Cyber-troopers at play to justify their pay.

Bersih 3.0 Singapore has issued press statement (English and BM) and the team has put out a number of notes stating the facts.

They have pursued with Google to take down (successfully) the posting by mymassa containing the photos due to copyright infringement and defamation.

Malaysian Digest has taken down the posting.

Slander is still on going by in Mymassa with superimposing our training slides + photo of participant with caption of "DI SINGAPURA = MEREKA KURSUSKAN BELIA PAP HADAPI PRU13 MALAYSIA"

Mymassa is now twisting and spinning that they are now concerned that warganegara Malaysia is doing Bersih's dirty work.

Malaysian Insider picked up the story and also the call by mymassa for protest after Friday prayers today, which had zero attendance.

The Singapore government has issued statement on the status of the diplomats and also that the Bersih 3.0 facebook group are Malaysians (meaning Singapore SB has been monitoring them consistently).

The Star carried Singapore government statement and also a single line on Bersih Facebook clarification.

Utusan Online picked up the story on 20-Jun-2012, and the slanderous commentary by Zaini Hassan is still there.

Bersih Singapore and Malaysians-in-Singapore showed great teamwork and effort.

Links to all at attached below.

Our response to allegations by blogger MyMassa and Utusan Malaysia

by Hwa Shi-Hsia on Friday, June 22, 2012 at 12:19pm ·


Bersih 3.0 Singapore has been made aware of a call to demonstrate on June 22 in front of the Singapore High Commission in Kuala Lumpur to protest against the alleged "planned interference by foreign interests" in Malaysia in the upcoming 13th General Election.

The allegation started from a blog, MyMassa, purporting to have proof of preparation by Singaporeans being trained as polling/counting agents for the polling day of GE13. The blog used the specific training event organised by Bersih 3.0 Singapore as the 'proof' of such preparation for intervention.

It is highly regrettable that Utusan Malaysia picked up the erroneous blog post and, based on the twisted information, published an article titled "Pendedahan ini, jika benar, cukup memeranjatkan!" ("This expose, if true, is shocking!") on June 20. In response to that report, a few NGOs then issued the call to protest at the Singapore High Commission for interference.

The contention above can only be described as ridiculous.

Bersih 3.0 Singapore would like to emphasise that the event mentioned was a Malaysian event, organised by Malaysians, for Malaysians only.

It was held in Singapore simply because the participants were Malaysians living in Singapore. These Malaysians were attending a workshop run by Malaysians as part of their efforts to exercise their constitutional rights and protect a vibrant democracy in their beloved home country.

The total lack of evidence that any Singaporean elements were in any way involved means that the suggestion betrays either an overactive imagination, or insincere motivations, or both.

We would like to note that the era of political fearmongering and the use of external bogeyman as scapegoats to distract attention from glaring internal problems within the nation is well over.

No longer will Malaysians within or without Malaysia be held hostage to the politics of fear, and no longer will they be fooled by accusations that are devoid of evidence or plausibility. Despite these developments, Bersih 3.0 Singapore will continue its efforts to facilitate a joint endeavour between all Malaysians, at home and abroad, to make the home we love a better, cleaner democracy for all.

From Cheng Eng Aun Facebook:

Now that things are a bit more settled that I can recount the incident.
On May 19, a polling/counting agent (PACA) training was held in Singapore for the convenience of Malaysians working here so that they are able to discharge their civic duties effectively. In the spirit of capturing the moments and helping to create publicity shots, I published the pictures in Facebook under Public setting. The Facebook event page was also publicly visible.

On June 19, we had been alerted to a series of malicious blog posts published in MyMassa. We were purported to be foreign citizens being trained to observe the upcoming 13th Malaysian General Election [1]. Another news website suggested that we may be "Singapore agents" [2]. My pictures were taken by the former and published, citing those as "open source" evidence that should be widely shared.
After ascertaining the situation with my friends and fellow organizers of the event, I suppressed the Facebook albums and lodged complaints of copyright infringement and defamation to Google, which hosted MyMassa. The offending article was removed just over 12 hours later. To Malaysian Digest's credit, their article was also taken off.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Singapore also made a separate statement, that the claim of Singapore's attempt to interfere with Malaysian politics was utter falsehood [3].

This was a rude shock but perhaps unsurprising. But it is a wake-up call for all of us. If slanders and attacks can happen not only to prominent leaders but common citizens like us, you too are at risk. Perhaps it is time for re-examining our personal values and fight for a better future.

[1] Wikileaks! Bukti Persediaan Warga Singapura Kucar-kacirkan Malaysia Semasa PRU Ke-13. MyMassa. (accessed June 21, 2012)

[2] Ejen Singapura Campur Tangan PRU-13? Malaysian Digest. (accessed June 21, 2012)
[3] MFA rebuts allegations diplomats participated in Bersih rally. ST Breaking News/Singapore. (accessed June 22, 2012)

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