8am - 5pm, and not 8pm based on latest information that we have.

SPR also clarified that 2-lanes will be used to ensure that all the voters will be able to vote before 5pm. SPR clarified that each voter will take less than 1 minute to walk in and walk out. They are very confident about this.

That means the voting time available is 9 hours = 540 minutes. 46 seconds per voter. The previous arrangements of shifts for PACA remains

PA 1: 7am - 10am, 12 noon - 2pm, 4:30pm - 5pm, then continue as CA
PA 2: 10am - 12 noon, 2pm - 4:30pm.

To insert the inking process in the middle of the voting process introduce a great risk of delay to the polling. A better way is to have the voter to dip the finger into the ink after voting. A provision can be made in the EOA (Election Offences Act) making it an offense for a voter not to dip the finger in ink after voting. This will avoid the danger of delay to the voting process as it will have reverted to the old method of polling with the inking added after the voter has cast the ballot paper. 2 bottles of ink per polling station will be adequate.