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Thread: Politics: CNY Celebrations in Penang by BN with PSY

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    Politics: CNY Celebrations in Penang by BN with PSY

    BN's in big trouble.

    PSY refused to toss 'yee-sang' with Najib , BN.

    Published on Feb 12, 2013
    Korean superstar Psy handed Malaysia's ruling party a slap in the face when he declined to come onstage to toss the traditional 'yee-sang' with embattled Prime Minister Najib Razak and other top members of his BN coalition at a gig to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

    Failed Najib part 2 - Ready for PSY ? YES ! BN ? NO!!

    Published on Feb 11, 2013
    TV1,2,3 did not reported and deleted this scene,
    Lets share for all the Malaysians to know !!



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    Not ‘Cool’ To Look A Fool – Tony Blair’s PR People Behind Psy Fiasco!

    13 Feb 2013
    Cool and casual? Tony’s open neck, gold chain look sparked comment in the UK over the weekend
    We can reveal that Najib Razak is still paying mega-bucks to Tony Blair’s PR people to try to make him look ‘cool’.The same team which was previously employed through the criticised agencies APCO and FBC Media are now secretly consulting on BN’s election campaign, to prolong the party’s controversial half century in government.Meanwhile, the former UK prime minister himself continues to be closely linked to Najib Razak and was recently engaged to make a speech at CIMB Bank’s launch of the ‘Asean Business Club’ in KL.Tony’s minimum fee for such occasions is believed to be UK£300,000, so it is fortunate that the Chairman of the government-linked bank happens to be Razak’s own brother.
    RM2million fee – but who paid?
    The payment for Tony’s former team of advisors is likely also to be funded, as on previous occasions, through the Prime Minister’s office, despite the clear party-political purpose of the contract.As ever, the team’s dubious boast is that they can ‘re-create the success’ of Blair’s election wins in the UK for Najib in Malaysia.
    However, after rumours that it was their bright idea to book Psy for a BN stunt that badly backfired at the weekend, Najib may finally have had enough of their attempts to market him as a Malaysian version of the largely discredited former UK prime minister!
    The RM2 million fee for the 7 minute performance turned into a spectacular own goal when the bumbling PM tried to rub off some of the pop star’s cool image for himself. Introducing the show, which had predictably attracted a large young crowd to the BN event, Najib cried out if they wanted to see the Korean sensation? To which all 80,000 predictably yelled “Yes”.
    But, when he then asked them if they wanted BN? all 80,000 equally predictably yelled “Noooo!“. The pop star himself, clearly more attuned to PR than Najib’s own PR advisors, then refused to cooperate an appear on stage with the PM either!
    Instead of been made to look cool, Tony’s PR advisors had made Najib Razak look an expensive fool!
    Never work with children, animals or pop concert crowds – good advice for political PR’s?
    Centreground Political Communications – new name, same old faces
    Darren Murphy – “political consultant, specialising in services to governments, advising heads of state and government, party and political leaders”
    The new agency for the same old team of image consultants is called Centreground Political Communications, based in London.The founder and Chief Executive is Darren Murphy, who trades off his former association with Tony Blair, for whom he was a so-called special advisor while Blair was in government.Murphy has hired a number of other former Blair advisors, who also used to work with him at APCO, where he was ‘Global Head of Worldwide Services to Government Practices’ until 2011.These include Razi Rahman, who worked closely with FBC Media after APCO was forced out of working openly with the Malaysian Government following a torrent of bad publicity.
    The narrative runs that Tony’s image team were responsible for associating their Prime Minister with a concept of “Cool Britannia”, when the PM projected himself as ‘hip’ and a popular vote catcher with the young.
    In fact the concept was soon a laughing matter and Blair is now widely teased for his attempts to act the ‘ageing rocker’ clad in open neck shirts and gold chains, while he hob nobs with anyone rich enough to pay his exorbitant fees and expenses.
    The other key figure at Centreground Political Communications is none other than Blair’s key advisor Jonathan Powell, who remained glued to his side throughout his period in government and who subsequently followed him into his post-political career, managing Blair’s business affairs as the head of Tony Blair Associates and also taking up key positions in his various charitable foundations.
    Moving on from his days at APCO – Jonathan Powell
    Blair and Powell have attracted considerable adverse comment in the UK over recent years because of the blurred margins between these business and political activities, which have raised tens of millions of pounds and left Mr Blair himself extremely rich.Jonathan Powell’s links also extend to APCO. He was on the team of consultants for the agency’s Global Political Strategies Unit, designed to advise governments, during the period that it was headed up by Darren Murphy. Razi Rahman was also on the team and Malaysia was the key client.Powell has now joined Murphy and Rahman as one of the ‘Core Team‘ at Centreground, all of whom flag up their former association with Tony Blair in government as their main credential for charging millions for PR advice to other governments and political leaders.Unusually for PR agencies however, Centreground reveals nothing about its clients or its PR campaigns on any of its published websites, preferring apparently to maintain a discreet service.According to the trade magazine PR Week, Centreground does not plan to be “a straight public affairs outfit”, but will be specialised towards the lucrative if sensitive market of advising governments:
    “It is understood Murphy, a loyal Blairite, plans to link up with a number of former colleagues who share his political outlook….. It is expected that the new operation will not be a straight public affairs outfit but will instead specialise in offering campaigning advice to governments, corporates and NGOs wishing to occupy the political centre ground” [PR Week Nov 2011]
    However, that Malaysia’s Najib Razak continues to remain a client need not just be guessed at through Tony’s continuing close relations with BN. The information has leaked out through numerous avenues, not least Centreground’s own staffrevelations.
    My boss’s current client is ‘Malaysia’ – ooops!
    Key connection is Najib’s British image advisor
    Ex-Apco and ex-FBC Media – Paul Stadlen
    Tony’s people’s key PR contact inside KL remains the same individual from back during the controversial row over APCO.

    Paul Stadlen, who represented APCO in Malaysia remains in the country as a freelance consultant, still working not only in KL it turns out, but in fact right inside the PM’s own office!
    Journalists working in KL confirm that Stadlen is Najib’s key communications and international media advisor, although they say he has become secretive:
    “Paul is very keen to remain in the shadows (does’t give a card or anything, which he did when he was with APCO) and all the press releases that originate from the PM’s office have Tengku Shariffuddin [press adivisor] as the contact. Quite why Najib thinks a Brit who couldn’t even handle his own PR crisis is the man to head his communications strategy is beyond me”[KL based journalist]
    However, it turns out that Stadlen like Centreground staff is less discreet when it comes to Linked In, where his privileged position is bared for all to see!
    Working in the Prime Minister’s Department !
    So did Stadlen and his mates back at Centreground come up with the ‘brilliant’ idea of hiring Psy, funded by a secret donor, for BN’s embarrassing Penang event, as rumours suggest?
    What is Malaysia paying for these Blairite image consultants?
    In which case it is time to request more openness about how much taxpayers are funding Stadlen’s activities on this occasion and indeed the activities of Centreground?
    Last year Sarawak Report was able toreveal that FBC Media had received a staggering RM84 million for its own botched and illegal campaign promoting Najib on international news programmes. The money was paid out of the PM office budget.
    The opposition PKR had earlier exposed how the Blair linked team of advisors had been paid a fortune while at APCO. Stadlen himself was paid USD$420,000 for a 6 month contract in 2009.
    So, we ask how much is it this time that Malaysian taxpayers are paying for this same group of image merchants and what more stunts are in store after millions were shelled out on Psy, who made his name out of free downloads from You Tube?
    An association that benefits neither party
    Meanwhile, the revelations about his continuing connections with BN’s discredited regime in Malaysia will do nothing for Tony Blair’s already tarred image back in the UK. The days of this former PM’s once promoted ‘ethical foreign policy’ recede each time that another of his contacts with some of the world’s least respected global figures are revealed.
    Najib has joined a list that includes Kazakhstan’s Nazarbayev, Gadafi and Rawanda’s Paul Kagame. Neither Najib nor Blair benefit from the association, PR-wise that is….
    In 2009 the PM hired Paul Staden for a 6 months contract worth US$420,000. So how much is he getting now ?

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    Gangnam twist for Malaysian elections

    By Anil Netto

    PENANG - As a pivotal general election looms in Malaysia, online social media tools are playing a prominent role in challenging the ruling Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition's overwhelming dominance of traditional print and broadcast media.

    Election campaigning took a Gangnam Style-twist on February 11 when popular South Korean musician Psy staged a live concert in Penang. BN Politicians who hoped to gain a popular boost from the global singing and dancing sensation, however, lost more face than they gained, underscoring the growing power of social media to influence public opinion.

    Seeking favor with youth and ethnic Chinese voters, the BN coalition invited Psy to perform during Lunar New Year celebrations held in Penang. The concert was strategically held at the Han Chiang College, the same venue where the opposition Democratic Action Party held a mass rally just days before
    sweeping to power in the state at the 2008 general election.

    Federal level BN politicians likely thought they had pulled off a local electoral coup by securing Psy's presence at a free open house event organized by the Malaysian Chinese Association, a BN component party. Both the open house celebration and PSY's performance were advertised widely on BN-aligned television stations and newspapers. Elections must be held by June but have not yet been officially called.

    However, a series of blunders spread over social media arguably turned the event into a public relations disaster for the BN. Critical bloggers were quick to note that the Gangnam Style dance is actually a parody of the high-flying ways of the wealthy elite in Seoul's Gangnam district, similar to the extravagant lifestyles many BN politicians are known to lead.

    Fans in Malaysia pleaded on Psy's Facebook page for him to snub the event to avoid being used by the BN as a political tool. Questions were quickly raised about whether public funds were used to bankroll the performance, though the private company that managed the event later said it was neither engaged nor paid by the government.

    On the night before the event, thousands of flags bearing the logo "1Malaysia" - Prime Minister's Najib Razak's slogan in promotion of national unity in the ethnically divided country - were put up on roadsides around Penang in a clear attempt to associate Najib with Psy's highly anticipated performance.

    On the morning of the actual performance, Najib himself took to the stage at the concert, asking the crowd repeatedly, "Are you ready for Psy?" Each time, the crowd of about 40,000 in the sweltering heat roared back, "yes".

    Najib followed up by asking the crowd, "Are you ready for BN?" Video clips of the beck and call showed clearly that the "no's" overwhelmed the "yes's" to the question. Najib asked twice more and each time the "no's" grew louder. Within 24 hours, different copies of the one minute video-clip of the rebuff had gone viral on Youtube with over half a million collective views.

    BN leaders tried to downplay the incident, including in affiliated newspaper coverage that portrayed the concert as a blow to the political opposition. "Not everyone present had yelled 'no'. We have video records showing a large segment of the audience had yelled 'yes' when the prime minister asked that question several times," a Penang BN leader was reported as saying.

    More red faces emerged when invitations to Psy to join in the tossing of the 'yee sang', the Lunar New Year salad, with BN leaders including Najib on stage went unheeded. Despite repeated several loud calls by the event's emcees for the Gangnam Stylestar to return to the stage to join BN politicians, Psy failed to appear.

    To many observers, Psy had partially heeded the call of his fans not to be used as a political tool ahead of what are expected to be hotly contested general elections. A video-clip of Psy's no-show on stage has since been released on Youtube and received 100,000 views in two days.

    The episode shows that while the ruling BN coalition has vast human, financial and media resources at its disposal for the upcoming election campaign, social networking tools continue to expose government gaffes and blunders, magnifying and slanting them to audiences several times larger than spectators at the original event.

    The BN was caught flat-footed by the opposition's savvy use of websites, blogs, SMS messaging and email to reach voters at the 2008 general elections. Opposition parties won control of five out of 13 federal states, handing the ruling coalition its worst electoral setback since Independence. BN politicians have responded by establishing teams to boost their on-line and social media footprints.

    But opposition politicians and supporters continue to outflank the BN on social media platforms while independent news websites like Malaysiakini have capitalized on the eroded credibility of BN-friendly newspapers and broadcast media to expand its audience.

    Weeks before the performance, the opposition Democratic Action Party (DAP), a component party of the Pakatan Rakyat opposition coalition, released a video entitled "Ubah rocket-style" (Change, rocket-style) with party activists doing the popular Gangnam Style dance while highlighting issues of corruption and other socio-economic problems that promise to factor in the upcoming polls. The clip quickly went viral on the Internet with hundreds of thousands of views on Youtube.

    The government-influenced mainstream media, of course, reported a different rendition of the Psy event. "The Chinese New Year celebrations in Penang saw Najib Razak reclaiming some space in the DAP stronghold, while PSY's one-hit wonder was an 'in your face statement - we are having a party in your house, yo!'", said the BN-aligned New Straits Times in an op-ed. "One can make one's own conclusion on the events over the weekend - Pakatan Rakyat did a parody of the Gangnam thing, but BN did the outrageous and brought in the real stuff."

    Yet its clear that BN is still playing catch-up among highly coveted younger voters who are known to receive and exchange their political news and views over social media like Facebook and Twitter. (Over 40% of the Malaysian population is aged under 40, according to official statistics.)

    That point was illustrated during a recent motivational talk delivered to university students which appeared to many to be a thinly veiled pro-government indoctrination session aimed at convincing students to stay away from political activities, including the recent street protests staged by the Coalition for Clean and Fair Elections (Bersih) calling for electoral reforms. Opposition politicians and independent activists have long complained the electoral system is rigged in favor of the BN.

    The session backfired when a video clip of the event showed the main speaker Sharifah Zohra Jabeen Syed Shah Miskin, chief of the BN-aligned Suara Wanita 1Malaysia, giving a law student a public dressing down after she stood up for Bersih and queried why the government could not provide free education for all Malaysians.

    A music producer later added in remixed dance music to the video which poked fun at Sharifah's repeated interruptions of the student with her now infamous demand "Listen! Listen! Listen!" while seizing the microphone from the student. The original clip has reached 1.3 million views while two spoofs of the incident have both surpassed one million views.

    Anil Netto is a Penang-based writer.

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    This is very clear fromChannel News Asia, Singapore. When Najib asked "Are you ready for BN?", the crowd chanted "No!"


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    Thursday, 14 February 2013 23:06

    LEARN YOUR LESSON Najib, Chang Yeow: Don't horse around with PSY!

    Written by William Leong

    If Dato Seri Najib Tun Razak was red-faced by the crowd’s resounding “No!” to his “Are you ready for BN” question at the BN Chinese New Year Open House, he would be livid to know the song of his star attraction, “Oppa Gangnam Style” pokes fun at the rich, the wannabes and ruling establishments such as the BN.

    The first message in the hit video is the ostensible parody of imposters and wannabes. The second message is a hidden subversive protest against inequitable policies of ruling governments.

    The 1.3 billion YouTube viewers of PSY’s “Oppan Gangnam Style” may have been attracted by the catchy song, horse riding dance moves and silliness but few, including Najib, may not have realized that “Gangnam Style” is a social and political satire.

    Making fun of the vain and materialistic

    PSY has a political following. The song has been appropriated in North Korea to ridicule South Korea’s ruling conservative party. The parody Yushin style refers to the Yushin system of autocratic rule introduced by South Korean President Park Chun-hee. The song has other political champions, UN Chief Ban Ki-Moon is said to have declared the song a force for world peace1

    The parody on imposters and wannabes acting like the rich and famous of Seoul’s richest and flashiest
    neighbourhood is obvious from the first scene. PSY is reclined on a sunny beach of what looks like an exotic resort until it is revealed he is actually in the sand box of a children’s playground. In looking for high living, he ends up in a cheap sauna with gangsters and pimps. He appears to be swimming in an exclusive club but is really in a common bath house. He is looking for a girlfriend but goes to an irreverent place like under a bridge. So, the song is a comic satire about people who bluff, pretending to be rich and trendy when they are not. When the old and wise, such as the two old men playing chess under the bridge, see through the facade they get blown up and the pretender has to run away.

    PSY is making fun of people who are vain and materialistic. Most Koreans are fed up with the “nouveaux rich” in Gangnam. Many are the princelings of the new rich. It has been said the haves in Gangnam are so materialistic and philistine that they hardly have a real organic relationship with the world outside Gangnam. Just as much as the have-nots admire the wealth, status and lifestyle of those in Gangnam, the rich look down on the have-nots outside. Thus PSY is being sarcastic and taking the Mickey out of those who are enamored by the idea of “Gangnam Style.”2 The scorn by the poor for the excesses of the rich is universal hence “Gangnam Style’s” global success.

    It is ironic that Najib and BN in trying to win the hearts and minds of Malaysian voters are using a song teaching the public to reject those who pretend to be what they are not. The song reminds the public to reject the excesses of the powerful and privileged. These are the very images BN have been desperately trying to shrug off as they prepare for the coming polls.

    Protest against growing income gap

    Park Jaesang’s second more subtle subversive message is a protest about the growing income gap between the rich and the poor.3 Gangnam is the wealthiest, most powerful and privileged single district in South Korea. It is described as 15 square miles in Seoul where Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Beverly Hills, Manhattan’s Upper East Side and Miami Beach are all rolled into one. It is the headquarters of Korea’s largest corporations, from Samsung to Hyundai, host of the bulk of the financial and banking institutions, home to a great number of its elected national officials and preferred home of movie and pop stars. Gangnam is a symbol of Korea’s success where it is the home for some of South Korea’s biggest brands, as well as $84 billion in wealth as at 2010. The kids in the neighbourhood are not Silicon Valley self-made millionaires. They are sons of the new rich and princelings.

    If all the heirs of America’s most profitable corporations lived in one district and went to the same school that would be in Gangnam. If the most subway lines and national bus routes converged in one location, again that would be in Gangnam. Imagine if 41% of Harvard University’s undergraduates came from one single neighbourhood, this would be Gangnam.

    None of this happened by chance. It was by deliberate government policies since the 1970s. By 2008, South Korea was number 3 in income disparity among OECD countries and the income disparity has not lessened. Times have only gotten tougher for the poorest in South Korea, but the wealthiest 20 percent have seen a rise of more than 20 percent in their disposal income.

    This is why PSY in the video goes to town on the yoga classes, stables, party buses and tennis courts. He is showcasing forms of leisure that are not accessible to most Koreans. Seoul has the distinction of being the city where the people work the most hours a year among all OECD countries, at 2111 hours in 2010, more than 50 working days over the OECD average. For blue- collar workers, a 12 hour day is normal. More than half the workforce finds employment in contractual and temporary labour. For young professionals, getting out of the office before 10 or 11pm is a rarity.4

    In the 1990s’ the Korean government made borrowing easier and encouraged private spending to climb out of the Asian Financial crisis. One of the effects of the Korean government’s policies is the high household debt. Korea has the highest household debt in Asia. It is a staggering 155 percent of Koreans’ disposable income.

    Chasing rainbows

    PSY’s Oppan Gangnam Style video portrayed Gangnam as a symbol of South Korea’s national aspirations and policies as nothing more than materialism and about people chasing rainbows. Psy is latching on to the backlash among South Korean youth that the government may have push the nation to make extraordinary gains in terms of GDP and income generation but the growth and income distribution has not been equitable. One of the South Korean commentators on the video said there is a huge amount of resentment among the youth about their economic circumstances. PSY in writing the song and shooting the video is depicting the contemporary mood of the tension among Korean youth realizing where they are at, how they got there and what they need to do to move forward.

    The refrain from the song finds a resonance in Malaysia because our household debt at RM677 billion is the second highest in Asia after South Korea. While our household debt at 78% of the GDP may not be exceptionally high, it is of concern because when household debt is compared to our disposable income it is 140%. It is clear that there is cause for concern when we compare to the other countries. USA was at about 135% just before the sub-prime crisis, Thailand is 53%, Indonesia 38% and Singapore 101%. This is one of the reasons Malaysians are struggling as household debts soars.5 Some of the reasons for the high household debt in Malaysia are the high price of cars which is a necessity because of poor public transport, high price of houses and low income or wages.

    ERA Consumer Malaysia and FOMCA reported in the November 2012 issue of the Ringgit that a recent survey found 47% of the young workers and professionals have serious debt problems. More than 30% of their monthly income or salaries are used to pay loans for housing, car, personal loans and study loans. 37% of the respondents admitted that their monthly expenditure exceeded what they can afford. One of the problems revealed in the survey is that many have to borrow a substantial sum to hold the wedding ceremony and functions. The eventual financial stress is the reason for the high incidence of divorces among young couples.6 The effect of borrowing beyond their means is bankruptcies. Malaysia has seen an increase in the number of bankruptcies in recent years.

    The South Koreans’ complain about income inequality in the video is shared by Malaysians. The BN government’s policies of direct intervention in business have produced a small group of very rich; some 22 billionaires while many others are barely scrapping by. According to statistics the income inequality gap is a major problem in Malaysia.

    The bottom 40% of households have an average income of RM1,222 while the top 20% earn an average of RM8,157;

    58% of the households earn less than RM3,000 per month in 2009 and that 7.3 million Malaysians qualified for BR1M 2.0;

    Since the 1990s, income growth has only been strong for the top 20% while it has stagnated for the rest at 2.6% for the past 10 years.

    The Gini coefficient is the measurement of income inequality where 0 represents absolute equality and 1 represents absolute inequality. The Malaysian Gini Coefficient in 1990 was 0.442 and this increased to 0.462 in 2004 which means that the income disparity gap had widened. It has dropped back to 0.441 in 2007 which means that there has been no improvement in resolving this problem since 1990.7 Malaysia’s income inequality is second only to Papua New Guinea in the Asia Pacific region.

    Inequality & social injustice

    PSY’s message of income inequality and social injustice in Gangnam Style are themes that form Anwar Ibrahim’s daily ceramahs throughout Malaysia. Anwar has been speaking about Malaysia’s problems on good governance, social and economic injustice to the thousands that throng his rallies. Anwar Ibrahim has lamented the glaring income gap many times in his speeches and brought home the point in his opening address at the Tokyo Conference on “Globalization: Inequality and Social Justice”. Anwar said that globalization has generated great wealth but the benefits have come with a heavy price-glaring inequality. He said that the growing inequality of economic outcomes within developed and developing countries are like “ticking time bombs” that must be defused by prescriptions with emphasis on social justice and economic equity.8 Anwar’s message like Park Jaesang’s have struck a chord with the people the resonance of which will see a tidal wave in 2013 stronger than 2008.

    Park Jaesang’s message in Oppan Gangnam Style may be fun but it sounds more like Anwar’s message of social justice and economic equity. It’s a far cry from Najib’s sanctimonious rhetoric on 1Malaysia while corruption, crime, cost of living and income inequality soar unchecked. Najib’s words just ring hollow like the wannabes Psy is mocking. His furtive call asking whether the people are ready to accept BN was rightly answered by a roar in the negative.

    As the people dance to Psy’s sensational hit, my comment on the meaning of Gangnam Style would be remiss if I do not refer to the symbol of the horse riding movement. PSY spent 30 nights without sleep to come out with this move. The horse is the universal symbol of freedom without restrain, because riding a horse make people feel they could free themselves from the restrains that bind them. The horse riding movements in Oppan Gangnam Style may just put Malaysians into the mode to break free from BN’s rule and put the people back on the saddle.

    The next time BN invites an entertainer to boost their votes they better not horse around.

    William Leong Jee Keen

    Member of Parliament for Selayang


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    Thursday, 14 February 2013 21:27
    BN PANICS OVER YEE-SANG: From death threats against Najib to Psy, cops now reveal "sabotage" plan

    There was a threat to sabotage Psy's performance at the recent Barisan Nasional (BN) Chinese New Year Open House, said Penang police chief Deputy Comm Datuk Abdul Rahim Hanafi.

    "We have received information of a threat to sabotage Psy's performance so from the night he touched down in Penang, we have been providing round-the-clock tight security to him until he left on Monday night," he said.

    Abdul Rahim said it was due to the massive crowd and the tight security that the Korean popstar was delayed in getting on stage during the event.

    It was widely speculated that the star of "Oppa Gangnam Style" fame had refused to go up on stage to join the BN leaders in the tossing of "yee sang" or "low sang" in the event that had drawn a crowd of up to 60,000.

    Death threats

    Penang BN chief Teng Chang Yeow had said this morning that there was a death threat against the Korean singer's life and that the police had to secure the area before he could go up on stage which had resulted in the delay.

    "It was very crowded that day and not easy to keep a tight watch on Psy so we had to be extra careful when escorting him from the tent to the stage as we have to cover all angles," said Abdul Rahim.

    He agreed that the tighter security had caused a delay in getting Psy on stage on Monday.

    He said the police had been instructed to keep a tight watch on the superstar from the moment he touched down in Penang on Sunday night.

    "Bukit Aman had informed us of the threat to sabotage his performance so we were extra careful to keep his whereabouts a secret throughout his stay here," he said.

    He said even on Monday evening, after the event at Han Chiang field, when Psy was spotted at a restaurant in Tanjung Tokong, it had immediately drawn hundreds of fans there.

    "Within a few minutes, there was a crowd of 300 fans in that area wanting to see him and we had to immediately take him away," he said.

    Teng had earlier today said that they were told to beef up security as the K-pop sensation had received death threats before coming here.

    He denied speculations that Najib left the stage after Psy did not come up when invited to toss "yee sang" with BN leaders.

    He had said the tossing of "yee sang" was also not part of Psy's programme and that there was a misunderstanding when the event emcee did not follow her cue.
    The open house, at Han Chiang field, was attended by more than 60,000 people. The "Oppa Gangnam Style" singer and Asian Wave 2012 winner Shila Amzah were the highlights of the event that started at 9am and ended at 1pm.


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    Wednesday, 13 February 2013 19:53

    PSY DIDN'T WANT TO 'DANCE' WITH MALAYSIA'S RULING PARTY: 'Yee-sang' video proof is out!

    Written by Wong Choon Mei, Malaysia Chronicle

    Video proof of Korean mega-star Psy refusing to toss 'yee-sang' with Malaysia's ruling party is out.

    Given Malaysia's ham-fisted media laws, apart from Malaysia Chronicle, few other local news websites had dared to report the snub which is really tantamount to an international slap in the face for Prime Minister Najib Razak and his administration in light of Psy's phenomenal worldwide popularity and reach.

    Najib and other top BN leaders had invited the Korean star to come onstage in Penang to toss 'yee-sang' - a traditional raw fish salad signifying good luck and success - during an elaborate show on February 11 to celebrate the Chinese New Year.

    But it was not to be, Psy declined to take the bait despite repeated calls to come onstage.The Korean superstar was hired to perform at the event, flying 20 hours from Brazil to fulfill the engagement by a BN supporter. [clickPSY SLAP IN THE FACE: Korean superstar refused to toss 'yee-sang' with Najib, BN]

    No Oppa BN-style : Psy also took care not to mention 1Malaysia

    Since then, some BN insiders have admitted to Malaysia Chronicle that their leaders had hoped to participate in a mini-dance routine with Psy, akin to the one he had performed with United Nations chief Ban Ki-Moon.
    In his speech, Najib had promised Psy would not only sing his smash-hit Oppa Gangnam-style, but also perform a special Oppa BN-style.

    But not only was Najib and his BN leaders left waiting, red-faced on the stage, Psy was meticulous in not mentioning Najib's own signature 1Malaysia slogan during his performance and while speaking to the crowd.


    The BN coalition is now blaming the Opposition for the "sabotaging" the event. However, the 'yee-sang' debacle was not the only minefield that Najib and his hapless colleagues stepped onto that day.

    The PM was also embarrassed when he asked the crowd if they were ready for Psy and they had shouted 'Yes' with all their might.

    But when he followed up by asking if they were ready for BN, the answer was a thunderous 'No'. [click VIDEO Yes to Psy, No to BN]

    "Not all who came said 'No'. We have video footage that showed a large part of the crowd shouted 'Yes' when the PM asked the question several times. I believe they were sent to sabotage our open house," lead organizer Teng Chang Yeow, the head of Penang BN, was reported as telling Malay dailySinar Harian.

    BN losing the plot with Malaysians

    Chang Yeow's Gerakan party had ruled Penang for decades but was nearly wiped out during the 2008 election. He is believed to have spearheaded the event in a bid to claw back at least "one or two face-saving" seats for his party.

    Tens of thousands of Penangites had thronged the BN Chinese New Year open house held at the field of the Han Chiang College in Georgetown. But as can be seen from the BN fiasco that unfolded, their motive was to come and see Psy, who lived up to his fame and purported RM2mil fee. Not to support the BN.

    And unlike BN, Psy did not disappoint.

    He gave an astonishing performance rendering a 4-minute version of Oppa Gangnam-style twice. Both times, the Korean superstar had the crowd in the palm of his hand, lapping up each vowel that he sang and dancing each quirky step along with him and his troupe of equally amazing dancers.

    Sad to say, it was exactly the opposite with Najib and BN, who have clearly lost the plot with their own countrymen.

    "I am glad Psy was smart and fair. There is no reason for him to support the BN. They tried to use him, so why should he support such insincere politicians," Tan Kee Kwong, a senior leader with the PKR party led by Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim told Malaysia Chronicle.


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