Tindak Malaysia Code of Conduct

1. Purpose

The purpose of Tindak Malaysia(TM) is to educate Malaysians about the elections laws, processes and procedures in order that the authorities conducting the elections will abide by prevailing laws and regulations.

TM carries out this education programme in two areas:

  • voter education to empower Malaysians to become informed voters, aware of their rights as voters and able to protect the integrity and secrecy of their votes, and
  • the training of volunteers as Polling, Counting and Barung Agents who can monitor and manage the electoral process, thereby contributing towards Free and Fair Elections

2. Lawful Basis of Programmes

All TM programmes shall be based on the related laws and regulations and shall seek to safeguard the related provisions of the Federal Constitution.

3. Participant Integrity and accountability

Persons wishing to join the TM team must agree to act with the utmost integrity in the dissemination of our programmes and be accountable for their actions, inclusive of time commitments.

4. Team Effort

Members shall be constantly aware that they are part of a team. Team-building is paramount. This requires the maintenance of a positive outlook, building up the morale of team-members through edification and constantly encouraging each other to do better. Egos need to be contained to avoid conflict.

5. Passion for Action

TM members must be passionate about wanting to make a difference and willing to put in the effort necessary to make change happen. TM members should strive to promote our mission and recruit new members.

6. Programme Development

This shall be the specific responsibility of Senior Trainers appointed to the Programme Development Team who shall work together to develop and improve the requisite training programmes. Training materials shall be distributed in non-editable formats for use as provided, without modification.

7. Programme Improvement

All participants are invited to contribute towards programme improvement. Improvement ideas and suggestions shall be submitted to the Programme Development Team. Improvements deemed critically important as well as updates to laws, regulations and guidelines shall be addressed in a timely manner.

8. Distribution of Training Materials

Only training materials, inclusive of presentation and distribution materials, that are made available by the Programme Development Team shall be used during TM training. Trainers are permitted to duplicate such materials as required for distribution. Distribution of materials shall be at prices determined by the Product Development Team. If receipts for payment are requested, trainers shall issue them in their personal capacity.

9. Integrity of Training Materials

The Programme Development Team is responsible to ensure that all materials comply with the related laws and regulations. The content of all training materials must be technically correct, easy to understand and practical in implementation.

10. Accuracy of Content

A trainer must always be conscious that whatever he teaches will be accepted as gospel truth by many participants and hence, when a question is asked and the trainer is uncertain of the answer, he must not attempt to give an answer that may cause confusion and potentially have implications during polling. Check with your Senior Trainers.

11. Financial Integrity and accountability

TM members shall conduct all financial transactions on a cash basis. TM shall not in any way be party to or liable for any private credit arrangements between members. Such credit arrangements are strongly discouraged. TM members shall be accountable for all financial transactions that involve TM materials.

12. Expenses

TM members, being part of a volunteer movement, are expected to pay their own way. There is no central funding mechanism for the procurement of equipment or materials. Collection from the sale of training materials is expected to cover some of the costs incurred.

13. Cost of outstation travel

Outstation hosts are welcome to cover travelling costs. However trainers should not demand reimbursement for such outstation travel. This should be left to the goodwill of the hosts.

14. Use of TM Name and Logo

No person is allowed to apply the name or logo of TM to any materials without the prior approval of the Program Development Team.

15. Distribution of materials from other parties

TM trainers are not encouraged to distribute materials produced by any other party unless such materials have been presented to and approved by the Program Development Team. Should any non-approved materials be distributed, the trainer must explicitly explain that those materials are not endorsed by TM.

16. Participation in Joint Events

TM members must obtain the endorsement from the Program Development Team before participating in an official capacity at any event not organised by TM.

In their private capacity, with the assurance that they do not use the name or logo of TM, TM members are free to do as they choose so long as their actions do not impact their personal integrity or the integrity of TM.

19. Participation in Political Ceramah

TM members may be featured speakers at political ceramah, but only for the purpose of promoting the TM programme, to conduct voter education and to emphasise the importance of PACABA.

17. Upholding of TM Image

TM members must at all times be aware that they are representing a team and should ensure that nothing they say or do will have any kind of negative impact on TM or on any of the team members.

18. Partner Organisations

TM has an active partnership with the following organisations in our common effort to promote Free and Fair Elections:

  • BERSIH 2.0
  • JOM Pantau under joint management of KOMAS, MEO-NET, CIJ
  • UndiMalaysia (started by LoyarBurok for youth groups.)

Additionally, we have informal working relationships with election monitoring NGO’s such as MAFREL and NIEI. We are happy to work with any organization that shares our objective of upholding democracy and promoting Free and Fair Elections.

Online Activities:

In our postings online, we shall confine ourselves to electoral matters and PACABA only. With respect to elections, the focus is on the electoral system and where it needs to be corrected. We do not involve ourselves with the politics of any party except where it relates to Free and Fair Elections, and the Electoral System. We shall refrain from attacking individuals but focus on issues.