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Thread: FAQ: Registration of Overseas Malaysians as Postal Voter

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    FAQ: Registration of Overseas Malaysians as Postal Voter

    Q: I am a registered voter staying overseas. I am not an absent voter (Pemilih Tak Hadir). Can I register as a postal voter?

    A: Yes.
    1. Within the past 5 years befdore dissolution of Parliament, you have returned and stayed in Malaysia for a total of not less than 30 days.
    2. You are not staying in Singapore, Brunei, Kalimantan and Southern Thailand (Narathiwat, Pattani, Yala, Songkhla and Satun). This affects students, govt servants serving in these regions also as well as their spouses if they have not previously registered as absent voters. They cannot register as a postal voter now.
    3. Your application is vaiid only once per General Election. Thereafter you have to reapply.
    4. Applications can be made from 21st Jan 2013 until midnight on the day of dissolution of Parliament.
    5. You have one day to cast your vote in the embassy designated.
    6. If you collect your ballot paper on another day other than the designated day, you have to send the ballot back to the Returning Officer directly at your own cost.

    Read the EC FAQ attached for more details.

    Download the forms to apply.


    If you qualify to register as a postal voter:

    a. but you can afford to fly back to vote, fly back to vote.
    b. If you cannot afford to fly back to vote, register as a postal voter. If you change your mind at the last minute and wish to fly back to vote, you can do so before midnight on the day of dissolution of Parliament.

    If you have not registered as a voter, do so now at the nearest embassy. Even if you are not able to vote for GE13, you can vote for the next GE and for any subsequent by-election.

    Comments on postal voter procedure:

    The EC has been male fide in organizing this:
    1. They took more than 13 months to come up with this procedure.
    2. All this while, they only stated that an overseas Malaysian has to return once in 5 years before he qualifies. The current condition is more onerous - stay a total of 30 days in Malaysia since 28th Apr 2008 until Parliament dissolution.
    3. This is Advance Voting masquerading as Postal Voting. A postal voter has to fly to the embassy nearest to him to vote in person. Most likely, he has 24 hours notice only at most. If he flies in on another day, he has to send the ballot back to the Returning Officer at his own cost.
    4. There is no provision for the candidate to witness the opening and closing of the Postal Voting Sacks. What security does he have? Asking the candidate to trust the EC is simply too much given their dismal track record in the past.
    5. The EC has to come up with much better security procedures before the public can trust this "new" postal voting procedure. There are too many loopholes for abuse.

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