This is a very good web forum for security started by Robertec.

Do sign up to receive crime alerts and to contribute to awareness of crime in your area.

Get your family, friends and neighbours to join SJ Alert

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Help the Polis to help us. Remember to always be The eyes and ears of Subang Jaya.

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SJ Alert EMS works in conjunction with SJ Alert SMS and SJ Alert Web Forum in alerting you of Crime, Emergencies, Utility Disruptions and Community Events in Subang Jaya. You may also receive Crime Reports directly from the 4 Balai Polis in Subang Jaya. (Balai Polis SS17, Balai Polis USJ8, Balai Polis Taipan, Balai Polis Bandar Sunway and Balai Polis Putra Heights)