EC meets all parties: GE-13 imminent!

PUTRAJAYA- The Election Commission has urged all political parties to "cooperate" in ensuring that the upcoming 13th General Election can be carried out in the best manner possible.

EC Chairman Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Mohd Yusof said cooperation from all political parties is needed to implement electoral reforms as the commission does not have unlimited powers or resources.

"If there are any areas in which the EC needs to work on, please come forward and inform us directly. Do not go through the media because then the EC will only get a general idea and not specific details," said Abdul Aziz today, during a meeting with leaders from all political parties in the Peninsula.

"All suggestions made will be received in good faith. However, it must be understood that any changes made must be in accordance with laws and regulations that governs the election process," he stressed.

A simulation of how the election process will be carried out was also conducted to highlight changes which has been introduced to the system, including the use of indelible ink and advance voting.

In his opening address, Abdul Aziz noted that there are three categories of political parties in Malaysia:

>> Parties that do not react to any changes introduced by the EC;

>> Parties that provides feedback to the EC in a "friendly, cordial and pleasant" manner;

>> Parties that view any changes made by the EC as never being "good enough" and uses the media to highlight any alleged weaknesses in the system.

As such, Abdul Aziz said the EC has invited 10 leaders from each political party to attend the meeting, in the hope of fostering better ties and ensuring that the election process is understood by all.

"I am very confident that candidates who are most favored by the voters will win (on polling day).

"The EC has been working hard to implement recommendations made to improve the election process," said Abdul Aziz to critics who claimed that the upcoming general election will be the "dirtiest in history".

The Parliamentary Select Committee for Electoral Reforms had in April submitted 22 recommendations for consideration by the EC.