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    Police: Staffing the Police

    Staffing the Police -

    Follow the link for more details and charts.

    More active policemen please, not more policemen

    Half of Malaysians still fear crime. The number of reported crimes plunged 58% between 2008 and 2010. This might have been helped by the reassignment of some policemen to core policing functions following the 2005 Royal Commission report. However, 49% - nearly half - of Malaysians
    still feel unsafe and fear becoming crime victims.

    We have enough policemen. The 106,000 policemen we have currently is equivalent to a ratio of 1 policeman to 270 Malaysians, not far from the
    1:250 that Interpol recommends. However, we could deploy our police force more effectively. 41% of our policemen are in management or
    administration. This works out to each manager/administrator managing or serving fewer than two active policemen on average!

    Large scope for redeployment. In addition, the General Operations Force, originally formed to fight communist insurgents, has nearly 15,000 personnel. This is far higher than the 9,000 at the CID (Criminal Investigation Department). But, the communists have long laid down their arms, and Malaysia has become more developed and urban. Hence, the reverse would seem more appropriate i.e. the CID should be the larger unit.

    Let’s improve efficiency. There are plans to add 50,000 police officers by 2015. We suggest existing police officers be retrained, redeployed and upgraded instead. Lower crime rates and stronger public confidence can then justify salary increases and help develop an even more professional police force. If you agree, please sign and send the attached letter to the Honourable Minister of Home Affairs. You may also do so on-line via

    106,000 police officers

    43,000 managers/administrators

    Fewer than 10,000 CID

    Sign our petition - let's get police officers back to active police work!

    Focus Paper 2011/08/26 “...the Commission is of the view that the fundamental issue in PDRM is not additional establishment, but the realignment of existing uniformed personnel from non-core policing and nonpolicing functions to core functions…”

    The 2005 Report of the Royal Commission to enhance the Operation and Management of the Royal Malaysia Police, p. 358

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    Solving dispute on ratio of police to population

    • 5:03PM Dec 6, 2012

    Often times, when we do nothing and keep silent on blatant lying, it will only perpetuate the lies. This is the reason why I write this comment.

    First off, I must praise MP for Lembah Pantai Nurul Izzah Anwar for her suggestion to redeploy the police force to focus more on frontline enforcement instead of recruiting more police personnel, even though this suggestion may invite more political attacks from BN.

    According to Nurul, the current police to population ratio has reached 1:270 (1 personnel to 270 people) which is very near to 1:250 benchmark set by the Interpol.

    Therefore her idea was simply for the police to reprioritise its tasks, which should be to fight crimes instead of focusing on increasing the Federal Reserve Unit's manpower count.

    In addition, she cited a parliamentary answer made on Nov 1 to back her argument, in which the home affairs minister told Parliament that the current ratio of police personnel to population was 1:270.

    However, the Director of Bukit Aman Management Department, Mortadza Nazarene, rebutted Nurul's statement on Dec 3 that the actual ratio was 1:500.

    By using Mortadza's rebuttal, BN-linked media have launched attacks on Nurul. As usual, they cited the ratio favouring the government while ignoring the true figures given by their beloved Umno minister.

    Which ratio is correct? 1:270 or 1:500? I don't expect that the home affairs minister or senior police officers to give us further explanations anytime soon.

    So I did my own research for the answer.

    I found out that Malaysia's population in 2010 was 28.3341 million.
    Meanwhile the number of uniformed police personnel (excluding civilian staff) in the same year was 106,079.

    The latest figures on population and police personnel are not available yet.

    We divide 28.3341 million with 106,079 which equals 267. After rounding up we get 270. So, the police to population ratio is 1:270.

    That is the 2010 figure. But has it changed that much from 1:270 to 1:500 in the time of just one year and eleven months' time? You tell me.

    I agree with Defence Minister Ahmad Zahid Hamidi's recent remarks that the people need to check their facts before issuing a statement on national security and defence matters.

    It is "to prevent them from making a blunder and becoming a laughing stock."

    In this matter, I think I don't need to tell you who is a laughing stock now. And I believe that even a primary school student can solve this simple math problem.

    For further reading, you may download the author's paper on Staffing the Police - More active policemen please, not more policemen.
    This paper has become one of the supporting documents backing up Pakatan Rakyat's 2013 budgetary plan to redeploy the police force.

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