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Thread: FAQ: What is Tindak Malaysia?

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    FAQ: What is Tindak Malaysia?

    What is Tindak Malaysia?

    Bringing power back to the PEOPLE!

    When we first started Tindak Malaysia in 2008 we only wanted Free and Fair Elections. was initially set up as an information repository to house information, articles and news that may be relevant towards our goal. By Jan 2011, we felt we had collected enough information to move to the next stage, which was going out into public sphere to conduct voter education and polling agent training. Many friends saw our vision and came on board. Today, we conduct PACABA (polling agent, counting agent and barung agent) training all over the country.

    As we grew, interacting with tens of thousands of fellow Malaysians, we realized that we are dealing with a sick system, at the root of which was a totally corrupt electoral system. Today, we can see that UMNO does not even bother to hide their attempts to cheat in elections. Witness the debacle over the current RCI on Illegal immigrants. How the EC has been stalling and distorting the many public demands for electoral reform, the hundreds of thousands (dare we say millions!) of foreigners given instant citizenship and voting rights.

    Recognizing the EC's recalcitrance and less-than-honest dealings with the public, we undertook an 8-month study of the electoral system. This involved a review of the Constitution, the Election Acts and Regulations. This was an extension of our attempt to prepare and submit proposals to the RCI on Electoral Reform, which sadly as predicted by us from day 1, was a sham. We have completed our study, put up a proposal called the Malaysia Electoral Reform Programme (MERP). We launched in on 20th Dec 2012 at the KLSCAH. Next we submit an open letter to both the PM and the Opposition Leader asking them to adopt our proposals. This was issued on 2nd Jan 2013 and we asked for a reply from Najib by 8th Jan 2013, failing which we will take it that he does not accept Free and Fair Elections. If he had adopted it together with our programme for implementation, more than 90% of the goals stated would have been achieved by 21st Apr 2013. Sadly, he has missed a golden opportunity to prove that he is really a reformist and not just an empty vessel. We know better now.

    Meanwhile discussions are ongoing with Pakatan Rakyat to persuade them to take up our programme. We are hopeful of a positive response.

    But we are not sitting still. We have gone on a campaign on Facebook. The objective is to raise public awareness and support for Free and Fair Elections until our voice grow too big for the current and future ruling parties to ignore. But Tindak Malaysia is not here to protest. We take a very pro-active approach.

    We identify problems.
    Then we offer solutions.

    On Facebook, there are:

    1. which is our general platform.

    2. Malaysians4Change which hosts our videos.

    3. 1 Juta Rakyat Menyokong Reformasi Sistem Pilihan Raya - Malaysia Electoral Reform PRogramme (MERP).

    4. Tanya Tindak Malaysia - for the public to ask questions on electoral matters.

    Petition: This is under development and will be launched once we have it translated under the major languages.

    We want to present the information in both BM and English and occasionally, in Mandarin and Tamil, if we can find sufficient help.

    What can you do?

    Can you join our Facebook team to help us to promote the goal to have a complete overhaul of the Electoral System? Drop us an email at to confirm your participation and we will send you the details.

    We need to people to participate in the discussions. It can be for or against. As long as the discussions are civil, that is fine.

    To "Like" the postings if they agree with the points.
    To "Share" actively with their network to spread the knowledge.

    Make it grow

    Join us to support Free and Fair Elections. The GE is just round the corner!

    Join us now!
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    What Electoral Reform Are We Talking About?

    5 Major Target Areas:

    1. Institutional Reform
    2. Clean Electoral Roll
    3. Fair Elections Process
    4. Transparent Elections Roll-out
    5. Ethics & Integrity

    204 Proposals to Amend the Constitution, Election Laws and Regulations,

    19 Goals,

    6 Immediate Goals

    Six (marked *) can be adopted and implemented immediately without need for new legislation.

    Goal no:
    1. Replace current ECwith Independent
    2. Adopt UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Minority & Indigenous People’s Rights, and incorporate into domestic law
    7. Clean Electoral Roll
    8. Campaign Period 28 days
    12. UN-Managed Elections
    17. Candidates are bound by Election Promises (We are currently drafting the Code of Conduct for Elections and should have it ready soon.

    Timeline for Najib:

    Accept by 8th Jan 2013 (expired without any response from Najib. We take it as a "No" and that BN does not support Free and Fair Elections. That is the key focus. BN does not accept Free and Fair Elections!)

    If he followed our timeline, he could have achieved 90% of the Goals by 21st Apr 2013, in time for the GE if Parliament dissolves on 28th Apr 2013.




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