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Thread: FAQ: What is the purpose of Borang SPR 765?

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    FAQ: What is the purpose of Borang SPR 765?

    This is the advice from Steven Choong on Borang SPR 765 (see attached):

    SPR 765 is for situation when a OKU that cannot climb stair case and there is no lift to the polling station.

    Then a person (Ketua PACABA/Timbalan Ketua PACABA) may be appointed to witness a Kerani who would bring down the ballot paper to allow an OKU to vote and then bring upstairs to let the PA to check the SPR 765 before the ballot paper is dropped into the ballot box.


    The ballot paper will be issued and placed in a envelope to be brought down by the KTM.
    The OKU will go into a saluran on the ground floor and cast the ballot paper with the PAs in the saluran being the witnesses.The PAs of both sides if present will sign the Form SPR 765. The marked ballot paper will be put inside the envelope sealed and brought up stairs. KTM must show the SPR 765 to the PAs before opening the envelope with the ballot paper to drop into the ballot box.
    SPR also clarified that 2-lanes will be used to ensure that all the voters will be able to vote before 8pm. SPR clarified that each voter will take less than 1 minute to walk in and walk out. They are very confident about this.

    For such a case, there is no voter secrecy.

    Of course the question to ask is why did the SPR not assign the OKU to Saluran 1 which is supposed to be downstairs.
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