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Thread: Malaysian History: UMNO and the Malayan Union

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    Malaysian History: UMNO and the Malayan Union

    1. Malayan Union was inaugurated on April Fool's Day, 1st Apr 1946 as a joke on the Malayans.
    2. UMNO was launched on 10th May 1946, apparently in reaction to the Malayan Union.

    But if we look at the bigger picture through a historical lens, it become apparent that UMNO was a stooge set up by the British to continue their rule behind the scenes, to continue their strategy of colonialism but under a new face. That's known as neo-colonialism.

    Today what we see is a mutated version of the system that has morphed into a form of apartheid.

    Read Dr. Kua Ker Soong's book "Of Patriots and Pretenders" for more academic treatment on the issue.
    Download the powerpoint to follow the Malayan Union background.

    Remember: We have been made fools of since 1st Apr 1946!

    The only way to be free is to crash the system!
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