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Thread: FAQ: Election References & How does success look like?

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    FAQ: Election References & How does success look like?


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    Dear Seng Hwa,

    Thank you for conceptualizing this. My overview:


    1. We exist in a System, a system made up of politics-social-economics. The System has been hijacked by a group of greedy people to oppress and exploit us. They are made up of politicians and the senior heads of various govt depts. and bodies. I call these the System Operators or the UMNO War Machine.

    2. Many people think that the solution is in politics and changing the political parties. I believe that the solution is in economics, the changing of the system and the mind-set of the people (attitude, responsibility, productivity and efficiency).

    3. My objective is to change the system and to establish the principle of PEOPLE ARE THE BOSS.

    4. To achieve this end, we need to empower the people so that they can take ownership of the political process. This is only one step but a necessary step to build a network. With the network, we look at the other 198 Ways To Bring Down A Dictatorship.


    1. Better Malaysia?
    2. Better income?
    3. Corruption-free?
    4. Food on the table?

    1. Freedom of thought?
    2. Good education system?
    3. Justice?
    4. National Unity?
    5. Roof over your head?
    6. Security?
    7. Sense of belonging?
    8. 2-Party State?

    Beh Seng Hwa: What are we trying to achieve?

    A completely independent and transparent electoral system that enables the citizens of Malaysia to fully exercise their democratic rights.

    What will success look like?

    An Electoral Commission whose ability to operate independently and with impartiality is enshrined in the constitution.

    An electoral system that allows for better representation of the interests of all sectors of Malaysian society

    An electoral register that is completely open to public and international scrutiny and is efficiently and securely managed

    An election day process that protects the citizen's right to exercise their choice without fear and bias

    A clear and robust process for the delineation of constituencies that more fairly represents the electorate

    Why is this important to the Country?

    The country benefits by being able to ensure that the government that best represents the collective wishes the citizens of Malaysia are elected into power

    What are the consequences of not achieving it?

    Without free and fair elections, the democratic process in Malaysia will not survive, an the citizens are condemned to a government not of their choosing

    How will success be measured ?

    A positive assessment by independent international adjudicators of the electoral process and its results

    A independently audible electoral register with positive audit findings

    A published map of constituency boundaries with a balanced distribution of representatives to electoral communities

    Chris: an active participation of the electorate in the processes would help them achieve the the "infrastructure" required to sustain a government that represents the will of the people.

    Malaysia Electoral System

    Why Vote

    Where are we headed

    The above may be helpful for you to develop your ideas.



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