In the context of writing this Special Report, I will assume that most readers are already well aware of the looming financial hurricane. I also assume that readers understand that it is not their fault per se, but rather the fault of the fiat money created out of nothing by monopolized central banks and the power elite standing behind them.

Having said that, there is a solution you should readily embrace.

For thousands of years the market determined that the best medium of facilitating trade and servicing a transportable store of value is gold and silver. Not one or the other, but both.

Historically, gold served as the primary money metal for larger transactions and storing larger amounts of wealth. Silver, on the other hand, tended to better serve smaller transactions. Together they worked to satisfy the basis of trade and commerce around the world and left unhampered, they would still do that today.

However, there are others more desirous of using the levers of monetary control to manipulate the financial system and, like parasites, feed off the productive, thus draining the wealth and productivity of nations. And they have done a great job of spreading their government-sanctioned central banking disease all over the world.

You see it today in the Middle East and throughout North Africa where the US Department of State, hiding behind various front groups such as the Alliance for Youth Movements (AYM) is hastily building an Islamic Crescent to support the "war on terror."

The real reason the US – the world's leading Bad Boy enforcer – along with NATO and the rest of the Western Powers (and yes, Russia and China are part of the same crowd), is because the intergenerational families that set up the central banking edifices in the first place use its powerful benefits to fund their control of mainstream media and the larger military-industrial-political complex.

Anyway, like the Gutenberg press before it, the Internet is blowing a wind of truth across the world. People feel it and as they become aware, they want to free themselves from the "machine." And as they are becoming free they are dumping the "inflationary" paper money and moving into the "unable to be created out of nothing" honest money.

I strongly encourage readers looking to protect themselves and hedge against the "system" to transfer out of the devaluing mess and obtain physical holdings of gold AND silver.

Buy it from an honest dealer with no intent on leveraging you into speculative coins – numismatics – or leveraging your currency exchange (because that is what it is) into gold and silver weight that you cannot afford should the price of either metal go down in the short term. Just keep it simple. Transfer out of the monopoly fiat into gold and silver on an even-up basis.

Reasons to Use Euro Pacific for Your Precious Metals Needs
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Liquidity. Euro Pacific is often able to buy back product purchased from them.

Customer Service. Euro Pacific Precious Metals representatives are not order takers but educated consultants who understand Austrian free-market economics and are able to put investments into a larger context. While prices are just as good as many online firms, Euro Pacific customers benefit from speaking to knowledgeable reps about such issues as IRA accounts (very complicated), overseas shipping and storage, taxes, etc. Many people are not comfortable buying online; Euro Pacific's reps can remove that uncertainty. Try giving them a call now and see for yourself how professional and well-informed their honest money team really is: +1 888.465.3160.

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Privacy. Governments mandate certain reporting, and Euro Pacific Precious Metals reps are well schooled in legalities and can help customers conform to the rules while retaining maximum privacy.

Shipping/Storage. In addition to arranging shipment to purchasers, Euro Pacific Precious Metals ships to and stores metals in Switzerland and can recommend a private storage company in Delaware.

Physicals vs Shares. Physical gold has outperformed mining shares for close to five years by a fairly wide margin. While past performance is no guarantee for the future, physical purchases of gold have proven to be a superior investment – and a reliably private one in an era of increasing customer transparency.

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I strongly recommend using Euro Pacific Precious Metals.
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