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Thread: Kuala Terengganu By-election

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    Zorro Unmasked: Should you be surprised

    .......Why did 60,000 Malaysians march in protest on 10 Novermber 2007? Why did they brave the police tear-gassing and chemical wash? They wanted a clean, fair election? Did we get one in March 2008? If it was clean and fair, the Pakatan Rakyat would have won Terengganu and Perlis!

    Did the Election Commission cheat again at Permatang Pauh? Of course they did without batting an eye.

    .......Could it be that this culture of cheating at the polls began after the 1969 GE? For the first time the Alliance realised that they could lose at elections and they were not going to lose any elections at all cost, in the future. Probably, yes?

    So will they cheat again, even with a new Election Commission chief? Can the EC Chairman, in his maiden assignment, sleep peacefull and say that he ran a clean and fair election in Kuala Terengganu?

    ......10.5% of voters in Kuala Terengganu are registered without a house number (NoRumah), even after excluding postal voters. SPR's voter address registration seems archaic, with 35% voters nationwide without house numbers, and without ZIP code. Why not automatically register voters and use MyKad address?


    * Nation-wide, 35% of voters were registered with the SPR without a house number (NoRumah) for GE12 electoral roll gazetted on 2008 Feb 5. See NoRumah? No Rumah? More than 1/3 voters homeless?
    * Sabah led the blurry pack, with 92% of voters not registering their house number.
    * Terengganu state overall had 35.2% voters without house numbers.
    * The relatively urbanized Kuala Terengganu (P036) in 2008 Feb 5 had 10.6% voters without NoRumah.
    * Using the latest KT roll of 2008 Dec 5, we found only slight improvement to 10.5% voters without NoRumah.

    * In Permatang Pauh by-election roll dated 20080731, 1,020 or 1.8% voters were without house numbers. See this report.
    * Our analysis exclude postal voters. Had postal voters been included, the percentage will be even higher by about 1% to 3%.
    * Our analysis also tries to standardize variations of entries, such as "-" and other text that denotes blank, such as "tiada","null","*", etc.

    And don't forget Primula Park Royal employees surrendering copy of their MyKad and temporary ICs being given out by the State registration department late Wednesday night.

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    KT By-election: Will 916 happen after all?

    KT By-election: Will 916 come true after all?

    If tomorrow, on 17 Jan 2009, UMNO still loses despite the massive cheating and abuse of power, it will prove to the people that UMNO is no longer invincible. Then the people across the whole nation will wake up and BN will lose the next General Elections. Given this situation, UMNO’s hold on the other component parties in the BN will be broken and they will jump the BN ship to join Pakatan Rakyat.

    Maybe 916 will come true after all.

    This is the last day for campaigning before polling day on 17th Jan 09. The town is over-flowing with Ministers, leaders and supporters from both sides. As I am typing this article in the Mingstar hotel along the busy Jalan Sultan Zainal Abidin, the cars outside are blaring their horns in support of PAS.

    The strategies of the two coalitions are clear.

    I. BN & UMNO’s Strategies:

    A. Pre-election strategy:
    1. Pad the Electoral Roll.
    No time for gerrymandering. Use SPR and National Registration Dept to prepare i/cs for phantom voters, insert them into the electoral rolls, shift known PAS supporters out of the constituency, hide other known PAS supporters from the public rolls to free that vote for phantoms to use later.

    2. Adjust or change the i/c nos of voters to confuse election watchers.

    SPR had just gazetted a country-wide electoral roll on 28 Nov, 2008. ( Yet a new roll was specially prepared on 5 Dec, 2008 just for this by-election. ( This is a remarkable achievement, considering that in 1999, more than 160,000 young voters were disenfranchised because the cut-off date for registration was set 6 months before the General Elections. Mahathir was quite rightly worried that the voters would vote against him.

    This tactic was repeated in Mar 2008.

    Has the SPR become so efficient overnight?

    In their rush, the SPR has been careless. In the new rolls, phantom voters are strewn all over the place. They have even appeared in the house of the Agung’s uncle. There are other instances of suspicious voters with as many as 92 voters in one house. This time, PAS is prepared and is setting a trap for the phantoms. All that is needed is for one phantom to be caught and the scheme will be blown sky-high.

    Malvu has done an excellent job analyzing the new rolls and compared it with the previous ones to look for discrepancies. (

    This is UMNO’s ultimate weapon. If despite this advantage, UMNO loses in Kuala Terengganu, UMNO’s hold on the electorate is gone. Likewise UMNO’s hold on the MCA, MIC and Gerakan. If the component parties believe that UMNO cannot give them that advantage in the elections, there is nothing to hold them in the BN. They will leave and that will be the end of BN.

    B. Mainstream media:

    Blanket the country with UMNO propaganda and demonize Pakatan Rakyat (PR) and PAS.

    C. Election Campaign:

    Play on the politics of fear, greed and hate – divide-and-rule. These are primordial emotions and have worked for UMNO during the past 50 years.

    1. FEAR:

    a. Pit the Malays against the Chinese using hate and fear:

    In the Malay heartland, tell the Malays that they will lose their special privileges if PAS wins. Promote the idea that if Anwar becomes the Prime Minister, Lim Kit Siang will be the deputy PM. Suggest that PAS and PKR are under the thumb of the DAP. This is such a ridiculous idea when it is obvious to everyone that DAP looks up to Anwar as the leader.

    b. Abuse of Govt Machinery:
    In official functions with civil servants, tell them to vote for UMNO with the implied threat that their votes can be checked and PAS supporters will be sacked. The KT Mayor was forced to resign as the Returning Officer over this issue.

    Similarly, the MCA is going round the Chinese community giving them the same message. The threat is that their business will suffer if they give their support to PAS. Likewise the Temporary Occupation License (TOL) on their houses beside the river bank in Kg Cina will not be renewed. PR countered this by assuring that the ballots are sealed and kept for 6 months before they are destroyed if there is no judicial dispute on the election results.

    c. Intimidation:
    Bring in 8,000 police to intimidate the locals and to help the phantoms get past the PAS vigilantes.

    d. Political Harassment:
    DAP operation centre in Kg Cina was forcibly closed. .

    e. National Threat:
    Najib told national television on 6 January, 2009 that the government could not afford to lose this election and still manage the country well – lose one by-election and they become paralyzed?

    f. Police Harassment:
    Use police to harass PR and their supporters: The police tried to stop PR from going round with a large TV mounted on a truck, although they don’t have the authority to interfere with the election campaign.

    They refused to issue permits to PR to conduct ceramahs on 2 days – 9th and 10th Jan 09. PR proceeded with their ceramahs nonetheless. A Police cub bit off more than he could chew when he demanded for RPK’s i/c.

    g. Biased SPR:
    SPR told DAP and PKR not to hang up their flags as only PAS was contesting. But UMNO was allowed to do so even though it was BN contesting the elections.

    h. Frighten the Chinese voters over the Hudud issue.
    PR overcame this by signing an agreement that all 3 parties (DAP, PAS and PKR) have to agree before any policy can be implemented.

    i. Character assassination:
    Using Ezam to attack Anwar Ibrahim.

    2. GREED

    a. RM 70 million to Class F Contractors

    Deputy Prime Minister Najib Razak dished out 583 government contracts (valued between RM30,000 to RM200,000 each) in a “lucky draw” fashion to each and every Class F contractor present at the Wisma Darul Iman in Kuala Terengganu on Jan 10, 2009

    b. UMNO Ceramahs:
    Offer free food and hampers to audience.

    c. Launching of development projects
    Federal and State Govt pledges & distribution >RM 12 million to the Chinese community.
    5 Jan 09, RM 2.7 million: Distribute RM 300 to 9,000 needy & elderly Chinese.
    13 Jan 09: RM 3.3 million for Bt Kecil Chinese community hall.
    RM 3 million for KT Chung Hwa Wei Sin (C) school.
    RM 110,000 for 40 Chinese religious organizations.
    RM 2.926 million for 10 Chinese schools in Terengganu.
    RM 205,000 for 2 Chinese temples.

    Consider this: Development is an on-going process. It should be planned and executed progressively, not just during a by-election. This has happened over many by-elections in the past. The behaviour of UMNO all these years is that they believe the nation’s wealth belongs to them to dispense as they wish. And this is reflected in their thinking when speaking to the voters.

    Their constant message is: “Only BN can bring development to their constituency. Don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” They forget that the food does not belong to the BN or UMNO. It belongs to the State. Maybe it is time to use the Hudud on that hand.

    d. Vote Buying:
    Offer between RM 200 to RM 400 for their votes. PR countered by encouraging the voters to take the money but vote for PAS.

    e. Resurface the roads:
    Overnight, the kampong roads are resurfaced. Such attempts to placate the electorate is so transparent and an insult to the intelligence of the people. Yet UMNO never learns.


    A. Winning Hearts and Minds:
    a. Use the soft-sell:
    Portray as the underdog fighting a cruel and corrupt regime. Speak softly to the voters asking for a chance to serve them. The PAS candidate, Wahid, is a genuinely friendly person and he is winning over the Chinese.

    b. Demonstrate Capability:

    Bring the MBs from Selangor, Penang and Kelantan to explain how successfully they have governed and helped the people over the past 9 months. This is very successful.

    c. Demonstrate Unity:
    Show that all the component parties, their campaign workers and even civil societies can work willingly and happily together as a group. This has worked so well that even Lim Kit Siang’s photograph is hung up in the kampong house, something unimaginable just 2 years ago.

    d. Religion:
    PAS has successfully used religion to fight against UMNO’s attempts to mislead and bribe the Malays.

    e. Demonstrate Malay leadership:
    All the component parties in PR has clearly shown that the coalition is led by a Malay leadership.

    f. Play on Chinese frustration with UMNO:

    The Chinese had it with UMNO’s arrogance, bullying and corruption (Pas now wants details of Terengganu's oil royalty payments to be made public. over the past 51 years and are determined to punish UMNO. UMNO’s blandishments are not working. Neither are the MCA’s not-so-subtle threats. This is clearly shown in the empty MCA Operations Centre in Kg Cina and the poor attendance at the BN ceramahs. As a result, MCA is demoralized.

    Ceramah dinners held by DAP and PKR are packed with Chinese who pay to attend and donate generously to the campaign fund.

    f. The Barisan Bloggers:
    Raja Petra is a one-man vote-getting machine. Everywhere he goes, he is recognized and people keep on asking to take photos with him. The bloggers have been blanketing Kg Cina almost daily until the Barisan Rakyat T-shirt has become a fixture. Indications are that 70% of the Chinese will vote PAS.

    g. The Anwar Factor:
    Anwar is hugely popular leading to packed ceramahs wherever he goes. He sells the big picture, telling the audience: You will determine where the country is headed. The whole country is looking to you for help to free us from UMNO.

    h. The Najib Factor:

    The people are asked: Do you want Najib (or worse, Rosmah) to be your Prime Minister? Given Najib's perceived association with Altantuya's murder, the allegations of corruption over the Sukoi submarine commissions paid to his friend and adviser, Abdul Razak Baginda, the answer has been a resounding "No!"

    i. The Message of Love:
    Promote the idea that we are all Malaysians to be treated equally. Anwar's message is: "Anak Melayu, anak saya. Anak Cina, anak saya. Anak India, anak saya. Anak Iban, anak saya. Anak Kadazan, anak saya. For Malaysians to develop in peace and harmony, we need PR to govern the nation."

    Herein, lies the danger for UMNO; If tomorrow, on 17 Jan 2009, UMNO still loses despite the massive cheating and abuse of power, it will prove to the people that UMNO is no longer invincible.

    Then the people across the whole nation will wake up and BN will lose the next General Elections. Given this situation, UMNO’s hold on the other component parties in the BN will be broken and they will jump the BN ship to join Pakatan Rakyat.

    Maybe 916 will come true after all.

    Let's pray for tomorrow

    Also in

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    Kuala Terengganu By-election Polling Day: Low Voter Turnout

    UPU 3 and 4 have very low turnout, way below what is normally the case. This is a serious cause for worry as it gives room for the phantoms to use their votes in the afternoon.

    There are 36 voting centres in KT. A survey of 4 voting centres shows that turnout is very low. The police are creating jams all over town with their meddling of the traffic, thus preventing voters from getting to the voting centres quickly.

    I wonder whether this is part of UMNO's master plan. Actually, the traffic at the centres is so easy to solve. Close the road in front of the centre to vehicular traffic and direct them elsewhere. The place will be so much more quiet and pleasant. Instead, people have to be constantly watching out for cars while walking to the centres.

    UPU Location Name Total voters Votes at various times
    10:00am 12 noon 2:00pm
    2 Mengadang Akar 2063 877 (43%)
    3 Batas Baru 1700 350 (20%), 572 (34%), 694 (39%)
    4 SK Men Gong Batas 3300 729 (21%), 935 (28%)
    5 SC Hwa Wei Sin 3058 430 (14%), 1590 (52%)

    UPU 3 and 4 have very low turnout, way beyond what is normally the case. This is a serious cause for worry as it gives room for the phantoms to use their votes in the afternoon.

    4pm update: Police are closing roads leading to the voting centre and diverting traffic away. More desperate tactics are coming to light.

    Rumours are floating that UMNO has conceded defeat. One more hour to go.

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    Results 8:23pm: PAS 26971, BN 24839

    TOTAL 80,229

    8:23pm 52,466 26,971 24,839 152 504

    8:39pm 53,647 27,488 25,503 152 504
    POS 86 1,039 1 71 (Under dispute & recount)

    8:59pm: Conflicting figures but PAS leading by >2,000 votes

    9:30pm 63,967 32,883 30,252 193 639

    Final: Turnout 79.73%. PAS wins with majority of 2,631 votes.

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    Official: PAS’ Wahid wins KT seat by 2,631 majority

    PAS’ Wahid wins KT seat by 2,631 majority
    Posted by admin
    Saturday, 17 January 2009 21:38

    (The Star) - PAS candidate Mohd Abdul Wahid Endut has been declared the winner of the Kuala Terengganu parliamentary seat by-election by the Election Commission.

    Wahid polled 32,883 votes to Barisan Nasional candidate Datuk Wan Ahmad Farid Salleh who garnered 30,252 votes for a majority 2,631 win

    Independent candidate Azharuddin Mamat received 193 votes.

    With the victory, the Opposition now has 82 seats in Parliament. Barisan has 137 seats and the remaining three seats are held by independents.

    Barisan Bloggers celebrating:

    The PAS War Machine is amazing. Najib threw everything at time except for the kitchen sink and Rosmah, and yet they held firm and won.



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    10pm: KT Celebrations on the streets in front of Mingstar Hotel

    In our euphoria, it is important to bear in mind that this victory was won despite UMNO's attempts at blackmail, threats, bribery, misuse of government machinery, in particular, the SPR, the National Registration Dept, the Police, the Military Intelligence.

    Be vigilant. We must draw the proper lessons from this by-election. They will try even harder to cheat next time.

    This is one more nail in UMNO's coffin. In the end, People's Power will prevail.

    Hidup Rakyat!

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    Najib denied that the poll was a vote of no confidence on his leadership.

    The spinning starts.

    9.55pm: At a press conference tonight, Prime Minister-in-waiting Najib said that the defeat in Kuala Terengganu should not be interpreted as the voters having spurned Barisan Nasional (nor him)

    An awful day for Najib and BN
    Commentary by Wan Hamidi Hamid

    JAN 17 — It was a horrible blow for Datuk Seri Najib Razak. The prime minister-in-waiting has now lost two by-elections in less than five months.

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    More than 100 PAS supporters arrested

    An eyewitness phoned in and said she saw the police beating them up.

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    Ku Li: On the Kuala Terengganu By-election

    On the result of the Kuala Terengganu By-Election
    Posted by admin
    Sunday, 18 January 2009 02:54

    Barisan Nasional has been humiliated at the polls for the third time in ten months. I am full of admiration for the hardworking party members who toiled for two weeks on a local struggle. But we lost because of a national problem. The rakyat reject UMNO in its present form and style, and they reject its leadership.

    Despite ringing signals from the rakyat through March 8 and Permatang Pauh, UMNO either has not heard the call for fundamental change, or is unable to respond to it.

    Money, machinery and incumbency could not trump the call for change. BN will lose, and will in the end lose everything, until we respond fully and sincerely. But the response from the leadership yet again is that this "should not be interpreted as voters having spurned BN." Our leadership remains in denial. Loyal members of UMNO and the BN will feel they are on a sinking ship.

    UMNO has lost by a large majority in a 90% Malay constituency. We lost because of Malay votes in a state whose government we control. We threw the national resources of a party in Federal power at this election, and still we lost.

    Actually this was more than a referendum on the leadership. It was a test of the relevance of UMNO in its present form. If UMNO is no longer relevant to the Malays, the BN formula is dead. The Chinese will have no reason to support MCA, and so on. The power-sharing, consensual bargain on which our political system has been based since Independence is broken.

    There are serious implications to this. We have always claimed that social peace in Malaysia is built on this bargain. A party leadership in denial is unlikely to form a government with the realism and guts to face an economic meltdown that it also denies is happening. We are in uncharted waters with no one at the wheel.

    YBM Tengku Razaleigh Hamzah

    17 January 2009

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    MCA thanks Chinese voters for increased support

    Watch the spin.

    The nightmare scenario is for the MCA grass-roots to realize that UMNO's dirty-tricks dept are not strong enough to help them win an election. Given that UMNO is a liability in every other dept, the MCA leadership will be forced by the grass-roots to ditch UMNO and quit the BN.

    So Ong Tee Keat is trying to spin the figures to demonstrate that Chinese support for UMNO has increased.

    A few factors need to be borne in mind.

    1. At 4pm on polling day, the police started meddling with the traffic leading to the voting centres so much so that legitimate voters could not reach the centre in time. In fact, the police were diverting traffic away from the voting centres. As a result, the last one hour of voting had very few people entering the voting centres and yet there was a mysterious surge of more than 4% during that hour.

    Could this be the work of phantoms?

    2. Rear gates which were supposed to be closed at the voting centres were opened by somebody to allow outsiders to enter. Fortunately, PAS was vigilant and managed to close some of the gates in time.

    This by-election has shown that the PR, and in particular, PAS's campaign machinery is a match for UMNO's machinery including their Intelligence (Govt) services. This is the beginning of the end for UMNO.

    We will have to wait for PAS's analysis of the voting results to determine whether the figures presented below by the Star is correct or our field observation of 70% support of PAS is correct.

    This morning, we went round to thank the Kg Cina voters for their support. Their joy was so effusive. So it is hard to believe that they did not vote for PAS overwhelmingly.

    MCA thanks Chinese voters for increased support

    KUALA LUMPUR, Jan 17 – The MCA will not take the trust from Chinese voters lightly following their increased support for Barisan Nasional (BN) in the Kuala Terengganu by-election, said MCA President Datuk Seri Ong Tee Keat tonight.

    In Kampung Cina which has 82.6 per cent of the total Chinese voters in the parliamentary constituency, BN received 1,125 votes against Pas’s 668, a majority of 457 when compared to the 396 votes majority in last year’s general election.

    The other areas with mixed composition were Pulau Kambing (BN polled 1,223 votes to Pas’s 95, Pejabat Bandaran (BN 861, Pas 681) and Paya Bunga (BN 969, Pas 759).

    Another view here with some analysis of the numbers. My problem with such analysis is that it does not take into account the effect of phantom voters. I suspect UMNO support in the Chinese seats were rammed up to mask the swing of the Chinese votes to PAS.

    RPK and the Barisan Bloggers going round Kg Cina to thank the voters. 8 out of 10 voters expressed happiness at the result.

    Some even went to the extend of commenting: It is time we teach UMNO a lesson.

    So I wouldn't put so much store in the voting results.


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