Five sons went to study in Taiwan

Five sons graduated in 1999

Five sons established a small IT company in Nov 2000

Five sons IPOed in Taiwan OTC stock market in Dec 2004. They named their company Phison.

Last year, Phison was capitalized at USD 1 billion in the stock market.

Today, Phison has net cash position of USD 85 million.

Those five sons came from Malaysia.

Entrance to Phison Electronic Corporation in Jhunan Kuan-Yuan Science Park, Taiwan

President KS Pua, the Sekinchan boy who made good in Taiwan.

Phison Intro Part 1

Phison Intro Part 2

Phison Controller for NAND Flash

Phison NAND Flash Controller

Phison Milestones

Phison Design Office

Phison Electronic Photo Album