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Thread: PACABA: Voter Awareness Videos Launched, by DurianFM,

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    PACABA: Voter Awareness Videos Launched, by DurianFM,

    Voter awareness videos launched

    Alyaa Azhar
    February 21, 2013

    Two organisations fighting for free and fair elections and an online radio station have come out with videos to educate Malaysians of their rights.
    KUALA LUMPUR: Two electoral reform non-governmental organisations have joined hands with an online radio station to launch a series of voter education videos aimed at raising public awareness on the importance of voting, among other things.

    Bersih, Tindak Malaysia and Durian FM have come up with a series of educational videos set in an entertaining format targeting Malaysian voters on their rights and responsibilities.

    The videos contain introduction to the Malaysian electoral system, for example, on the polling station layout and on the know-how of the voting process which includes the issue of vote secrecy.

    Issues of the electoral system such as election costs, the indelible ink problem, electoral fraud, phantom voters and ballot paper pre-marking are also touched in the videos.

    “A total of 16 episodes are in the pipeline. The videos will be released gradually through MyDurianTV Youtube channel at over the next few months,” said Tindak Malaysia founder PY Wong.

    “These videos are designed to raise public awareness to provoke people to think about the electoral problems and prompt them to take action to reform the electoral system,” he said.

    Bersih steering committee member Arul Prakkash said the launch of the vidoes was timely and crucial as “we need to inform voters of their rights and responsibilities”.

    “Other than the right to vote, voters need to know what are the other rights that they have, for example, at the polling station itself,” he said.

    Durian FM founder Jamaluddin Ibrahim, explaining the reason in producing the videos, said that it was important for the rights of the people to be returned to the people.

    Video director Mic Hoo said that the videos will be released entirely come election time and that after the general election, there will still be other educational videos to be released.

    “This is because educating people is a long-term process and it should not just be for the coming election only,” she said.

    Asked if they would collaborate with any political party to promote the videos, she said that they welcome any party in promoting the videos as they are a neutral entity.

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    Voting goes beyond the 'X', NGOs to tell why

    • 3:09PM Feb 21, 2013

    Two NGOs have produced several public service announcements on voting procedures because, they maintain, the Election Commission (EC) is not doing enough to educate voters.

    Bersih 2.0, Tindak Malaysia and have produced 16 video clips to educate voters on procedures of the EC, including new ones such as the application of indelible ink and older issues such as voting secrecy, the spending cap on candidates and 'phantom' voters.

    Bersih 2.0 steering committee member Arul Prakkash (left) said today the EC's efforts to ensure voters are adequately informed were not up to international standards.

    Prakkash said in Australia, voting procedures are taught to schoolchildren while in Thailand, voting procedures are taught in advance of an election, through the mass media.

    "But in Malaysia, how many people know how the indelible ink will be applied?" he added at a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur and Selangor Chinese Assembly Hall.

    Echoing Prakkash, Tindak Malaysia coordinator PY Wong said voters in Malaysia do not even know their rights. They only knew how to put a cross on the ballot papers.

    "As voters, Malaysians need to know more... The videos will educate them to empower themselves as voters."

    The videos, funded by, will be uploaded weekly on the web radio's YouTube channel.


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