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Thread: Indelible Ink - is it indelible?

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    Indelible Ink - is it indelible?

    Indelible Ink - is it indelible?

    The SPR spent millions to import an indelible ink which by definition should be indelible..right? Wrong! See for yourself!

    After washing with dish washing liquid

    So much for spending millions of ringgit for importing so-called indelible ink!

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    EC downplays ink fiasco, looking into defects

    Priscilla Prasena May 27, 2013
    The quality of ink doesn't determine the victory of any political party, explains the EC deputy chairman.
    PUTRAJAYA: The Election Commission today dismissed fraudulent allegations related to the usage of indelible ink during the general election.

    “Ink is an added element to the general election, which has an existing strict regulations and law in place,” said EC deputy chairman Wan Ahmad Wan Omar today.

    He explained that the quality of the ink does not affect a candidate’s victory or defeat in any election, as the names and identity numbers of the voters will be cancelled by the polling agents upon voting, thus dismissing any fears of phantom voters voting more than once.

    “It is impossible for a voter to vote for the second time. There are no duplications in the electoral registration,” he told FMT today.

    “EC was surprised when the indelible ink was washable as when we tested it was indelible. However we have formed a committee to study on its defects,” he said.

    He also stressed that there was a guide on how the ink should be applied on voters.

    “There is a proper way of using the ink… the bottle will have to be shaken and double coat is advised. However, we are unsure if all levels (of election volunteers) adhered to the instructions.”

    According to the deputy chairman, the ink went through a stringent process before being implemented in the elections.

    “We are looking into the matter for improvisation and the committee will study the defects of the ink and on what actually went wrong.

    “Without investigations, we do not want to jump into conclusions.”

    “The committee will also ensure that explanations are given pertaining to the defects in the indelible ink”

    Washable hours late
    Wan Ahmad was responding to allegations that the ink was easily washable, thus making it easy for phantom voters to vote multiple times.

    The indelible ink was introduced for GE13 by the Election Commission to fight the menace of phantom voters. According to the EC, the ink will remain on the finger for five days.

    The use of the indelible ink was one of the key recommendations of the Parliamentary Select Committee on Electoral Reforms, which was formed after the Bersih 3.0 rally last April.

    Earlier today Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim lodged a police report over the indelible ink fiasco during the GE.

    It was part of PKR’s campaign to get 100,000 people to lodge reports on the indelible ink debacle, after it was found washable just hours after being applied.

    PKR president Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail also lodged a separate report on the matter.

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