesterday ( 24 hours from the time I submitted my application online).

I went around 3.50pm and got a queue number and within 20 minutes, I got my new passport. It was really hassle free, and the whole process was so fast that I have nothing but praises for the department. The staff there, despite being very busy, was very pleasant, and I even got a smile from the officer who handled my case.

I was surprised to learn that not many people use this online service. For those who like to do so, upload a photocopy of your passport photo ( must be most recent ), and go to this link:

Click on the column ‘Online services” and choose MyOnline passport. The rest will e a step by step guide as to fill in your old passport number and how to upload your photo and payment. The last step will be to print out the receipt .

Do not forget to bring along your old passport and ic ( for verification) when going to collect your new passport.

This is one instance that I think Malaysia can beat and at least equal other countries. And being a Malaysian, I am proud of this!