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    PACABA Law Guide 150612

    PACABA Law Guides, updated Feb 2013

    0.2 Lembaga Perseketuan Artikel 39-57, 113-120, Jadual Ke-13_BM_040413Akta & Peraturan Pilihanraya [BM]

    12th April 2013: Consolidated into one document. Thanks to Mary S.

    0.2 Federal Constitution Articles 39-57, 113-120, 13th Schedule_040413

    PACABA Election Law Guide Combined Apr 2013 (English)

    0.2 Lembaga Perseketuan Artikel 39 . 57, 113 - 120, Jadual Ketigabelas_040413

    BM PACABA Law Guide Combined Apr2013

    Cleaned up versions up to Feb 2013.

    Disclaimer: You use these documents at your own risk. You have to compare it with the originals to ensure it is a correct version.


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